Maggie (1981)

Season 1 Episode 8

Maggie the Poet

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 21, 1982 on ABC
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Maggie the Poet
Pressure from her mother leads Maggie to take up poetry again.

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    Miriam Flynn

    Miriam Flynn

    Margaret "Maggie" Weston

    Judith-Marie Bergan

    Judith-Marie Bergan

    Buffy Croft

    Doris Roberts (I)

    Doris Roberts (I)

    Loretta Davenport

    Billy Jayne

    Billy Jayne

    Mark Weston (as Billy Jacoby)

    James Hampton

    James Hampton

    Len Weston

    Margaret Impert

    Margaret Impert

    Chris (as Margie Impert)

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      • Maggie: "Children." "Children are like kites, they plummet, then soar. Ascending to heights never known before. Wise mothers let go, and let them fly free. To chart their own course, and be." Best thing I'll ever write.

      • Mrs. Sullivan: ...Mothers are trapped. They never get a chance to pull off anything really dramatic or big. I mean, be honest. What could I do as a mother that would put me on Good Housekeeping's "20 Most Admired Women's" list?
        Maggie: Maybe have enough love to accept your children for what they are, instead of what you want them to be?
        Mrs. Sullivan: That's too hard. Give me something else.

      • Maggie: Loretta, how's this for a start. "Brussels sprouts, you're such a treat. You go with fish, you go with meat. My family doesn't like you, though. Here you come, and there they go."

      • Len: ...Hey, this is a special occasion. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna pack you all in the car, and take you down to Wally Whale's Seafood drive thru, and yell something wild and expensive in the whale's mouth!
        Maggie: Oh, I knew you'd be excited.
        Len: Yeah. Hey, how long did it take you to write that poem, huh?
        Maggie: I don't know. About... 6 minutes.
        Len: $25 for 6 minutes work? You know, that's--that's over $4 a minute. Gee, that comes to, uh, $250 an hour? If we put you to work 8 hours a day. Make that, ten hours a day. That comes to, uh, $2500 a day, 7 days a week. Hold it -- you can't go out to dinner. Here, write with both hands.

      • Len: Hey, Mark, didja hear? Your mother's an author.
        Mark: An author? She can't even write a note to get me into class.
        Maggie: What is wrong with the notes I write?
        Mark: Every time I'm sick, you always say the same thing. "Mark had an upset stomach."
        Len: Well, that's only because she doesn't know how to spell "diarrhea."

      • Buffy: Oh, did I tell you what happened at school the other day? Someone stole Stevie's thermos full of Perrier.

      • Maggie: You know, I--I didn't know you carried that silly poem around in your purse all these years.
        Mrs. Sullivan: Darling, I haven't found one person who I've read it to that's been able to speak.

      • Mrs. Sullivan: Now, now, listen to this. "Roses are green, lillies are blue. If this don't make good sense to you, try to be a little kind to a kid who's color blind."

      • Mrs. Sullivan: When you were 7 and Diane was 5, you were bouncing a ball one day back and forth. When the little ball rolled under the sofa, well, I watched the two of you very carefully. Diane just looked at that big sofa, and she shrugged her shoulders, and went on to play with something else, but--but do you know what you did? You moved the sofa to get the ball. I said to your father that day, "That child is going places. Just as soon as she gets out of traction."

      • Maggie: Mother, we get along just fine. How is Greenville's roving reporter doing?
        Mrs. Sullivan: Oh, Maggie. Her TV show is really catching on. Last week, she interviewed Joyce Brothers' mother's brother.

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