Maggie (1981)

Season 1 Episode 1

The School Conference

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 1981 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The School Conference
Buffy alerts Maggie to the fact that Bruce got in trouble at school. Meanwhile, Maggie is the proud owner of her very own car.

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    Miriam Flynn

    Miriam Flynn

    Margaret "Maggie" Weston

    Judith-Marie Bergan

    Judith-Marie Bergan

    Buffy Croft

    Doris Roberts (I)

    Doris Roberts (I)

    Loretta Davenport

    Billy Jayne

    Billy Jayne

    Mark Weston (as Billy Jacoby)

    James Hampton

    James Hampton

    Len Weston

    Margaret Impert

    Margaret Impert

    Chris (as Margie Impert)

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      • Miss Doris Turley: Actually, I'm through with you, too, Mrs. Weston. If you would be so kind as to remove Bruce's project, we can all get on with our lives.
        Maggie: Um, I'm--I'm really sorry about this, Miss Turley. You have my word, it won't happen again.
        Miss Doris Turley: Mrs. Weston, when we merge on the turnpike of life, there is no looking back. We must keep accelerating, or we get it right in the can.

      • Buffy: Forgive me, Miss Turley. I'm Mrs. Croft. Would you mind if I had my conference first? I'm sure Mrs. Weston's will take quite a bit longer.

      • Maggie: How'd your driving lesson with L.J. go?... Len, say something. You can't speak. L.J. ran over your tongue.
        Len: We got a ticket... for going 45 miles an hour... on the expressway...
        Maggie: Poor L.J. He was just being cautious.
        Len: reverse.

      • Buffy: ...I'm happy for you, Maggie. I really am. I'm only saying, remember that car keys are the devil's castanets.

      • Chris: My mother has the greatest diet in the world. She just eats at home -- and she can't stand her own cooking. None of us can. When I was little, my dad used to say, "If you don't shape up, we are going to send you to bed with dinner."

      • Loretta: No, it's a terrific diet. It's a few seeds, a little iron, and 16 glasses of water a day.
        Maggie: Sounds great... if you're a lawn.

      • Maggie: ...and L.J.'s been buggin' me to teach him how to drive. I don't know.
        Len: L.J.? You talked to our son, L.J.?
        Maggie: Well, just under the bathroom door.
        Len: Ah. Well, I hope you told him he has to be 16 before he can get a driver's license.
        Maggie: He is 16.

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      • The main titles (seen in the cover page of this guide) come from this episode, depicting Maggie struggling to get out of her car.

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