Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • First, the Beast wishes for a pair of bunny slippers for him to wear. Later, the Beast helps Maggie search for a map when the wind blows it away. Finally, the Beast and Hamilton start to worry when Maggie doesn't show up in Nowhere Land when she said she would.
    • Icing on the Cake / Nedley's Glasses / Curtain Up
      First, Hamilton writes a play for the group to perform in, but fears that it won't go well. Later, Hamilton shows the group exactly how to spread icing on a cake. Finally, Nedley decides to wear glasses that feel uncomfortable only because they look really good on him.
    • The Chicken Ladies / Nedley Needs a Box / Tag-along Reggie
      First, two chicken sisters end up entertaining Maggie, Hamilton, and the Beast when repairing their broken-down truck. Later, Hamilton is reluctant to lend his box to Nedley so he can move his belongings. Finally, the Beast's cousin, Reggie, ends up causing a few problems when the group travels to the desert.moreless
    • Rudy, Rudy, Rudy / The Contraption / Friendship Day
      First, Rudy tries to break open a coconut for the entire day. Later, the Beast ends up getting more cards than anyone else on Friendship Day. Finally, Hamilton's newest invention is built with parts that are provided by Maggie and the Beast.
    • Blast Off / Hamilton's Hat / The Wish Fish
      Maggie, Hamilton, and the Beast pretend to travel to Mars on a homemade spaceship. Later, Hamilton's friends try to guess what he's keeping under his hat. Finally, Maggie promises a fish that she will grant him a wish at a wishing well.
    • The Big Hole / Oh Give Me a Home / Which Way Did They Go
      First, Maggie, Hamilton, and the Beast decide to dig a big hole. Later, Sidestep asks the group to help him build a new sandcastle when his old one is washed away by the tide. Finally, Maggie's friends decide to travel around Nowhere Land without her.
    • The Ice Cream Cart / The Humongous Fungus / That's A-maz-ing!
      First, Mr. Shivers aids the group in making ice cream. Later, the Kindly Giant helps Maggie, Hamilton, and the Beast get out of a confusing hedge maze. Finally, Maggie, Hamilton, and the Beast try to locate the Humongous Fungus.
    • First, the Beast is upset after he thinks Hamilton's magic turned him into a frog. Later, Nedley wishes to join the circus and the circus accepts him. Finally, Maggie, Hamilton, and the Beast search for the end of the rainbow.
    • First, everyone gets ready for a dinner party that Nedley is hosting in Nowhere Land. Later, Maggie, Hamilton, and the Beast go trick-or-treating. Finally, Hamilton feels sad after he trades his kazoo for a yo-yo.
    • First, Maggie, Hamilton, and the Beast help a whale stuck on the shore re-enter the water. Later, the group designs a flag to represent Nowhere Land. Finally, the gang travels to the desert where they find a cactus that has been lonely for a long time.
    • The Missing Spot / Go to Sleep, Sheep / Blue Moon
      First, Maggie, Hamilton, and the Beast try to help a sheep go to sleep. Later, the group tries to find out where the Beast's missing spot is. Finally, Hamilton gets the help of B.B. Katz and the Moo Sisters to help make Mr. Moon happy again.
    • First, Hamilton, Rudy, and the Beast make a song for their friend Maggie. Later, Maggie takes her friends out bird-watching to find the Buffle-headed Booby. Finally, Hamilton puts on a bee costume to retrieve some honey for his tea party.
    • The Beast's Big Surprise / The Beast and the Balloon / Land of the Antique Toys
      During a hot-air balloon ride, the Beast is too afraid to open his eyes to look down. Later, the Beast gets his feelings hurt when Maggie and Hamilton criticize the way he makes pancakes. Finally, the group comes across some antique toys, including a robot named Romar, and they decide to play with them.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1