Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)


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  • My favorite show

  • What the hell

    This show is garbage
  • Excellent - everything that children's TV should be.

    With the deluge of children's TV programmes these days, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast stands out as offering children guidance on growing up. With lessons to be learned in every episode, some subtle some not-so-subtle, this is even a show that parents can watch with their children and not long for it to end.
  • did i REALLY used to like this?

    dang, this is one of those shows where as a child, it's mildly entertaining, but as you get older, it is lame. i honestly cannot believe I liked this show as a toddler. I think nobody should watch this, yet of course some kids will. This show is absolutely terrible and I really think it is just one of the dumbest things that was on TV, aimed for children. My overall grade for this series is an easy F, dialogue is bad, plots are bad, absolutely nothing saves it, in my mind at least. One of the worst shows for kids ever made
  • Worst Nelvana Cartoon EVER! It even Cancelled Donkey kong Country! Which it's a better cartoon. Shame on you Nelvana and Please try again to make a Better cartoon!

    My 45th review after: "Scooby doo! Where are you"!

    Oh my god!!!!!! Oh my filpping god!!!! I have never seen a cartoon so bad in my ENTRIE Life! Nelvana must have wasted their time, guts, and Lives AND been on drugs to allow this piece of Garbage and cancel Donkey kong country for this. DKC is 1000 times then this kiddie trash!
    What's up with the beast, It's friendly and It dosen't eat or kill anyone especially Maggie and that dang Pig Hamilton. Hamilton is such a Poor Excuse for a Sidekick. This is some screwed up trash going on in This Abysmal Cartoon. This cartoon deseveres an F-. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting F-- 0.0/10.0 Horrblie!!! So Annoying!!!

    Animation: E 3.0/10.0 It's good.....NOT!!!!

    Graphics: D 4.0/10.0 Poor and it's on Low Quality. Sound: F-- 1.0/10.0 Abysmal Music sprinkled with Poor Sound Effects. The Music is So bad, the cartoon should have stayed with no sound.

    Dialouge: F-- 0.0/10.0 Along with the Voice-acting. It's BAD!!!

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 0.0/10.0 There is none. This cartoon sucks a Beast's Butt.

    Overall: F- 1.9/10.0 This cartoon is Just Pathetic! I flipping want my 30 minutes back from this disgraceful cartoon! DKC is better then this! All the Donkey kong country Chracthers go: "What the cream is this?" Donkey kong's ears burned when he hears horrbile scripts like this. This show was not nice for making Donkey kong and Diddy kong mad like that once their show got cancelled for this Garbage. Donkey kong and Diddy kong will rip the living souls out of the Maggie and the Ferocious beast chracthers. Diddy kong will hunt down all the chracthers with a Popcorn peanut gun, (From Donkey kong 64) and shoot them all down. That's how Mad and Ticked off Donkey kong and Diddy kong are really are. I'm glad this cartoon is cancelled. Don't bring it back! Bring back Donkey kong Country, Nelvana!!!!
  • hello I'm looking for a similar movie or program the star was Sofia V. from the show Medium on n.b.c. the charecetor or stone creatures that turn alive on her command and may be the American Indian was in this movie .

    I never seen this program Maggie and the beast. On this format lets me try to find what show I mist. sorry for not saying much about it. or even want a glance. if any one seen this episode mark me one on the positive side. writer keep on writhing these education. programs on these growing kids. if more fish stories could be incur age kids to stay in school. we hope that school house rock returns. to learning other language to help with kids communication. like i said i apologize on my be half of not watch this show
  • Some wont understand it but hey its a kids show.

    This show has some of educational points in it. There is normally a dillema of some sort happening between the characters and so maggies must fix it. The show contains lots of imagination that many 5-year olds would be thinking. The animation is vivid. I don't see why kids wouldn't want to watch the show. I highly reccomend it if you have and little cousins or nephews/nieces. There are some annoying parts but whatever.
  • Only Caillou makes it look good.

    Read my Caillou review, then imagine Maggie instead. This would be my least favourite show, except I think that Caillou is the worst darn show ever made, and therefore, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast comes second on my least favourite shows ever list. Who came up with the idea for this darn terrible show. Just like Caillou, there is no word on Earth to describe my hatred for this show... I mean, do they even concider a storyline before they write the episodes. If it was possible to rank this show lower than a 1.0 then I would do it-just like with Caillou- but I haven't been able to figure that out yet.
  • It's not all that good.

    They callm him a ferocious beast, but I see no blood shed. So they lie to you in the title of the show. And if you make a show for kids, don't give it a name like this. The fact that there is no real ferocious beast makes it dull.