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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Dreamer's Last Stand
      The Final Hyren Quest reaches its epic conclusion with the Final Dreamers and Gorgram involved in one final battle, but only one side can prevail. Who will summon the Final Hyren and rule the Moonlands?
    • Allegiance Lost
      Allegiance Lost
      Episode 25
      The Final Dreamers must join forces with an unlikely ally to save Tony's grandfather from the Shadow Magi, but will trust once again be an issue?
    • Sons of the Underneath
      The Final Dreamers return to the Underneath with the goal of battling Emperor Chur, bringing down his evil reign and freeing Strag's father. With so many possibilities that could go wrong, the team can only hope that everything works to their advantage.
    • Realms Honor
      Realms Honor
      Episode 23
      The Final Dreamers have almost completed their quest, but they must find a way to summon the Final Hyren for it to be truly over, and they can't seem to do so.
    • Lights, Camera, Magi
      The Final Dreamers travel to Earth to retrieve the Moonlands Diamond only to learn that one of Tony's so-called friends possesses it. Can they find a way to get the Diamond back and turn him into a true friend?
    • Fear the Gear
      Fear the Gear
      Episode 21
      An ancient, powerful weapon is unleashed on the Moonlands. Now the Final Dreamers and Gorgram must set aside their differences and work together to try and reverse this weapon's course.
    • Grudge Match
      Grudge Match
      Episode 20
      The Final Dreamers come across not one, but two Guardian Hyrens and try to enlist their services. The only problem is the two Hyrens have an ancient feud that could separate the team or lead them into more trouble than they've ever imagined.
    • Curse of the Realm Raiders
      A group of pirates attacks the Final Dreamers and steals the Moonlands Diamond. No sooner do the Final Dreamers lose the Moonlands Diamond than a mysterious curse prophecy begins to be fulfilled. Can the Dreamers find a way to overcome a curse, defeat a group of pirates, and get the Moonlands diamond back, or has defeat finally caught up to them?moreless
    • Hyren of a Thousand Faces
      A new Hyren that nobody knew of is revealed. The new Hyren is the Guardian of the Dream Plane, but whoever wins him could cause more trouble for the opposition than ever before as it could give them the ability to invade dreams.
    • Tomb of the Relic Forger
      The Final Dreamers search for the most powerful of the ancient relics, but they aren't the only ones doing so. Gorgram is also on the hunt, and it could lead to a great clash or a great swing in the battle between the Final Dreamers and the Shadow Magi.
    • Medieval Magi
      Medieval Magi
      Episode 16
      The Final Dreamers travel through Naroom and run into a city that is based on the Earth's medieval era.
    • Showdown in Vash Naroom
      The Final Dreamers learn the ancient library of Vash Naroom is about to be invaded. The team must unite once again to try and protect Vash Naroom from the evil Shadow Magi.
    • Tangle in the Jungle
      The Final Dreamers have successfully summoned the Hyrens, but no sooner do they do so than they are challenged. Seeing no other choice, the Final Dreamers are forced to battle for control of the guardian Hyrens in the jungles of Paradwyn. When things begin to look bad for the dreamers, they are shocked to receive assistance from an unlikely ally.moreless
    • Bad to the Core
      Bad to the Core
      Episode 13
      After failing to change Gorgram, the Final Dreamers are forced to follow him into the Core. Once inside the core, the Final Dreamers must recover the Moonlands Diamond and Orwin's staff, the two pieces needed to summon The Final Hyren.
    • Welcome Home Strag, Part 2
      Tony is forced to battle for control of Chur's gladiator arena, but it is merely a distraction for Edyn and Strag. The other two final dreamers are using the time to search for the elusive Underneath Hyren.
    • Welcome Home Strag, Part 1
      Strag learns that his beloved homeland is being ruled by an evil Shadow Magi Emperor. Seeing no other choice Strag decides to leave his friends to try and free his homeland, but will the Final Dreamers let their friend leave, or will they travel with him to free the realm?
    • Gorath's Shadow
      Gorath's Shadow
      Episode 10
      The Final Dreamers learn of something they never thought possible- there is a way to turn Shadow Creatures into Dream Creatures. After having a few successes the Final Dreamers decide to try the spell upon the most powerful Shadow Creature- Gorath.
    • Night Crawlers
      Night Crawlers
      Episode 9
      The Final Dreamers travel the the land of Bograth as part of their quest. Once night falls upon the land, the Final Dreamers learn the land is holding a terrible secret.
    • The Abysmal Truth
      The Shadow Magi recruit themselves a new warrior. After encountering the warrior, Tony begins to wonder why his grandfather was always so odd.
    • Peak Performance
      Peak Performance
      Episode 7
      The quest takes the Final Dreamers to an odd location known as Kybar's Teeth. When they arrive they encounter the Elders who reveal they still have a thing or two to teach the young heroes.
    • Hunt for the Hunter
      A bounty hunter is forced to seek the aid of the Final Dreamers to travel to Naroom when the Shadow Magi reveal they also have an interest in him.
    • Inside the Dark Heart
      Edyn returns to Nar where she consults with some old spell-casters that have previously served as mentors.
    • Eye of the Storm
      Eye of the Storm
      Episode 4
      As their quest continues, the Final Dreamers awaken and find themselves stranded on a mysterious island. Can they find a way off of this island to continue their quest?
    • To See Through Sand
      The Final Dreamers are forced to confront the Dresh H'yren as the Hyren Quest continues. The only problem is H'yren has powerful illusions that could keep the Final Dreamers from fulfilling their mission.
    • Flames of Glory
      Flames of Glory
      Episode 2
      A new weapon threatens to destroy the Dream World and the Final Dreamers are the only ones that can stop it. Their fame and popularity is known all over the world, but how will the Final Dreamers react when they realize that fame can't help them in battle.
    • The Final Hyren
      The Final Hyren
      Episode 1
      The Final Dreamers are called on once again. This time they must begin a new quest to save the Moonlands, and that quest's name is the Hyren Quest.
  • Season 1