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Starz (ended 2013)





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  • A good nostalgic-mob drama, but don't be surprised if you have seen it before.

    As most television enthusiasts know, the crime and drama genre for a TV series have been becoming more and more popular and common lately; which isn't a surprise that the Starz channel would try its hand in the mafia circuit. As most dramas are nowadays, such as HBO's Boardwalk Empire and AMC's Mad Men, the main product of success is the nostalgia setting, which in this case is the early 60's starting off on New Year's Eve, 1959. The show takes place in Miami in the fictional Miramar Playa Hotel and revolves around the luxury hotel owner named Ike Evans, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen, The Losers) his two boys; the trouble making bad boy Stevie and his college bound son Danny; along with his tween daughter and his new young trophy wife Vera played by Olga Kurylenko (Hitman, Quantum of Solace) whom all fight to make their hotel the most luxurious and successful resort in Miami. Now the show wouldn't be called a crime drama if it didn't include at least a mobster or two, and in this case it's Danny Huston playing the ruthless, sociopathic mobster from Chicago, Ben Diamond who helped fund Ike's hotel in return to own half of the estate. However as in every mob storyline, if the mob does a favor for you it usually comes to bite you in the ass. Amidst the luxury there is of course scandals which include forbidden love affairs, psychopaths, murder, violent labor unions, gambling and racketeering , and in the backdrop of the series, the Cuban Castro regime change that occurs the very night of the premier episode. Beyond the beautiful nostalgic back drop and the great acting talent, lies a somewhat familiar plot formula that many crime drama fans have seen before. In retrospect it's a good way to kick off a somewhat promising series, but if the show wants to live up to the successes of Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, they need to find something new and edgy that the mob can provide in the 1960's Miami, Florida.