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  • At last,something worth watching !

    I was absolutely enchanted from the first episode,and thats saying a lot because I dont even like the much vaunted "Mad men"! But something about the writing drew me in.Perhaps it was the sexism and casual bigotry (that was the world I grew up in) that rang true,or the blend of sophistication and innocence,or the sets,or the gorgeous clothes,or the handsome men and gorgeous women,but I am hooked! It constantly annoys me how people want to act like the past never happened,that women werent subjugated or that racism was very much alive well into the 70s,you can sanitize the past but you cant erase it.I LOVE that the show accurately portrays a time and place long gone,and portrays the people of that era as flawed but oh so human.Such as Ike's dreams show a tormented man driven by ambition,but essentially not a bad person.I hope starz doesnt pull a network move and gives this show time to mature and ripen.