Magic City

Season 2 Episode 8

The Sins of the Father

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 09, 2013 on Starz
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While Klein considers Ike's proposal, he and Ben know that their future is dependent on what happens to the gambling bill.  Also, Vera upset and Stevie and Lily face up to the end of their relationship.

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  • The magic is gone... for now

    Considering it was the series finale not simply the season finale, this episode was as close to perfect as you could get in one of the newer short season shows.

    Ike spent the episode trying everything he could to get rid of ben Diamond. First, he brings Ben's ledger to the DA. But Klein is still hell bent on pinning his daughters rape on Ike so he says no thanks.

    Then Ike uses Meg and her cabal of rich white people to write an editorial in the newspaper linking Diamond and the senator to the mob in order to get the gambling bill voted down.

    Thehe goes to Sy Berman to get him to agree to his trade of the Miramar for the cuban casiuos. It is an amazing scene. He tells Sy (Caan at his meanest) that when he was a child he saw Sy beat up his father and take over the book making shop he ran. Sy threatens to kill him, but not before killing everyone he loves in front of him, because that is what he does. And man, do you believe it. The Ike pulls out one entry from the ledger and shows it to Sy, apparently he pulled those from the book and tells Sy if anything happens to him or anyone else that the feds get all of the entries. Sy is pissed.

    When Sy finds out that Diamond killed one of the mobs "made men" and that the body was found on the beach after Ben told him he never touched the guy, he tells him that one way or the other, after the gambling vote he wants to see Ben at dinner that night. The threat isn't implied it is shoved down Bens throat.

    Danny talks the DA into accepting the ledger and when Ben's man tries to leave to call to warn him that they have it, Klein sends the cops to bust him. He gets away but not before he can tell Ben about the ledger.

    Vera tells Merceded outright that she wants the baby Mercedes is carrying if Mercedes doesn't. Mercedes cuban boyfriend tells her he knows she is pregnant but loves her so much that it isn't an issue for him.

    The newspaper is released just before the vote comes to pass and the senator, now defeated, tries to leave the floor of the house but can't get out before the press surround him.

    Ike tries to make peace with Stevie, but Stevie being Stevie he pouts and tells Ike to leave. When Ike tries to geab him by the arm to make him reconsider, Stevie shrugs him off like a five year old and screams "Never touch me again!"

    Ben, knowing that the bill failed and sealed his fate, decides to put on a tux and do cocaine and booze. Then he tells Lily he wants her to take Stevie to dinner instead and come back and do the whole sex under the two way mirror thing again.

    Lily gets Stevie to agree to it by telling him Ben knows about them but not how he knows. She says there was another copy of the photos.

    Danny worries that Judy Silver is going to be in danger because she is the only person who can link Ben to the crooked state's attorney. So they rush off to the whore house where they just can't get through all the pretty naked women in time to save her from being stabbed to death, she dies in Danny's arms.

    Ike tells Vera he is going to borrow the money from Meg to pay off the mob. She says that is a bad idea beacuse meg wants more than the casino, she wants Ike. Ike says he would rather owe Meg than the Chicago crime bosses. And also makes a heart felt statement that he believes what he and Vera have is too strong to be threatened by Meg or anyone else. She askes him not to go because it would hurt her, but Ike goes.

    When he is talking to Meg, she makes it clear she wants to be an investor not simply a loan officer, and he says he is fine with that. She then makes it clear she wants more from him than the casino. And he is more than a little taken aback by that. Apparently all of the flirting on top of the past relationship didn't really make Ike beieve she was interested in him. So either he is clueless, or just so in love with Vera, and who can blame him, that he genuinely doesn't hink of pretty blonds that way anymore. And again, he IS married to Vera, so that is a very plausible choice.

    Finally the killing begins.

    Sy and his crew are gunned down by bens guys in an alley outside of synagogue. Bel jaffe is shot by Sy. All of Sy's men are shot. Sy takes a bullet but manages to get to his car, because james Caan is a tough son of a b*** and you can believe that!, but when he turns the key in the .

    Stevie teve and Lily go back to the house, and in the middle of pretending to have sex he pulls a gun from the pillow and shoots out the mirrow Ben is now laying on. Not a comfortable position to yank yourself off in, but Ben clearly has erectile issues. Ben falls through the mirror and lays bleeding and cut. Stevie puts a gun to his head and CLICK, no more bullets. So he leaves ben there bleeding.

    Danny tells Ike he is moving out because everyone around him is in danger and that Ike is not a good man. (not a death but still)

    And Vera gets a callfrom Mercedes boyfriend telling her that there was a miscarriage. (maybe a death, now we'll never know)

    And Victor is shot by tiboron on the docks when he confronts him about his wife dying in Tiburon's arms in Cuba instead of having her body washed up in a fishing net a week later. As Victor is shot he pulls Tiburon down into the water where he strangles him until Tiburon drowns. Victor is oulled from the water but appears to die on the dock.

    The show ends with the DA hovering over the Butcher in his hospital bed promising him the death penalty; vera pulling her car up to Stevie's place like she is about to do something i don't want to contemplate, but would watch over and over again as it made me feel dirty.

    And Ike on the beach drawing what appear to be expansion plans for the hotel in the sand.

    All in all a good end to a short series. They left enough plotlines going in case the series is saved. Diamond is still alive. They don't show Vera doing Stevie, or anything else so that could go either way. Sy called a partner in Chicago about the threat Ike made, so that didn't necessarily go away. And Mercedes may or may not have had a miscarriage/abortion.

    perhaps someday we will find out.moreless
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James Caan

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