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KID - The Phantom Thief is another series created by Gosho Aoyama, the same author as Detective Conan's. There are only three volumes and all were published between 1989-1990. KID is a "criminal" numbered 1412, the most wanted criminal in the world. However, most people know him simply as "KID." Notice that the name "KID" is always capitalized, because it's inferred from the number "1412". His real identity is Kaito Kuroba, a high school student. He is also a young magician. He adopted all magic tricks from his father, Toichi Kuroba, who was a famous magician. Kuroba Toichi died when Kaito was young. Kaito initially thought that his father died because of an accident during a magic performance. One day, he knew from his father's previous assistant that his father actually was "KID - The Phantom Thief," and he died because he was murdered. Kaito wanted to search for the truth behind his death, so he decided to bring KID 1412 back to life (he himself disguises as KID 1412 to lure the murderer(s) out of darkness). With the purpose to investigate throughly, KID 1412 pretends to be a thief, creates a number of missions and challenges the police force around the world. In each case, he discovers new things, and from those, he continues another. KID's never had a rival before; until he meets detective Shinichi-Conan, the real "fun" begins!


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Season 3 : Episode 7

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