Magic Knight Rayearth - Season 1

(ended 1995)




Episode Guide

  • The girls head to the castle where a girl, looking like Princess Emeraude is waiting for them.

    After mentioning Zagato's name, she goes berzerk, and climbs into her own machine. She starts to attack them, and they fly out of there (the girls are in their machines.)

    Once outside, they start to get into a battle with the machine, and get the truth from Princess Emeraude, saying it's her.

    She then tells them, how her sorta love affair (falling for Zagato actually) was a big no-no for the pillar who watched over Cephiro, and imprisioned herself so that feelings wouldn't get in the way.

    It was too late for that, and she reveals inorder to save their land, and fulfill her wish, they would have to kill her!

    She then reveals no one from Cephiro or suicide couldn't kill her, so that's why she summonded them. After attacking them, the girls combine into one machine, kill and proceeds to kill her. The huge light appears, and we see Princess Emeraude and Zagato together.

    Back in the Tokyo tower, everyone is now relived that the huge light has passed. Hikaru's friend (from the first episode) tries to ask Hikaru her opinion, but to her surprise Hikaru is hugging two other girls (Umi and Fuu) from the two schools they were discussing.

    Their classmates (Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu) watches them, as they hug and cry. They aren't happy that they had to kill Princess Emeraude. Hikaru tells them, it wasn't a dream... and that she wants to go back to Cephiro!moreless
  • The girls start to head towards the flying mountain in the sky, and remembers the good times, and bad times they had. They then get a message from Princess Emeraude, telling them to grant her wish and save Cepiro.

    They finally reach the place, only to find Zagato in his own Machine preventing them to come any further. They fight, they get injured, and when it looks like they don't win, they combine all of their powers, Red Lighting, Dragon Water, and Green Gale. They shoot it towards Zagato, where it kills him.

    In the final scene Princess Emeraude screams in horor as Zagato is killed off.moreless
  • Alcyone spies on Zagato, as he talks with Emeraude. She notices again, he is not physically attacking her, but merely just verbally making trouble. She slolwy gets more of her doubts with the "kidnapping" of Princess Emeraude.

    Mokona leads the girls into a hot (asui!) volcano where the last Machine is being held for Hikaru. Umi and Fuu starts to get worried about Hiakru when she acts weird, and is disappears (like the others did.)

    She wakes up in a firey room, when a firey wolf/dog (or subtitle "lion") is talking to her. He tells the same crap what Umi and Fuu had to go through, and tests her "courage of heart", blah.

    When this is all happening, Zagato manages to also get to the Volcano when Hikaru just went in. He strips Umi and Fuu's powers, just intime when Hikaru gets back.

    Hikaru and Zagato talk for a bit, and he takes her power also. They talk for a bit, for a little more, and he fires a fireball towards Umi and Fuu. Hikaru shields them, and he tries to fire another one again.

    This time Larfaga steps in and shields Hikaru. Zagato hits Larfaga once more, and Larfaga starts to fall to the follow.

    Umi and Fuu slolwy wake up, and take notice of their surroundings. They all scream when they see Zagato starts to fire another round.

    Suddenly Rayearth's voice, appears in front of them, attacking Zagato, who retreats. They then get powered up by Rayearth, and regains back their powers.

    Down bellow, they see Mokona as well as Larfaga, and are happy they are only a few steps away on saving Cephiro and returning home to Tokyo!moreless
  • Innova once again begs Zagato to return him to his true form. To his surprise Zagato does, and Innova, who transforms into a wild beast wolf-like creature goes after the girls.

    Meanwhile with Ferrio, memories slowly come back to him, and is it revealed that he is Princes Emeraude's younger brother. He then runs to the girls.

    The girls are really losing, and when all seem lost, Ferrio communicates thru the orb, and tells them that Innova's weak spot is the jewel on his head. Hikaru manages to hit the jewel on Beast-Innova's head, killing him. Ferrio finally reaches them, and sees the girls trimuph over Innova, and tells them to save Cephiro!

    With everyone gone, Alcyone, begs Zagato to kill the girls, but he just leaves her begging.moreless
  • Zagato informs Princess Emeraude that he is using mind control to send one of the Princess' skilled swordsmen/royal guard to kill the girls. She begs Zagato to stop, but he doesn't listen.

    With the girls, they are traveling to the volcano-like shrine to revive Hikaru's machine, only to be attacked by a big flying bird. They try to fight it off with their swords, but it's no use. It then takes a hold of Umi and flies off.

    Fuu tries to give Umi her sword, but Umi's sword turns into water while Fuu grabbed it. Fuu only has one choice, and throws her own sword to Umi. Umi catches it, but is too heavy. She tries to hold onto it, but drops it instead.

    The bird continues to fly, and a guy kills the bird. Hikaru and Fuu catches Umi, and she comments how heavy Fuu's sword is. Fuu then holds it, and it's light as a feather. They then soon figure out that the swords, was made specially for each other. Anyone else who tries to use it (including each other) it won't let them.

    Umi then wants to thank the guy who rescued her... and they see Lafarga standing there. He proceeds to attack them, and manages to trap Umi and Fuu.

    Hikaru and Lafarga battles it out, and Hikaru manages to hit his sword far away. Lafarga over powers Hikaru, and tries to use her sword against her, but get burned in the process.

    Lafarga's memories slowly comes back to him, and he asks them who are they. They respond they are the Magic Knights, and he is amazed. He too, being the Royal Guard, tells them he is off to save Princess Emeraude, and wanders off, while the girls head to revive Hikaru's Machine.moreless
  • Innova asks Zagato to have his turn to try and kill the girls, and he agrees.

    In Cephiro's very first storm, the girls take refuge in a cave, near the sky shrine, where another Machine is being held.

    When Fuu starts to worry about Ferrio, she brings out her communicator, only to be called by him. He tells them, he's nearby, and want to take refuge with them. Just before entering the cave, Ferrio notices a girl lying on the ground, holding a herb. Fuu is excited when she sees Ferrio's silhouette, but is crushed when he sees him carrying a girl.

    The girl then wake up, and introduces herself as Selah. She starts to explain she leaves on the bottom of the mountain, and needed the herb she had to cure her brother's fever.

    They then all take rest, but Fuu can't sleep. When she is about to talk to Ferrio, Selah beats her to it. Ferrio offers her some soup, she not only says yes, but offers to put the herb in it. She then gives it to Ferrio to taste. He makes a comment on how delicious the soup is, and would save her lots of times just to have this dish.

    The next day, Ferrio comes with a fever, and they figure out it must of cause by the storm. Fuu is angry and Ferrio, but being the nice person she is, forgets it, and tells Selah to watch him while they go to the mountain.

    Ferrio then falls to the ground, and Selah reveals her true intentions. Selah reveals herself as Innove in disguise. She then captures Ferrio, and holds him hostage in the cave. He then reveals, the herb was actually some kind of toxin. He then leaves to kill the girls.

    The girls manages to get onto the flying shire, thanks to Mokona's flying thing (that breaks when they get there.) Fuu start to act strangely around them, soon she start to disappear.

    Hikaru explains to Umi that she was acting (talking about Umi here) the same when she acquired her Machine, so that they shouldn't worry. They start to run to the other side of shrine, only to greeted by Innova.

    Fuu gets the same lecture (show your true intentions, heart, blah) from a big bird, calling himself "Windam." She is then transported back to the shrine grounds, only to see Hikaru and Umi falling as they try to defend themselves.

    Fuu manages to show her true self, and the giant bird turns into the Machine. With the power of the Machine, it sends Innova crawling back to Zagato. When Hikaru and Umi finally wake up, they all notice that their swords and armors had grown. They return to the cave, where Ferrio tells Fuu to forget about him, saying that he was the one who caused all of this. He runs away, and Fuu can't help to cry. Hikaru tells Fuu, to not forget Ferrio, but always keep him in her mind (or heart rather.)

    Back with Innova... he begs Zagato use his power to turn himself to his true form. Zagato not only refuses, but calls forward on a stronger looking warrior named Lafarga.moreless
  • After battling a fierce monster, the girls find out that Mokona is able to project the land of Cephiro. They soon find out that they need to head for the skies for the other Machine, as well as their location (where they are currently at.)

    Soon after a bright light showed up, kidnapping Umi and Fuu. A picture of Clef (projected by Mokona's jewel) shows up and tells how there are unusual monsters, and other unimportant stuff and some back story that could be just brushed off.

    Hikaru remembers the map, and Mokona projects it. She heads towards Umi and Fuu's way and manages to get cut along the way due to some thorns.

    Mokona catches up with her, and notices the blood. Soon after the light is after Hikaru, but Mokona pushes Hikaru out of the way and in he goes into the light, while Hikaru falls into a ravine sort-like place.

    Hikaru tries to climb up, falls down, and manages to get hit in the head by rocks. She slowly figure out of the light monster work, and remembers that Umi and Fuu were bleeding at the time they were kidnapped.

    Bloody, she slowly reaches the top, and starts to cut herself. The light then comes after her, and with her sword she kills the monster. She faints, as Umi and Fuu awake from their sleep like state.

    Hikaru slowly wakes up, and Umi and Fuu are extremely happy she is not dead (because in her bloodyness state). Hikaru then explains about the monster and it's attraction to blood. Fuu then heals all of them, and they look onto the mountain holding the next Machine they need to get.moreless
  • Caldina is determine to kill the girls inorder to receive the pile of money from Zagato. Ascot doesn't care for it anymore, and tries to convince Caldina not to attack them.

    Caldina uses her "bells" to hypnotize Hikaru and Umi against Fuu. Fuu uses her magic to hold back them, and doesn't know Caldina is only a few steps away. Caldina reveals herself, and forces Fuu to attack Hikaru and Umi.

    Ascot blocks an attack, and Caldina stops and freezes him. Fuu manages to break thru, and hits Caldina with a spell. A few moments after, Caldina and Fuu start to talk. Fuu explains, even though they don't know each other well enough, she cares for them. Fuu uses Ascot as an example, and Caldina sees the light.

    Caldina unfreezes Ascot, and Hikaru and Umi wake up. They want to attack her, but Fuu stops them. She sorta fill them in about Caldina.

    Caldina and Ascot then proclaim not going back to the castle (or Zagato if you see it that way) and run off.

    Fuu then uses her spell to heal each other, and it's one closer step on bringing Zagato and his servants down.moreless
  • 1/23/95
    The girls are travelling, when Mokona tells them to go up. Mokona then reveals a Machine is up there in one of the flying mountains.

    Caldina and Ascot manages to catch up with them. Caldina tells Ascot, she'll take care of everything, and tells him to wait for her. Caldina uses a spell to think the ground is soft and shaky, as well as big rocks falling on them.

    THe girls panic, and fall to the bottom. They wake up and see a cave, when the ground continues to shake. Once inside, they see Clef, where he tells them he had save Princess Emeraude, and she wants to talk to them. Fuu isn't convinced, and warns the others, saying it's too easy.

    They enter another room, where they see Princess Emeraude, and two guards with her. Fuu then questions how they could defeat Zagato. Princess Emeraude and her two guards then turn into monsters, and proceeds to attack them.

    Although they cannot hurt them, the monster can. Hikaru, Umi and Fuu knows it's only an illusion, and tries to concentrate hard enough so that they won't get hurt.

    The monsters slowly disappears, but curiousity kills Umi, as she opens her eye. A monster proceeds to attack her, she screams, and runs to the door they came from.

    Reality sinks in, as they are outside high in a cave, and falls to the ground. Outside, Caldina then breaks the piece of the ledge, and the rock proceeds to fall on them.

    Mokona then wakes up from being dizzy, and wakes up Umi just in tim. She breaks the rock, and pieces start to fly towards Caldina, knocking her unconscious.

    Ascot finds Caldina, and vows to kill the Magic Knight. He finds Umi and calls forth his monsters, which proceeds to grab the unconscious, Hikaru and Fuu. Umi gets upset and draws her sword right onto Ascot's neck. She tells him to put them down.

    Ascot then whines about how they killed his monster friends, and Umi proceeds to slap him. She start to explain how can he treat them like that after they have died to got hurt.

    The girls then wake up in the middle of her speech as Umi start to explain how the girls, are her friends too, and would do anything to protect them. Umi then asks if they could be friends, and he agrees. She asks his name, and he responds it's Ascot.

    Caldina wakes up and sees Ascot. He's acting very strangely, and she wonders what happened to him...moreless
  • The girls are flying off to the flying mountain that the first saw when they were transported there. The mountain is holding the castle were Princess Emeraude is being held. When they almost got there, they were attacked by Zagato, but then saved by Princess Emeraude.

    Ferrio wass bored, and while resting, he brings out his comminucator. He then gets a message from Princess Emeraude to save the girls by the lake of Piraus Village. He does so, and they take rest there for a bit.

    Meanwhile, The villagers are being tortured by a servant of Zagato's named Caldina. When she demands money, she changes her mind, upon seeing the girls and Ferrio when they enter the village.

    The girls then tell the story on getting the Machine, and they are ready to save Cephiro. He then reveals that they need to acquire two more machines to complete their journey before they can save Cephiro.

    They are then attacked by villagers, and Ferrio takes one hostage. The villagers then explain that a servant of Zagato is torturing them for money. Ferrio then comes up with a plan for her to leave them alone, as well as the girls can escape quietly.

    Ferrio goes to Caldina and offers her money. She isn't fooled by it, but he reveals he wants to play cards (or Poker rather.) She ends up winning all of his money, and they are interrupted by the villagers.

    They reveal the girls escape, and blames it on Ferrio. One of the villagers then takes a knife and stabs him. Caldina is shocked by this, and takes the money then runs away. Ferrio then stands up, as the villagers thank him.

    Back at home, Ascot passes Caldina's room, and he reveals he doesn't care anymore to kill the girls or not. She then tell him, don't let them get you down.

    Back with the girls, they rush off to find the other Machines, as they exit the village. Fuu stops, and grabs out the communicator. She then get a message from Ferrio, saying their plan was sucessful and to call him once in a while, or he'd miss her.

    Fuu starts to blush, and Hikaru and Umi notices it. Fuu then starts to walk the other way (towards the village... or to Ferrio) but Hikaru corrects her as Fuu laughs at her mistake.moreless
  • The girls reach a lake, and Mokona reveals a Machine is in it. They travel underneath the water, to a place with air (thanks to Mokona.)

    Umi doesn't feel good, and starts to glow. She wanders off, and suddenly they notice a painting of a blue dragon. It's start to come out, and Umi is cut off from Hikaru and Fuu behind two large doors.

    Ascot then shows up with his monster, and battle the Hikaru and Fuu. They don't to much damage, but Fuu points out the glowing jewel on its head, and Hikaru breaks it. The monster becomes stun, and Ascot comes out.

    He then goes on how they all killed his monster friends. Hikaru tells him if they were his true friends, he would not hurt them or harm them in anyway. The monster wakes up, and starts to go berzerk on them. Ascot runs away, while Hikaru and Fuu fights it off.

    Meanwhile with Umi, the dragon tests her, by telling her to show her courage of the heart. She hear the screams of Hikaru and Fuu, and suddenly the doors disappear. It tells her to run away, but she doesn't. She wants to help them, she charges for the monster, but it fires back.

    Fuu then casts a new spell, "Protecting Wind" to protect Umi. Fuu then collapses, and the monster goes for Umi. The monster is then goes for Hikaru after she drew it's attention when hitting it with her "Red Lighting."

    Hikaru collapses, and Umi is crushed. She tells the dragon, if it all means to get it, by running away, she doesn't want it. She wants to help her friends and rather die in the process of helping them.

    Suddenly the dragon turns into a robot, which defeats the monster. The machine then reveals to Umi, she showed her true courage, and tells her she is not yet strong enough to wear him. Only when they (or she rather) become true Magic Knights, then she can wear him.

    He turns into a ball of light and proceeds to enter Umi's armor, where it starts to grow. Hikaru and Fuu's armor proceed to do the same. The girls are only one step closer on saving Cephiro.moreless
  • 12/12/94
    Alycone manages to trick Ascot into freeing her from a barrier that was holding her against her will. She promised him to give power to one of his monsters that would kill those Magic Knights.

    In an open field, Umi is still obessed with her fencing competition that would of been a week away when they originally arrived in Cephiro, even though weeks (or possibly a month) already has passed by.

    Hikaru suggest if you wish hard enough, maybe you can still make it at your competition, since Cephiro is a land of power. Both Hikaru and Fuu would pray for Umi too.

    A few yards away, Alcyone gives Ascot power to his monster named "Luci", which not only over powers it, but freezes itself, as well as Ascot as well.

    Hikaru, Umi and Fuu see the snow storm blasting their way, and Umi makes a wish before getting hit. She wants to return to Tokyo.

    Hikaru and Fuu suffer from hypothermia, and falls to the ground. Then Alcyone stops the weather and hopes that her plan on killing the Magic Knights worked. Until she noticed only two of them are there.

    Umi wakes up back in the Tokyo, and notices no one is moving or talking. She rushes to a familar face, her fencing captain, but as she soon realize, she is not in Tokyo. Things start to dissolve around her, as reality sinks in. She's still in Cephiro.

    She appears right infront of Alcyone, and they go into a sword fight. Alcyone over powers her, but Umi is determine not to lose. She prays, and her sword grows in the process. Umi uses her upgraded sword against Alcyone, which sends her running off. The sword manages to break the ice storm, as well as killing the monster.

    After Hikaru and Fuu finally regained consciousness, they are relived she isn't dead or missing. Umi then reminds them until they save Cephiro, they can return home... so off to save Cephiro!moreless
  • Hikaru takes an estrange monster for caring. She names it Hikaru after her dog. We then find out that "Hikari" is actually a "pet"/monster that Ascot was training.

    Hikaru spends too much time with Hikari and Fuu and Umi thinks she'd been hurt by a monster or something worse. They go out looking for her, and find a monster by Hikaru.

    They are ready to kill it, but Hikaru tells them it's Hikari. They don't fight it, but Hikari (or "Bigot" the real name) runs amuck on the forest, setting fires, etc. Hikari also knocks Fuu unconcious, and takes a hold Umi.

    Hikaru is mad, and kills Hikari. They bury Hikari, and experience an earthquake. They hurry off to find their Machines.moreless
  • Clef tells the girls with each earthquake that happens in Cephiro it means that Cephiro is falling. If Cephiro falls completely, they cannot go back to their world.

    He then tells then to become a Magic Knight, they would need to awaken their Machine. Mokona knows the way to each one.

    Ferrio, sees Ascot, planning an attack on the girls, and he tricks Ascot, by saying he would want to help. Ascot doesn't fall for it, and tells him if he could, bring the girls to him in the desert, where the monster would hopefully kill them.

    Ferrio meets the girls, and lure them into the desert. The monster attack them, but Ferrio finds out from Ascot, the monster can attack by sound. Using the orb (or the gift that Princess Emeraude gave, two, a set, a pair, etc.) Ferrio calls the monster and lure it away from the girls.

    A small monster then gives the message to the girls, saying that Ascot has taken Ferrio. If they want to save him, they need to go to the desert.

    They decide to sleep on it, thinking he would be safe. Fuu doesn't think so, and sneaks out in the middle of the night/early morning to save Ferrio.

    Her sword grows in the process, and she manages to kill the monster (called Pagero.) Ferrio tells Fuu, if she hadn't notice by now, the gift/orb is a communicator, and if she needs to talk to him, call him.moreless
  • 11/21/94
    Ascot sends one of his worm creatures to kill the Magic Knights. Ascot decides to take a nap while his creature kills them.

    The girls gives Presea Escudo, along with their weapons. Presea proceeds to make them in another room, and the hear the monster. The girls tells Presea to take care of their weapons, while they handle the monster.

    The worm attacks the Magic Knights who are a bit sucessful in defending themselves, but it turns and heads for someone else... Presea!

    Weak, Presea finally completes their weapons, but the monster breaks into the room. The ceiling falls, and it hits Presea. The girls see Presea, and their new weapons (each of them have swords). They then use their new weapon to kill the monseter. They all rush to Presea who is at her last breath. She dies, and Hikaru sworns her revenge.

    Ascot wakes up from his nap and calls his creature only to find his remains killed by the Magic Knights. He swears he'll avenge his death as well.moreless
  • 11/14/94
    Alcyone begs Zagato for another chance, to kill the Magic Knights, after saying she has a plan (this time).

    The girls reach a lake, thinking it's Eterna. Mokona tells them it's not Eterna. A monster then attacks them (it was the form of the lake) and Umi destroys it with her Water Dragon. The monster rain on them, making them glow, and they brush it off, after they dry up. They head for Eterna, as Alcyone watches afar, laughing to herself.

    They head on to Eterna, only to see a line. Mokona wanders off, and Hikaru follows. Hikaru tells Umi and Fuu to see this, and they are surprised to see that Eterna is two dimensional. To see the fountain, they would have to be high up. They want to get Escudo, so they jump into the fountain.

    The girls are then seperated, and put onto a test. Hikaru sees her pet dog named Hikari, Umi sees her parents, and Fuu sees herself. The girls are attacked by their test, and won't fight back. They then hear Princess Emeraude's voice, telling them about the test.

    They all figure out it's not actually them, and gains new magic spells. Hikaru uses her Red Lighting, Umi uses her Blue Tornado, and Fuu uses her Green Gale.

    It manages to kill them, and they all appear infront of Escudo (one for each of the girls.) They are excited, but they get an unexpected visitor... Alcyone. They then drop to the floor.

    Alcyone explains her water monster had poision in it, and won't take effect immediately. She then explains she'd come for Escudo, because only the Magic Knights would of been able to get it.

    Escudo then rushes into them, as they get upgraded, and uses their new spells to send Alcyone back. They then head back to Presea, as she will make their new weapons to awaken the legendary Machines.

    Alcyone begs for another chance, but Zagato sends her off, and sends Ascot off for his chance to kill the Magic Knights.

    Will Ascot be sucessful?moreless
  • 11/7/94
    The girls run into what seems like to be a deserted village. They are captured in a net, and find out that the villagers were hiding from monsters, corrupting their land.

    A monster then shows up, forcing the villagers to go back into hiding. They get the monster's attention by hitting it after going after a little girl. The monster attack them (setting them free), and with Hikaru's magic, she defeats it.

    Umi is happy, and suggests to hurry to Eterna to get Escudo, but suddenly falls to the ground. Hikaru runs to Umi, only to be challege by Alcyone, who was the one who injured Umi with her Ice Arrows. Alcyone is confident on beating them, but Hikaru's anger only makes her stronger.

    In the midst of fighting, Umi slowly wakes up, and sees Hikaru battling for her sake. Umi turns to Mokona and wishes for magic, where Clef's voice, proceeds to give her (since she is ready for it.) Umi stands up, and casts a "Water Dragon" spell that blasts Alcyone, who retreats. Umi once again falls down, and Hikaru goes to her. Hikaru thanks Umi for saving her. Fuu, feeling left out, wishes for magic, as she look at Mokona. She wants to save Umi, and she does, when she casts a "Wind of Healing" spell, that heals Umi.

    Will the girls save Cephiro, now that they are able to use magic?moreless
  • While travelling to Eterna Lake, they run into a guy named Ferrio who saves them from a monster.

    Ferrio then offer them to be their guide to get out of the Silence forest. They say no, and try to lose him, but he still follow them.

    The girls then discuss about him being their guide, but they can't trust him, due to the fact he still a stranger. They let him be their guide and uses food as payment since they have no money.

    We then find out that Ferrio was an entertainer, and Princess Emeraude saved his life when they thought he stole in the castle. Princess Emeraude then told the guards that it was a gift (the egg looking treasure) to him. That's why he is on the quest to save Princess Emeraude.

    They then take rest (thanks to Mokona) in a huge room/tent. Hikaru wants to give Ferrio food, who is outside, but Fuu tells her she'll do it. The reason is, Hikaru is too kind, and might invite him in to stay with them.

    Outside, Fuu gives him the food, and Ferrio makes a request, to stay with him when he eats. She blushes and rushes back in.

    The next day, they look upon a lot of monsters surrounding a rock. They come up with a plan for Hikaru and Umi kill the monsters while, Ferrio and Fuu destroy the rock.

    Hikaru and Umi kills a lot of monsters, and Ferrio charges forward to the rock. Suddenly he is frozen. He tells Fuu to don't come closer, because the rock is also a monster. Fuu stands afar, and manages to get a clear shot, hitting the rock.

    Hikaru and Umi stop attacking the monsters, when they return back into their true forms.

    At the end of the day, they are out of the forrest, and thank Ferrio for his help. Ferrio then gives Fuu the gift that Princess Emeraude gave him. Umi is excited ("A gift? What about me?") about the gift, but Ferrio reveals, Fuu gets a gift because she loves me and runs off.moreless
  • Guided by Clef's words stuck in their head, they reach the Silent Forrest. They are dropped off by the big griffin like bird, and wonders how the hell are they getting into the mansion like place, when it's surrounded by a wall with no doors.

    Fuu suggests on knocking. Umi is very skeptical, but when Hikaru starts to knock on the wall, a door opens. They try to call for someone, but no one is greeting them. They have little arguments on not being rude, and decide to enter without permission. They do not know it, but a monster crawling in the ground, manages to get in while they walk in.

    The door shuts, and they enter the mansion. They wonder around a bit, until they hear noise coming from a room. It turns out to be a library, and they see mess coming from someone behind the chair. They ask if the person is Presea, but the person turns around. It turns out that the "person" is a cute Pikachu/Hello Jitty cross cover called Mokona.

    Suddenly a cage drops on them, and a woman comes forward. The woman is ultra happy, thinking she's captured Mokona, the creature that has been always been messing up her study. After thinking ways of torturing Mokona (whose words are only "Pu!", she looks at the cage is surprised to see three girls in in.

    Umi starts to complain, how it's not their fault they are captured since, the women, who they figured out it's Presea did not answer the door. She explains how Hikaru just knocked and opened by itself. Presea is surprised, and tells them only the Legendary Magic Knights could of done it.

    The monster soon find them, and starts to attack them. Presea manages to let them escape from the cage, and Hikaru tries to her magic ("Fire Arrow") to kill it. It doesn't work, and they scream in fear. Presea then draws out her sword and slices the monster's head off.

    Presea then brings them to a room, filled with weapons, since they obviously need it to fight back. After thinking they had to pay for it, she reveals she is just "loaning" it to them... no charge. She then explains for their weapons to basically a "charge up" and to use/call their Machines, they need to go to Eterna Lake to pick up the mineral needed called Escudo.

    What they didn't know is the monster didn't die, and comes for them again. Presea closes the huge door, and tells them to pick a weapon. The girls close their eyes, and they sucessfully chooses their weapons. Both Hikaru and Umi gets swords (Hikaru's sword is thicker than Umi's, whose sword is thinner like her fenching sword), while Fuu get a bow and arrows.

    The monster then breaks through the door. They try to kill it, but manages to break it up into pieces. It then goes back together, and Fuu tells them it's probably made of mud. Hikaru then idea how to kill it. She asks Presea if they have a pond. She reveals it's in the back, and they head for it. Hikaru asks if she could use the table cloth as they pass through the kitchen. Presea tells her yes, as they head for the back.

    Outside Hikaru tells them to distract the monster as she hides behind a pillar. Umi and Fuu does so and Hikaru throws the cloth over the monster's head. Hikaru charges forward, knocking the monster in the pond, where it proceeds to die.

    They then get another surprise when the weapons suddenly disappear into their jewels on their gloves. Presea then tells them, the weapons will only appear when it is needed.

    Outside the wall, Presea tells them to go to Entera. She then tells them they will be guided by Mokona, who knows they way. They part ways for now, and Presea hopes the Legendary Magic Knights save their land.moreless
  • Durning a field trip at Tokyo Tower, three girls from three different schools are transported to a medieval-like land named Cephiro. The girls introduces themselves as Hikaru, Umi and Fuu, who are all in the 8th grade regardless how they look. They are then greeted by a wizard named Clef.

    Clef explains that their high ruler Princess Emeraude was imprisioned by one of her guards name Zagato, high above the skies of Cephiro. Clef explains that their world was never like this, that it's stable with Princess Emeraude's prayers holding everything together. He then explains that Princess Emeraude made it clear about the Legendary Magic Knights, who are destined to save their world. He then explains that they cannot leave, until they fulfill the Princess' wish. Clef asks about using magic; they agree to it; and begins teaching them.

    Watching above, Zagato sends Alcyone to stop the Magic Knights. Clef sees Alcyone, and she attacks. He blocks the attack and fends off Alcyone as he sends the girls on a flying griffin creature. His last command is for them to go west to the Forest of Silence, to Presea's home.

    Alcyone goes after them, while Clef thinks how they would do against Zagato. At that moment, Zagato shows up and fires a spell at Clef. Clef is turned into stone, and Zagato's spell manages to break the ground around him. Clef begins to fall off the cliff.

    Alcyone takes charge towards the three. After a few cuts, Hikaru finally stands up and uses her "Fire Arrow" enough to scare Alcyone away... will the Magic Knights save Cephiro before falling under the hands of Zagat?moreless