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Magical DoReMi

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Magical DoReMi is the English dub of the popular Japanese show Ojamajo Doremi. The series is about the struggles of a 3rd grader named Dorie Goodwyn who, along with her best friends Reanne and Mirabelle, dream of becoming a witch. The Witchlings must go through eight stages of apprenticeship to become full fledged witches and they embark on endless adventures along the way.
Jessica Calvello

Jessica Calvello

Drona/Ellie Craft (Season 2+)

Kate Roland

Kate Roland

Mrs. Cooper

Kelly Ray

Kelly Ray


Tom Wayland

Tom Wayland


Sean Schemmel

Sean Schemmel

Mr. Haywood: Mirabelle's Dad/Simon

Pete Zarustica

Pete Zarustica

Principal Hamburg

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  • this show is the grand champion of all cutest magical girl anime cartoons

    this show is about dorie goodwyn who is a clumsy, but a poor student who becomes a witch apprentice with her friends such as reanne griffith and mirabelle haywood. those girls have to pass and complete nine witch exams in the exact order to accomplish their goals. the plot is excellent with great and cutest details of the main cast of the characters themselves. also the graphics look very great, and possibly the magic transformation scenes were awesome.

    Toei Animation, bring back the series on both USA and Japanese TV, and i'll be happily to grade your show.

    graphics: 10/10.

    animation: 10/10.

    voice acting: 10/10.

    plot: 10/10.

    characters: 20/10.

    final grade: a++.

  • I agree with jj934.

    I have to agree with jj934. This show is just way too girly for boys. It's too flashy, pointless and just plain stupid. These voices are so irritating that I just wish they would just shut up. I couldn't find anything good at all. Even the things that happen to them are stupid. If I wanted to commit suicide, I would probably watch this show. Another thing that I realized, this show is unoriginal. Quite a few shows have done before. Also, this show just came on and it's being advertised? That's just not having much business sense. Overall this show is for girls and probably gay boys only. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but that's what I think.moreless
  • Um...

    What the flippin' **** is this? I am saying this because it is not cool at all. Maybe for ittle girls but not for teenage girls not DEFINATELY not for little boys or teenage guys. They can seriously do so much better than this. But, if the little girls love it, then let them have it. Just will never catch me watching it.
  • Magical flop

    Japan really needs to stop handing over their animes to 4Kids. They constantly butcher animes and make them terrible, and this one is just another one of those butchered shows. In Magical DoReMi, it centers around 3 friends named Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle as they are offered to become witches, but have to go through several tests to become true witches. Idea wise, it sounds good, but where it fails is the unmoving story, awful voices, and lack of variety. The artwork looks great and has some creative sets and characters designs. The animation is also good, but gets repetitive fast. One thing you will quickly notice is how horrendous the voices are. This is a common problem with 4Kids anime dubs and they have yet to understand it. Everyone's voice sounds like a cheese grater scrapping at your ear drums while a javelin is thrown into your ears. You are better off muting the TV and putting on close captions. Another problem is the lack of the main story moving forward. I usually don't mind side plots in a story, but this show relies too much on them and the main story barely moves at all, and it annoys me. There is also a lack of variety to the episodes. Something bad happens, the girls try to fight it, they win, and so on. I didn't see anything new or have variety to this show at all. I also hate how girly everything is in this show. Now I know this is a girl's show, but this is ridiculous. Everything is way too girly and it makes me sick. Look at Sailor Moon, that was girly, but it did have stuff boys could appeal to as well, and no I am not talking about the girls, but the action it had. Honestly, I was glad this show was taken off the air, maybe a GOOD American anime dub network like FUNimation can pick this show up and make it better than this. No offense to the fans, but even if you are a girl, and love magic this is a show you are better off not seeing at all.moreless
  • They played the same episode over and over again...

    I would have liked DoReMi, but there were a few glaring issues with it. The English dub kept playing the same first episode over and over again, killing ANY hope for an English fanbase. Two, it had potential, small drips of potential-and they wasted it by killing the dub. Dorie's another Bloom, except smaller and much more irritating-Hazuki's a copy of Musa, and the rest just seem like copies of the Winx Club. Any potential that the show could have had was murdered by one episode being shoved down our throats over and over and over and over and over again and flushed down the toilet until its sudden cancellation.

    All in all, it had potential, but it was crushed. I suggest either Mew Mew Power, Tokyo Mew Mew, the original Japanese show, or Sailor Moon.moreless

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