Magical DoReMi

TELETOON (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Skater Love
      Skater Love
      Episode 24
      Ellie is late to her interview so she decides to use magic and get there faster. Unfortunately Jack, a really good roller-blader, stops her and notices that she has changed. Ellie can't let him find that she's a witch so she uses magic on help and makes him fall in love with Dorie! At the same time Dorie passes by and he confesses to Dorie who already had feelings for him. At school word of Dorie's boyfriend gets out and his younger sister, Shannon Marley, says that if he loves her than it must be true. But his friend already had feelings for him too, turning this into a love triangle. When the magic wears off, not only is Dorie's heart broken, the three must repair their relationship with each other without the help of magic.moreless
    • The Hardest Test of All
      Ellie quickly casts a spell on her family and friends to erase their memory of seeing them as witches. But her charm no longer protects her, so she collapses a bit later. Dorie, Mirabelle, and Reanne go to Lumena to try and help Ellie awake, but since she used forbidden magic, there's not much they can do and Ellie has been punished by sleeping for 100 years. Lumena asks the girls if they would like to consider a deal. They can cast Perfect Harmony and try to wake Ellie, but they will quit being a witch afterwards. Even if Ellie doesn't wake up, they still won't be able to be witches anymore. They think about it real hard and they make their decision, what will it be?moreless
    • The Final Test
      The Final Test
      Episode 22
      It's time for the last witchling test, but there's a new set of rules. It takes place in the morning and they must use magic to help someone and have them say "thank you". Not only that the test takes place in the human world. During the test, they are spotted by their classmates that say they are all witches! Can Dorie, Mirabelle, Reanne, and Ellie pass the final exam and clear their names as witches?moreless
    • Train a Comin'
      Train a Comin'
      Episode 21
      Ellie's father is chosen as the first conductor of the new express, The Mercury 2010. He's bought Ellie's tickets so she can come see him, but on the same night the express opens, Ellie has an audition for a new film. Ellie believes she can make it on time with the help of magic, so she goes to the audition first. During the audition, she uses magic that helps cure a new friend, Karen Marino's nervousness. This results in her losing all her spell drops and the charm that once protected her is now broken. Without spell drops, she can't make it to the express on time, but luckily for her, Dorie, Mirabelle and Reanne are always there and are willing to lend her a hand.moreless
    • Geek Love
      Geek Love
      Episode 20
      E-mails are something Ellie isn't that good at, so she asks Felina to respond to them all for her. Felina writes back to every email, telling them to meet her at a park. Nicholas Schmorff is a huge fan of Ellie and he believes that it's true love. When Nicholas arrives at the park, he realizes that it's truly not love and that there are more Ellie fans that have received this email, too. Dorie, Mirabelle and Reanne call Ellie to the park and tell her to settle things with her fans. Ellie wants to use magic, but Mirabelle won't let her. Ellie is about to just run away when she really starts having second thoughts about her fans. Will Ellie be able to settle things with her fans without using magic?moreless
    • The Date Crasher
      The Date Crasher
      Episode 19
      Mirabelle's father is asked by his boss to consider an arranged marriage, so Mirabelle's dad can marry the boss's daughter. Mirabelle later tells her father that when she went to see mom, she saw that her mom has a family, so Mirabelle agrees for the wedding. At the shop, Mirabelle is on her way out to go to the lunch/meeting. Reanne asks her that the baby they saw in her mom's arms might not actually be her baby. This is where Patina comes in. She uses her crystal ball to see what's really going on with Mirabelle's mom. After her reading, they find out her mom isn't remarried! Mirabelle heads to the meeting to tell her father everything. Now, how will Mirabelle's father get out of the meeting?moreless
    • Just Like Magic
      Just Like Magic
      Episode 18
      The next witch exam takes place at the witches' talent show and they must please the audience with their performance. The next day, Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle say that they couldn't think of any ideas for the test, so they learn 'magic' tricks from their classmate, Mackenzie. After helping him, they arrive at the Witches' talent show hoping to use their new found 'magic' trick, but soon learn that the audience are made up of witches and they have already learned how to do these 'magic' tricks. So, Dorie and the girls reluctantly perform the tricks they learned from Mackenzie. They somehow pass and they are all granted a wish by the queen. They wish for all of them to be on the same level because Dorie is a level behind.moreless
    • Saving Santa
      Saving Santa
      Episode 17
      Christmas has finally arrived for everyone. But for Dorie, Mirabelle and Reanne, it's just another day at work with Patina, who hasn't changed even for the Christmas season. After work one day they spot an old man who needs some help. They take him inside the Shop and learn that he is Santa Claus! It seems like this year he is having some trouble and need the help of a few witches. They happily accept the job and even Ellie arrives to help. When Dorie is giving Caitlin's gift to her she realizes that she has missed a very special chance to meet Santa, so Dorie, along with Mirabelle, Reanne and Ellie give up their present so that Caitlin can have a few words with Santa.moreless
    • Candi is Dandy
      Candi is Dandy
      Episode 16
      Melissa is the 3rd grader's strongest fighter. She has already beaten all the boys and dreams of being a pro wrestler. When she sees her idol, Candi Armstrong, lose her 35 winning streak, she starts to lose hope even when Candi bets her retirement on her next match. Mirabelle notices that Candi's bad luck might have something to do with the grobbling, but can they find it before Candi loses and retires?moreless
    • Parental Guidance
      Parental Guidance
      Episode 15
      Josie is told she is not loved by her dad because he never disciplines her. Josie believes it's true after she breaks his favorite vase. She runs away with Susie, another classmate, who is also having problems with her father. Soon all their classmates and their teachers are looking for them but no one can find them. Dorie, Mirabelle and Reanne use magic to find them, but will magic help fix their relationships with their fathers?moreless
    • Morph than a Feeling
      One day Ellie gives her classmate, Keith, a ride to the TV studio so he can see the filming of the show, The Robo-Morphs. Jimbo, an upperclassmen, that really likes Ellie doesn't like what he sees. Jimbo thinks Keith is Ellie's Boyfriend. Jimbo then spots Penny walking her dog, and he hands her a note that says he challenges Keith to a fight. The next day, Penny reads the note to everyone in class. Keith then hears that his challenger is Jimbo, but he doesn't like fighting, but he accepts.moreless
    • There's no Business like Shogi Business
      Phillip, a kid from class, loves the game Shogi, but his mother and father are against the game. He, with the help of Dorie and Ms. Cooper, plead with his parents to let him play in an upcoming tournament. When Phillip makes it to the finals, he hears weird noises that make him about to lose. The girls think that it's the work of a Grobbling.moreless
    • The 3-Door Test
      The 3-Door Test
      Episode 12
      Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle must take the 3-Door Test to win a spell drop seed.
    • Of Monsters and Witchlings
      Peter has an obsession with the monster "Gazamadon", and his obsession gets in the way of everything, including his soccer games, thus letting down the team.
    • The Lost Greenlings
      A storm sends all the Greenlings from the Lunaverse into the human world, and Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle must act as tour guides so they don't get seen, as they want to explore.
    • Obstacle Schmob-stacle
      The Witchlings must pass the Obstacle Test by racing a fast turtle and rabbit, teamed up with their fairies.
    • The Lyin' Witch and her Wardrobe
      A new student named Ellie Craft joins the school, who is very famous. She competes with Josie and Dorie for the part in a play.
    • Mo' Mirabelle's Blues
      Mirabelle's mother comes to visit but she is too late to see her, and later, she gets mad at her dad when she finds out he's been keeping letters from her.
    • Born to Run
      Born to Run
      Episode 6
      Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle's school is holding their annual Olympithon, and Josie is mad that she hasn't been picked by anyone's team. She has also declared that any team that has Dorie on it will finish in last place. Can the girls overcome the odds and prove Josie wrong?
    • Scooter for President
      Josie has always held the position of class president. That's about to change as the man who has always finished second at everything, Scooter, has decided to run for the president's spot. Will Josie and Scooter end up having a dirty campaign like regular politics provide?
    • Careful What You Witch For
      The girls have to pass a test where they guess what the witch testers what. At the same time they attempt to help a friend come up with a gift for a friend from Mongolia.
    • Love Serving Love
      Summer is in full swing, so the girls decide to get their vacation time in by going to Reanne's summer house. Unexpected visitors accompany them, and a classmate they don't like is also there. Will the girls get any relaxation?
    • You Ought Not To Be In Pictures
      The girls begin their quest to capture the groblings by gaining a new friend and by collecting items people believe cause them bad luck. After repeated failures, a tip leads them to Reanne's dad's movie. Is there truly a groblings there, or will the girls find success while failing with their actual mission?moreless
    • To Catch a Thief
      To Catch a Thief
      Episode 1
      The girls set up a booth at the carnival to try and increase their magic sales.
  • Season 1