Magical DoReMi - Season 1

TELETOON (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • That Darn Evil Cat
    That Darn Evil Cat
    Episode 26
    Conya returns to the magic shop with an important suprise for the witchlings that will mark the end of their witchling days. Unfortunately, Mirabelle and Reanne are off with their friend Haley when she sprains her ankle right when Dorie arrives. So the witchlings help Haley to her dad's steakhouse, learn about a string of bad luck for Haley's family, and after a few strange occurrences decide the cat is bad luck. So bad that Queen Lumina is disturbed by it, so she helps the witchlings take the bad luck frrom it and gives them a new tool and a new duty.moreless
  • New Witch on the Block
    Dorie pulls a startled Caitlyn into the magic shop and Patina says Caitlyn must be made a witchling. So Conya brings a dreamspinner, and with a little sweet talk from Caitlyn, they don't have to pay right away. They soon find out Caitlyn not only has a way with a broom and a Wandaler, but makes great magic charms. But when it comes to a sleepover (and Dorie warned her not to), Caitlyn uses magic to get payback on someone bothering her friend. And ends up with a group of ghosts terrorizing the campus!moreless
  • Down in the Dumps
    Down in the Dumps
    Episode 24
    The witchlings find Patunia's evil necklace and make a deal with her for the shop, but she fooled them and now she's in a magical duel with them for the shop! But since her first trick doesn't blow them away she, brings a robot of trash to life and tries to make them witchling pancakes. It's gonna take more than a new Wandawhirl to get them out of this!moreless
  • Mirabelle's Blues
    Mirabelle's Blues
    Episode 23
    Dorie's parents and Mirabelle's Dad still have their dark charms from The Mystery Wind. Mirabelle runs away after her Dad decides to throw away her old Harmonica which means a lot to her. To add to all that, the girls need to get to the Lunaverse to get more spell drops. Just their luck, Reanne finds the spelldrop that she lost and the Witchlings use it's power to sneak into The Mystery Wind disguised as cockroaches. In the Lunaverse, Drona, and Rona tell the Witchlings that they can't help them fight Patunia, but their test involves doing work for a Witch and being paid one of Lumina's spelldrop. They complete that by chopping wood for a Witch and finally get their Wandaliers.moreless
  • We Need a Wandawhirl
    Conya returns, and there is a new hope for the Witchlings. Drona and Roana have a Wandawhirl Test in the Lunaverse, and the girls intend to take it, for if they do, they're Wandawhirls would have stronger magic. But the door to the Lunaverse is in the Mystery Wind, and the girls do everything they can to get Patunia out of the way. But when they make it, Drona and Roana fly off since it's almost morning.moreless
  • The Mystery Wind
    The Mystery Wind
    Episode 21
    Dorie's mom, Reanne's caretaker, and Mirabelle's dad have all bought Patunia's bad luck charms. The girls wish they could help, but they're out of Spell Drops.
  • Get on the Bus
    Get on the Bus
    Episode 20
    Conya's back, and Patina owes her debt. However, Conya and Patina make a deal by playing cards. But Conya wins and Patina loses the DoReMi Magic Shop. Conya has now given the shop to Patina's rival, Patunia (and her fairy, Felina). Now the DoReMi Magic Shop has become the Mystery Wind Magic Shop, and almost everyone has one of their items. The girls can't help that Patina is so sad and the fact that they're being teased around, but they'll also be stuck at their same witchling level forever if this keeps happening. So Dorie decides to do a little payback and start all over again. Hop on the DoReMi Magic Bus!moreless
  • Uncle Nick and the Sidekick
    Reanne was supposed to go to the museum with her uncle Nick, but Dorie and Mirabelle see her with 2 strange people and assume she's being kidnapped! But are they right or did they make a grave mistake?
  • The Flora Test
    The Flora Test
    Episode 18
    The witchlings practice day and night for the Flora Test, so they can earn the power to talk to plants. But Roana and Drona take a surprise vacation to the Luna Spa, so they they decide to pass Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle on the test. So the witchlings take a ride through the Lunaverse to test their new power, and thanks to Dorie, the witchlings are almost eaten and exposed on not taking the test. But that leaves their minds when the three witches-to-be perform perfect harmony to restore their friends love of animals. And when things get more serious Reanne takes matters into her own hands to save the day.moreless
  • Sketches of Pain
    Sketches of Pain
    Episode 17
    Coming soon.
  • Gone Fishin'
    Gone Fishin'
    Episode 16
    Mr. Goodwyn has recently met this boy named Bo, and they're going camping so that they can also fish. Dorie has a crush on Bo, and she wants to tell him that. But she can't seem to do it alone so Reanne and Mirabelle go along with Dorie on the trip, and they also exclude Patina! But to pay for that Patina uses a large net to keep all the fish on the other side of the lake, and because Bo, Dorie, and Mr. Goodwyn are getting nothing, Bo's dad thinks that they should head back home. What can Reanne and Mirabelle do to help Dorie?moreless
  • Patina Goes to Kindergarten
    Because Caitlyn is scolded for coming home so late, she thinks about Dorie, and how she gets to come home late because she's always at the shop after school. Caitlyn gets jealous, that she visits the shop, and after complimenting Reanne and Mirabelle's works, she makes fun of Dorie's, and Dorie chases her around. However, Patina blows her cover and loses her Orble. Caitlyn discovers her, and ends up buying Patina for 100 bucks! The next day Caitlyn takes Patina to Kindergarten. Will Dorie save Patina?moreless
  • A Tall Order
    A Tall Order
    Episode 14
    The SOS Trio make fun of Gia, who is tall, and call her names like "Gia Giraffe," but she will only forgive them if they can make her laugh.
  • Parsley and Rosemary
    Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle take The Team Test. They have three hours to finish the test.
  • He Ain't Pele, He's My Brother
    Coming soon.
  • You Don't Bring Me Flowers
    Before class, a girl named Amanda always waters the flowers outside school very early in the morning. Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle all like the idea, but when some boys kick a soccer ball and it hits the flowers, Amanda cries and says that she won't see the flowers anymore. Will Reanne save the flowers during a big storm?moreless
  • Trouble in Store
    Trouble in Store
    Episode 10
    Secrets can be revealed! Some girls have been spying on the DoReMi Magic Shop and find the girls in the pictures that they took! The rumors are spread around the class, and everyone thinks that Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle have part-time jobs. Thinking that their secrets will be revealed, the trouble gets worse when Miss Cooper says that she'll make a visit to the shop, and talk to the manager, in which the girls have to fake.moreless
  • A Runaway Fairy
    A Runaway Fairy
    Episode 9
    After finding out that Dodo is the same klutz like her, Dorie starts to get angry, when Dodo can't hide herself completely, and when Caitlyn nearly discovers her! Dorie is so angry, that Dodo flys out and is flying everywhere in Port Mystic. Will the girls find Dodo with their newly learned Perfect Harmony spell?moreless
  • Finally, a Fairy!
    Finally, a Fairy!
    Episode 8
    Dorie feels bad that she failed the Fairy Test, until she gets a second chance to do it. Roana has gotten sick, and if Dorie finds the cure, she'll pass the test. Reanne and Mirabelle join her, until they've learned where to find the cure all along.
  • Caitlyn's Day Out
    Caitlyn's Day Out
    Episode 7
    It's the day of the Fairy Test! Reanne and Mirabelle are practicing very well, but Dorie has to track down Caitlyn when she goes out on her own! Dorie has used up all the Spell Drops except one, but during the Fairy Test, Mirabelle and Reanne pass, but Dorie fails, becoming the first witchling to fail the test in 500 years.moreless
  • Believing Belinda
    Believing Belinda
    Episode 6
    Belinda Higgins has one specialty - telling lies and making people fall for it. Dorie and Reanne have known enough about Belinda's lies, until Mirabelle falls for two of Belinda's great lies. She gets angry, and is ready to finish her off. The girls then realize Belinda's true side.
  • Witch Conya of the Lunaverse
    The DoReMi Magic Shop is officially open! The girls are selling all their items, much to Dorie's 'art', and they meet Witch Conya. What happens when Todd comes in?
  • The Split Curl Girl
    A new girl has arrived, Mirabelle Haywood. Dorie and Reanne assume that she's got some attitude, because Mirabelle teased them on the way to school. But all the other kids see that Mirabelle has some talent, and Dorie befriends her. However, she realizes that Mirabelle's dad can't make it to Parents' Day, so she uses magic to make a copy of Mirabelle's dad so that the clone can go to school. But Dorie doesn't know that the clone was somewhere else, and that the real one was at school. The three girls then witness the clone disappear, and Dorie knows that she can't keep her secret any longer.moreless
  • Being Dorie, Being Reanne
    Dorie finds out that Reanne wishes that she could be someone else for once. So Dorie uses a spell to make Reanne look like Dorie and vice-versa. So now the two girls go to each other's homes to experience life a different way. But Dorie is told to play the violin, but she doesn't know how to do it and Reanne has steak for dinner, but she's a vegetarian. After their experiences, the two girls realize that they're own lives are much better.moreless
  • Now I Am a Witchling
    In the town of Port Mystic, Dorie, an 8-year-old girl, has always dreamed of being able to use magic solve her problems. She attempts to get the courage to speak to a boy she likes, but keeps failing to even get him to notice her. And after going to a real witch shop, she ends up turning the witch Patina into a green blob after saying the word "witch" in front of her. She must now be trained to be a real witch by her and Lorelei to return her to normal. She'll learn everything she needs to know about being a witchling -- a witch in training.moreless
  • Dustin' the Old Rusty Broom
    After the clone disappears, Dorie is frantic because she knows that if her friends call her a witch she will become a small green blob, so she brings her friends to the shop where they find out she is a witchling! Patina tells Dorie since she's not a witch yet she can't become a blob. Patina also decides to make Reanne and Mirabelle witchlings to keep their mouthes shut. It is soon discovered that Mirabelle and Reanne have magical talent. But soon the witchlings and Lorelei decide to re-clean, re-decorate, and re-name the shop, with confidence their items will sell.moreless
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