Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

(ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • To the Promised Sky
      Everyone tries to rescue Nanoha, Hayate, Vivio and everyone else from the Cradle and than to destroy it and end the incident. The incident concludes and everyone goes to their own place.
    • Final Limit
      Final Limit
      Episode 25
      Nanoha continues her fierce fight with Vivio who is under mind control.
    • Lightning
      Episode 24
      Zest continue his talk with the captain. Erio and Caro continue their fight with Lu and they try to convince her to stop. Some facts are revealed about Fate's past and creation and she starts to fight back against Scaglietti and the combat cyborgs.
    • Stars Strike
      Stars Strike
      Episode 23
      Nanoha reaches to where Vivio is and something happens to Vivio. Teana continue her fight against all chances and has a plan. Subaru starts to give up in her fight against Ginga but gets encouraged by Mach Caliber.
    • Pain to Pain
      Pain to Pain
      Episode 22
      The fight continues. Subaru is near defeat by Ginga and Nanoha continues to advance to where Vivio is. Scaglietti appears before Fate.
    • The Decisive Battle
      Riot Force 6 members continues their fights and Teana is cornered. Subaru Meets Ginga. Vita and Nanoha gets on the "Saint Cradle" and they split-up to stop it.
    • The Infinite Desire
      Scaglietti has revived the "Saint Cradle" ancient ship and continues his attack and plan. Vivio's past is revealed. Riot Force 6 starts their attack on the "Saint Cradle". More about Scaglietti's past and the people he worked with are revealed.
    • Cradle
      Episode 19
      Nanoha and the rest are working on a plan to bring back Ginga and Vivio. The numbers continue their attacks while Scaglietti's final plan and target are revealed.
    • Cradle
      Episode 19
      Coming soon...
    • Wings, Again
      Wings, Again
      Episode 18
      After the battle in which Riot Force 6 was destroyed and Ginga and Vivio kidnapped everyone tries to recover and come up with a plan of getting them back. The whole truth about Ginga and Subaru is revealed to everyone.
    • That Day, Riot Force 6 (Second Part)
      The attack of the Numbers on the Central HQ and Riot Force 6 continues and it doesn't look too good for them. Something terrible happens to Subaru and a shocking truth is revealed about Subaru and Erio. Some new powers are revealed.
    • That Day, Riot Force 6 (First Part)
      Riot Force 6 goes to protect the conference and while there the numbers attack them.
    • Sisters & Daughters
      Ginga and Mariel Atenza get transfered to Riot Force 6 for a while and Ginga and Subaru have a mock fight for training. We meet more of the Numbers sisters and hear about what Scaglietti plans.
    • Mothers & children
      Mothers & children
      Episode 14
      We continue to hear about the real reason behind the foundation of Riot Force 6.
      Nanoha decides to be Vivio's guardian until they find her a family.
      Something about Subaru's past is revealed.
    • The Reason of Life
      The Reason of Life
      Episode 13
      Some of Lulu's and Agito's past is revealed. The girl they found runs away and Nanoha finds her. She gets attached to Nanoha and we find out that her name is Vivio. The real reason behind the foundation of Riot Force 6 is revealed.
    • Numbers
      Episode 12
      Hayate continues to fight with the gadgets while Subaru, Teana, Erio, Caro and Ginga continue their own fight and get help in the last from Vita and Rein.
      Some more enemies are introduced and what will happen to the relic?
    • Mobile Section Six’s Day Off (Part 2)
      Subaru, Teana, Erio and Caro give the girl with the relic to the care of Shamal while a lot of gadgets appear. Nanoha, Fate, Vita and Rein take care of the flying gadgets while Subaru, Teana, Erio, Caro and Subaru's sister Ginga take care of the gadgets underground and encounter some new enemies.moreless
    • Mobile Section Six’s Day Off (Part 1)
      Subaru, Teana, Erio and Caro complete the second level of their training and get a day off to go to the city.
    • Precious Things
      Precious Things
      Episode 9
      Scaglietti sends new robots to Nanoha and the others and Nanoha, Fate and Vita go to destroy them. A painful part of Nanoha's past is revealed. Nanoha talks and explains to Teana about what happened.
    • Two People's Wishes
      Teana go to practice alone after what happened. Some of Teana's past is revealed. A practice battle between Nanoha and Teana and Subaru takes place and Nanoha acts in a way we wouldn't expect.
    • Hotel Agusta
      Hotel Agusta
      Episode 7
      Riot Force 6 goes into their 2nd mission - to guard a lost logia auction on Hotel Agusta. They encounter the doctor's robots and fight them.
    • Progress
      Episode 6
      The rookies are continuing with their training at a higher level. The mastermind behind the gadgets identity is revealed and it's someone Fate knows. He is defiantly 'bad news'.
    • Star and Thunder
      Star and Thunder
      Episode 5
      Some of Caro's past is revealed to us. Riot Force 6 starts their first mission to retrieve the relic and everyone uses their new devices. Caro shows her true power. The 'Bad Guy' is finally revealed.
    • First Alert
      First Alert
      Episode 4
      The new recruits continue their training with Nanoha. Subaru, Teana, Erio and Caro get their new devices. Riot Force 6 finally goes on their first mission - to retrieve one of the relics.
    • Gathering of Troops
      The new unit, Riot Force 6, is finally formed and everyone is introduced. Nanoha begins to train the new recruits in an advanced training course. Hayate and Fate goes to settle things with the high-ups and the first mission of Riot Force 6 is revealed to us.
    • Riot Force 6
      Riot Force 6
      Episode 2
      Subaru and Teana are invited to the new unit that Nanoha, Fate and Hayate are forming: Riot Force 6. Meanwhile, Signum goes to pick up the other 2 new canditates for the unit: Erio Mondial and Caro Ru Lushe. Vita, Shamal and Zafila are fighting against some enemies, who are they?moreless
    • Wing to the Sky
      Wing to the Sky
      Episode 1
      Nanoha saves a little girl from a big fire, this girl is Subaru Nakajima. 4 years later, Subaru Nakajima and Teana Lanster are taking the B-rank test to advance further in order to achieve their goals.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1