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  • A completly awesome show that not many people know about

    Magical Girl is a show that seems like it would be for a younger audience because of the age of the characters in the first two seasons. However, Magical Girl's themes and serious attitude make it a show for a much older audience. Magical Girl's first season touches on the very delicate fact of child abuse and a child's desire to appease her mother's wishes no matter how cruel the mother is to her; the show does hit delicate subject matters during the show time which can make it too violent and serious for younger viewers but it does teach valuable lessons. It shows in the first season what people want when they are scared or lonely, and it shows how to make yourself heard when no one will listen to you.

    Magical Girl keeps up a steady stream of serious attitude with slight humor through some episodes to relieve the constant seriousness. It's constant theme is to never give up on yourself or your friends and to always make your opinion heard. Indeed, a very powerful show that has never recieved the attention that it deserves.
  • An emotionally intense magical girl genre, that I love. Though you may love it or hate it.

    Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is a well crafted type of "Magical Girl" genre that is different than most Magical Girl shows. Unlike other Magical Girl shows, it's much more emotionally intense, as it's theme is about child abuse and social alienation. The two main Magical Girl characters in this series have to deal with these things; one deals with social alienation, the other deals with both social alienation and child abuse. Also another thing that is different than the usual type of Magical Girl shows is that after the first few episodes the fight scenes are more intense.

    The story begins with the introduction of the main characters: Nanoha, one of the two main characters and Magical Girls; and Yuno, a male magem in the form of a ferret at first, that teaches Nanoha how to become a Magical Girl, he also from a different dimension and brought some problems along to Nanoha's dimension. As the story progresses, they will become more serious and show these emotional problems the *characters will face.

    *There are several characters who seem to have some sort of emotional problem, but the main focus is the two main Magical Girl Characters(the second girl will be introduced later, I'm giving really general info about this to avoid spoilage).

    The show keeps it very serious and has little comical moments, or scenes that are suppose to be funny to the audience but kills the serious feeling. You may or may not like this but I prefer it since it keeps it much focused on what's going on, but there isn't any comic relief that is kind of a break from all the seriousness.

    Magical Girl Nanoha is well crafted and shows and deals with the character's emotional problems in a really nice way that may make you cry. There are many awesome fight scenes that are intense and suspensceful also. If you're into or want to get into a serious anime that deals with emotional issues this is probably one Magical Girl series you'll definately enjoy. Even if not, it's still a great series with a nice story, characters, and fight scenes.
  • Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha is one of my favorite shows. The story is kinda like CCS but only a the way Nanoha releases the Ranging Heart, there's a magic circle glowing under her, just like Sakura.

    Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha is about a 3rd grader by the name of Nanoha Takamachi. She has been tasked by a boy named Yuuno, who has accidentally unleashed the deadly Jewel Seeds onto earth from his dimension. He is quite effectively owned during his first battle with the monster that the Jewel Seed has possessed and is forced to take another form that doesn't strain his magical energy. He becomes a ferret and becomes Nanoha's protection. As she starts her finding and collecting of the Jewel Seeds, she runs into another trying to do the same, Fate Testarosa. Fate appears to be out to collect them for all the wrong reasons, and Nanoha wants to find out why. Eventually somewhat of a 'dimension police' comes into play and warns Nanoha that the Jewel Seeds are actually artifacts from an advanced civilization that destroyed itself, and that they could actually be used to create a cataclysmic dimensional disruption in the wrong hands. Those wrong hands... Fate's mother. Now Nanoha joins with them to collect all of the Jewel Seeds so that they can be properly sealed before anything bad happens. The story progression overall was extremely well executed. Although at first it seemed it was going to be one of those shows where you collect one each episode until the end, it quickly shifted to a very serious show. Nothing like seeing two cute third grade girls blow each other to pieces in vicious battle. Season one was very good on it's own. But then came season two...

    Season two took on a much darker tone than season one. Now instead of capturing Jewel Seeds, Nanoha and friends are attempting to stop the Book of Darkness Lost Logia from being completed. A group of three women and one very angry dog man who call themselves the Cloud Knights, are in possession of the Book of Darkness. They go hunting for other magic users, and once defeated, use their linker cores to supply the book the energy it needs to complete its 666 pages. They are doing this so that their master, Hayate can live a normal life. Hayate is in a wheelchair and getting worse everyday because the book is straining her power. So they set out to fill it as quickly as possible to free her from this curse. It goes much deeper than this with plenty of twists and turns, but describing anymore would ruin the fun.

    The story in this show was fantastic by any anime's standards, let alone the usual low standards set by run of the mill magical girl shows. It proved to be much darker, deeper and more emotionally engaging than I ever thought it could be. It had everything that a show needed; engaging characters, drama, plot twists and a well executed (dare I saw flawless) design.
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