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Magician's Academy

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In a realm which exists right next to reality but no ordinary people can see, there is the "Magician’s Academy" – the school for today's wizards and witches who live between the realms, hiding their true identities while they are among us. Takuto Hasegawa looks like a high school boy who embodies the word "ordinary" in every sense, but he is actually a wizard in the making who secretly attends the Academy. At his makeup exam in "Summoning Skills II," he happens to summon Tanarot, a beautiful girl with a beast's ears! She has "a Magic Power Value that measures over 100,000," and "a Deification Value measuring 5,000," though her "Attribute is unknown." The Academy orders Takuto to live with Tanarot, but his cousin Suzuho who is in love with him moves into his house. In addition, Falce, the female incarnation of the "magic machine wand" joins them, creating an absolutely chaotic "harem" around him! Also joining in the mayhem are Takuto's upper-classmate Eitaro, who uses his atrocious magic power and indulges in sinfully geeky hobbies; the dog-eared maid Eneusu; the tiger-eared shrine maiden Miyabi; and the devilish "bondage beauty" Synclavia – turning Takuto's life upside down and eventually leading him into an adventure that involves the entire magic world. What will his fate be???moreless

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AIRED ON 1/20/2011

Season 1 : Episode 12

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