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  • This show is underrated. But it does make a mistake in the end of the series that was well unexpected.

    Magikano is about a boy named Haruo Yoshikawa and his ,somewhat confused life as a high school student as he meets a witch named Ayumi Mamiya that is on a task to make Yoshikawa a man only for her own health. But just like in every other show, theres a obstacle and it just so happens that Haruo has his sisters by his side which only makes it harder for Ayumi too complete her task especially with Maika Yoshikawa. Not only is there his siters but Ayumi has too deal with the charming high school female, Yuri, The worshiper of God, Marin and the attractive aiding maid, Rika. They all have their own way of slowing down Ayumi from accomplishing her task. Will Ayumi make Haruo into a man? watch an find out!
  • Love it so much

    This is the story of one young man who is trying to get by day to day until a beautiful transfer student arrives. and not to mention she is living with him and his three younger sisters as a maid. but there are secrets as is it appears that the sisters and Ayuma (the maid) are actually witches and he is the only one in the family that does not appear to have any magic (and when he finds out they pull out these HUGE memory erasure hammers and whack him with them). And the reason Auyma is there is she is under a curse and must make him a man....and bring out any magic he may have.