Magilla Gorilla

Season 2 Episode 8

High Fly Guy

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 1965 on

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  • Magilla is sent to the store, where he puts a H.V. plug in the ride after knocking the plug out, and flies off. Later, he comes back, and Peebles washes his mouth out with soap, thinking it's a fib, while Magilla protests with bubbles filling the screen.

    I hated the way Peebles washed Magilla's mouth out with soap. The meany, I wanted to see Magilla whop him one in the noggin with that soap. I mean, honestly! The whole thing was great, and I loved Magilla being called a kid and the director making a great action scene, but didn't the director of that productions hire Magilla in another one where he got beaten up by a wife for keeping the husband out late? I hope you consider my words, and it was just horrible the way that happened and I would have Peebles' mouth washed out. That gorilla toy thing was weird, though.
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