Magilla Gorilla

Season 1 Episode 8

Mad Scientist

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 1964 on

Episode Recap

Magilla is throwing his banana peels everywhere, much to the dismay of Mr. Peebles who asks that Magilla be careful where he throws the peels. A mysterious man arrives and he wants to buy Magilla for his brains. Mr. Peebles thinks it's odd but he sells Magilla to get rid of him.

Magilla is taken to a spooky looking house. The scientist pushes Magilla down to the lab and laughs. Magilla uses his cane to grab the scientist down to the lab too and asks what they are going to do next. The scientist tells Magilla to sit down while he goes and changes. He comes back to find Magilla using the electric chair and the scientist turns it off and chides Magilla for wasting electricity.

The scientist wants to hypnotize Magilla and Magilla plays along. The scientist then has Magilla put in a chamber and plans to switch his brain with a pigeon. The switch is thrown and the pigeon is released and does nothing unusual. The scientist thinks that he's failed and leaves. Magilla opens his container and jumps out the window and flies back to the pet shop.
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