Magilla Gorilla

(ended 1965)





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  • Borderline acceptable. How far down has television sunk to these days.

    Borderline acceptable. How far down has television sunk to these days. Not to disrespect the creators of Magilla Gorilla but I guess it's simply the trend of tv these days (nothing good on.) Time poorly wasted.This show is not nice, but the borderline of the story is acceptable. Rating is 6.
  • Magilla is a cute gorillia that I have come to enjoy watching on the Boomerang network.

    Since I have been watching Magilla Gorilla on Boomerang, I have to say that I have become a fan of the sweet, bow-tie wearing gorilla.

    What I enjoy the most about Magilla are the occasionally precarious situations he gets himself into in order to help Ogee or Mr. Peebles. After watching his actions, I always get a smile on my face because of the way Magilla always is able to get out of those situations with a few well thought out words. With those actions, it can be seen how much Magilla likes the people around him, even though Mr. Peebles is always trying to sell him.

    With some of the other segments that aired during "The Magilla Gorilla Show," I have to say the ones involving Ricochet Rabbit and Droop-a-Long are my favorites, probably because of Ricochet's catch-phrase of ping-ping-ping!

    While Magilla was on the air before I was born, I have come to enjoy watching him on tv whenever I am at home and looking for a cute cartoon to put a smile on my face.
  • I really enjoy watching this show I was 4 years old when the show came on and it was one of my cartoon show. Please bring it back on the cartoon network. Thanks fnell42

    I enjoy watching this cartoon show I would like it to come back on the tv ( cartoon network) I was 4 years old when it first came on the tv back in 1964. Thanks for this cartoon I love it please bring it back on the cartoon network channel It is one of the best cartoon that was aired on tv. What happen to the old cartoons and why are they on boomarang. I can't get boomarang on the Comcast cable network only cartoon network I would love to see this cartoon again. I give this cartoon a review of an A. Thanks fnell42
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