Magilla Gorilla - Season 1

(ended 1965)




Episode Guide

  • Is That Zoo?
    Is That Zoo?
    Episode 15
    After making a mess in the store on his unicycle, Mr. Peebles decides to donate Magilla to the local zoo so people could admire him from a distance. However, it doesn’t take Magilla long to get on the nerves of the zookeeper with his interpretation of the zoo’s rules. As a result, the zookeeper calls Mr. Peebles and tells him that if he doesn’t take Magilla back to the pet store, he’ll sue Mr. Peebles for saying Magilla was the perfect zoo animal.moreless
  • Motorcycle Magilla
    Motorcycle Magilla
    Episode 14
    After seeing Mr. Peebles riding a motor scooter to work, Magilla decides to sit on the scooter’s seat, despite Mr. Peebles warning to stay away from it. As a result, Magilla accidentally starts the scooter and rides it around town, with Mr. Peebles chasing after him. They then get saved by a helicopter pilot after riding over a waterfall and Magilla then decides to take another joyride, only this time in the helicopter.moreless
  • Prince Charming
    Prince Charming
    Episode 13
    When Ogee goes to visit Magilla at Mr. Peebles pet store, the gorilla begins telling her numerous fairy tales; one of which involves a beautiful princess having to kiss a homely animal to turn him into her Prince Charming.
  • Planet Zero
    Planet Zero
    Episode 12
    Magilla take a trip to outer space and visits Planet Zero.
  • Fairy Godmother
    Fairy Godmother
    Episode 11
    Magilla reads a book about a Fairy Godmother, and then his own Fairy Godmother appears and grants him three wishes.
  • Come Back Little Magilla
    When Ogee’s father refuses to buy Magilla for her, she decides to run away in retaliation. Before going to Hollywood to get a job that will pay her enough money to buy the gorilla, Ogee stops by Mr. Peebles Pet Store to tell Magilla goodbye. Realizing that she could get hurt by herself, Magilla decides to follow Ogee and talks her into going back home.moreless
  • Masquerade Party
    Masquerade Party
    Episode 9
    Magilla goes to a party where everyone thinks he is in a costume.
  • Mad Scientist
    Mad Scientist
    Episode 8
    Magilla is going to be the subject of scientific experiments unless he can escape from the Mad Scientist who has him. Can Magilla escape before the Mad Scientist experiments on his brain?
  • Come Blow Your Dough
    Ogee buys Magilla for one penny when Mr. Peebles has a sale in his pet shop. Unfortunately when Ogee brings Magilla home, her parents do not agree with the purchase.
  • Airlift
    Episode 6
    Magilla accidentally drinks a potion left in the fridge and ends up floating above the city, where advertising executives spot him and want him for their new campaign.
  • Groovey Movie
    Groovey Movie
    Episode 5
    When a movie producer badly needs a gorilla for a movie he discovers Magilla at Peebles Pet Shop. After the producer changes Magilla's name to "Troy" he casts him in a jungle movie. In the end, the movie production returns to the pet shop where they film a scene with Mr. Peebles cast as a big game hunter.moreless
  • Bank Pranks
    Bank Pranks
    Episode 4
    Magilla is bought by a couple of guys who turn out to be bank robbers and they trick Magilla into opening doors and vaults for them. Is Magilla going to be labeled a criminal?
  • Private Magilla
    Private Magilla
    Episode 3

    Magilla get a letter in the mail saying he has been drafted into the army. Mr. Peebles is thrilled and rushes Magilla to the recruiting office to make sure it is not a mistake. It's no mistake and Magilla soon impresses his leaders with his strength and ability. He is assigned to go on a special mission... on a rocket to the moon! Will Magilla make it to the moon or come crashing back to Earth?

  • Gridiron Gorilla
    Gridiron Gorilla
    Episode 2
    After a football coach sees him in the pet store window, Magilla becomes a football star for the "Pennsyltucky Lions". However, the opposing team "The Wobash Cannonballs", finds Magilla's weakness... bananas.
  • Big Game
    Big Game
    Episode 1
    After a millionaire, J. Whimple Dimple, finally buys Magilla, Magilla soon finds out Mr. Dimple is really a big game hunter, out for one last kill.