Magilla Gorilla - Season 2

(ended 1965)




Episode Guide

  • Super Blooper Heroes

    Because he is inspired by a TV show, Magilla Gorilla tries to become a crime fighting super hero. Mr. Peebles has the same infatuation and when they run into each other on patrol the two decide to team up. Problem is however, they don't know a good guy from a bad guy and that leads to a lot of problems.

  • Beau Jest
    Beau Jest
    Episode 15
    After Mr. Peebles gets mad at Magilla he runs away from home and joins the French Foreign Legion. After doing his duty they send him back to the pet shop on a camel shaped balloon.
  • Mad Avenue Madness
    Mad Avenue Madness
    Episode 14
    In trying to promote a new flying car, some advertisers from "Madison Avenue" create the slogan "a car so simple even a gorilla can drive it". After they accidentally meet Magilla they buy him and try to use him in the advertising campaign.
  • Wheelin And Deal
    Wheelin And Deal
    Episode 13
    Magilla comes to the assistance of an automobile enthusiast when a sports car breaks down outside the pet shop. However, Magilla accidentally drives away with the car and since he cannot drive, he becomes a nuisance on the streets.
  • Magilla Mix-Up
    Magilla Mix-Up
    Episode 12
    When Magilla is making some deliveries for Mr. Peebles, he accidentally finds his way into a Secret-Agent headquarters. When the head agent thinks he is the agent to deliver a secret package to “you know who;” a bad guy starts to follow him, in hopes of getting the package away from the gorilla. It is when the bad guy tells Magilla that he is “you know who” that Magilla thinks that the bad guy is the recipient of the package and then gives him the wrong package. Unfortunately for Magilla, he is eventually shot at on his way back to the pet store by one of Mr. Peebles’s customers when he makes his other deliveries.moreless
  • Montana Magilla
    Montana Magilla
    Episode 11
    When Magilla finds out that Mr. Peebles needs a lot of money to pay his bills, he decides to become a cowboy and enter a local rodeo event to win the first prize money. Under the nickname of "Montana Magilla", the gorilla breaks the records in every event he entered and takes home the prize money to Mr. Peebles so the rent can be paid. However, when he orders a large amount of bananas, Magilla unknowingly put the pet store owner in the poor house again, not unaware Mr. Peebles doesn't have anymore money to pay for them.moreless
  • That Was the Geek That Was
    A strange pet bird, a "South American Geek", comes to the pet shop. Unfortunately, Magilla is not aware that the bird has the unexplained ability to escape from any situation, and this causes Magilla to frantically try to capture the bird.
  • Deep Sea Doodle
    Deep Sea Doodle
    Episode 9
    After Phoebe the pet goldfish gets sick Mr. Peebles sends Magilla to take Phoebe to "Oceanland" for a checkup. While the fish is getting a checkup, Magilla is causing mayhem throughout Oceanland.
  • High Fly Guy
    High Fly Guy
    Episode 8
    Mr. Peebles sends Magilla to the store to buy bananas, where he decides to ride the children's airplane ride in front of the store. However Magilla plugs the airplane ride into "high-voltage" and the little plane takes off.
  • Makin' With the Magilla

    Magilla unknowingly becomes the surfing king after attempting to return a surfboard dropped from a passing car.

  • Pet Bet
    Pet Bet
    Episode 6
    Ogee borrows Magilla and brings him to school for a "Pet Contest" where he competes in with a dog named "Horatio".
  • Love at First Fight
    When a zoo gorilla named "Matilda Gorilla" is lonely the zoo keepers bring Magilla to the zoo to keep her company.
  • The Purple Mask
    The Purple Mask
    Episode 4
    After Ogee tells a friend that the Purple Mask will be coming to her house to meet her, he doesn’t believe her and asks if he can go over to meet him. However, she gets a letter from the super hero canceling his visit. At seeing how heartbroken Ogee is as a result, Magilla decides to dress up as the Purple Mask to help Ogee out of her predicament.moreless
  • Camp Scamps
    Camp Scamps
    Episode 3
    Magilla runs away from the pet store and goes to "Camp Kitchy Gooney" with a group of junior rangers.
  • Circus Ruckus
    Circus Ruckus
    Episode 2
    Thinking that Mr. Peebles doesn’t love him anymore, Magilla decides to runaway to the circus, where he hopes to make a lot of money as the main attraction. However, it doesn’t take long for Magilla and Mr. Peebles to start missing one another, and the gorilla decides to return home to the pet shop. Upon his return to Peebles’ Pet Shop, Mr. Peebles and the neighborhood children are happy to see Magilla again.moreless
  • Bird Brained
    Bird Brained
    Episode 1
    Magilla battles with a parrot that is in the pet store.