Magnum, P.I.

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Magnum, P.I.

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Former Naval Intelligence officer Thomas Magnum resigns his commission to become a private investigator on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. He lands a home in the guest house on the estate of millionaire author Robin Masters in exchange for testing the estate's security, but is forced to work under the strict and ever watchful eye of Jonathan Quayle Higgins, a former British Army soldier who serves as the estate manager, and constantly patrols the grounds with his two "lads" Zeus and Apollo, who are loyally trained Doberman Pinschers always ready to pounce on Magnum. Magnum makes good use of the perks that come with working on the estate, including driving Masters' sporty red 308 GTS Ferrari, Audi, and all-terrain Jimmy, as well as equipment such as high-end cameras and telescopes. Of course, all of these expensive toys are under the keen scrutiny of Higgins, and Thomas often finds himself at the end of Higgins's hard bargaining to secure their loan. Although Magnum's carefree ways often clash with Higgins's stricter manner, their mutual respect forms a strong basis for their working relationship. Two of Magnum's former Vietnam comrades and friends live and work nearby. T.C. Calvin owns "Island Hoppers", a helicopter tour company, and Rick Wright manages the King Kamehameha Club, an exclusive beach front club. T.C.'s piloting skills and Rick's shady underworld contacts often get them roped into Magnum's cases. Others in Magnum's circle include Naval officers Mac MacReynolds, Maggie Pool, and Buck Greene; Hawaii P.D. officers Nolan Page and Yoshi Tanaka; Dr. Ibold; Higgins's fellow Brit Agatha Chumley; Rick's underworld contact "Ice Pick"; and Deputy D.A. Carol Baldwin. Robin Masters was never fully seen, ultimately leading Magnum to the conclusion that Higgins was actually Masters, though this theory was never fully proven. The show was a huge hit, with the first five seasons ranking in the top 20 shows in the U.S. ratings each year, thanks to its wide range of stories appealing to a broad cross section of fans, The series ranged from broad slapstick comedy and farce, to deep, thoughtful drama, to edge-of-the-seat action. The series was widely applauded for being the first to recognize the difficulty Vietnam era soldiers faced in making the readjustment to civilian life. Many episodes touched upon the impact that serving in Vietnam had on Magnum and his friends, as well as echoes to the events of World War II. The series won many awards, including Emmys and Golden Globes for Selleck and Hillerman. Broadcast History: December 1980 - April 1981: Thursday on CBS, 9:00 PM October 1981 - April 1987: Thursday on CBS, 8:00 PM October 1987 - May 1988: Wednesday on CBS, 9:00 PM


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    • An all time great American 80s series

      Loved Magnum PI series and watch it to this day where ever I can find reruns! I hated thinking the end was Limbo in season so happy there was a season 8 and wish there had been more. I do wish they had allowed him to have his whole family back and a happier ending for him. He deserved that after everyone he had helped. Loved the characters, friendships and plots. For that day and time it was really great! Wouldn't mind having a reunionmoreless
    • One of my favorite 80's shows!!

      I'm in love Thomas Magnum... Tom Sellick, need a wife? <3 <3 <3
    • Back on TV, COZI TV, check it out.

      My favorite show is again back on tv again, Thursday night at 8pm. The chemistry of the cast, the location, theme song, etc.
    • This is one of my all time favorites.. I am glad I can see it again on Retro TV network every day now. I think of it every day since the theme song is my primary ring tone on my cell!!!!moreless

      A wonderful show that plays so well even today. It is one of my all time favorites and as noted above, I use the theme song as my cell phone ringer. The stories hold up well even today as the only thing really missing are cell phones. The rest of it could still be today. The estate... the club... the scenery... The only thing is the Vietnam stories later in the series that play so much... The great thing about Magnum was the way he broke the 4th Wall with the TV audience.. Always great guest stars anda solid regular cast that stayed through all 8 years.... It is nice to see some of the actors in later DPB shows like Quantum Leap, Jag, and NCIS... A favorite...moreless
    • Magnum is a series made in the 80's and it shows. But the acting is super. The scenes are great and beautifull. The locations are very special and sometimes stunning. This is a series that stands the test of time.moreless

      Magnum is a series made in the 80's and it shows. But the acting is super. The scenes are great and beautifull. The locations are very special and sometimes stunning. This is a series that stands the test of time. I loved it when it aired and now the DVD's are great.

      The only thing missing on the dutch DVD's are the crossovers with other series. On all accounts a top series. There is action, romance, sorrow, drama and humor.

      Watching it over again it makes you apreciate the lenght the producers went through to bring it to the screen. Really this show deserves to be admired and loved.moreless

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