Magnum, P.I.

Season 8 Episode 7

A Girl Named Sue

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 1988 on CBS

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    Carol Burnett
  • Magnum is hired by a woman to find the missing will of her late father, recently killed in a boating accident. But he finds himself working against Susan Johnson, now a P.I. herself, who has been hired by the girl's brother, in a family feud. Annoying...

    As soon as I saw the opening trailer for this episode, I instantly knew I wasn't going to enjoy it. And how right I was!

    The episode opens vaguely amusingly with Magnum trying to avoid a subpoena over an incident he has witnessed. However, this potentially enjoyable idea (it could have at least rounded out the final story as a b-plot) is soon forgotten as the main story gets underway.

    Carol Burnett returns as Susan Johnson, first seen in the fourth season episode 'Rembrandt's Girl'. We find that since that appearance, Susan has become a trainee Private Investigator. As I said with my review of 'Rembrandt's Girl', not being American, I wasn't really sure who Carol Burnett is (until I read up on her), but I found her rather annoying in 'Rembrandt', and here, I find her downright terrible!

    I'm sure Burnett can be funny with the right material (I've never seen any of her other work, so I can't compare), but in this episode all she seems to do is talk loudly and wave her arms a lot and pull silly faces.

    Even beyond Burnett, I find the whole plot of this episode uninteresting. Although there are some good episodes in the eighth, final season, often when watching them I can't help but wish that they would stop going for so many half-hearted plots and give Magnum a case that both he, and us the viewers, can really get our teeth into.

    Not much more to say on this one. I find it very annoying (mostly due to Carol Burnett, I'm afraid), and as such, it is one of my least watched episodes – I hadn't seen it in YEARS until I came to review it – and it hasn't got any better with age! I'd say this is the weakest episode of the final season.