Magnum, P.I.

Season 6 Episode 20

A Little Bit of Luck, A Little Bit of Grief

Aired Unknown Apr 03, 1986 on CBS

Episode Recap

T.C. and Magnum are fighting the demolition of T.C.'s clubhouse for underprivileged and troubled youths, which has been ordered to be destroyed by a greedy, obnoxious local land developer - even though he doesn't use the land. Their seemingly no-win struggle only results in a brush with the law. Meanwhile, unbeknown to them, Rick, on a trip away, wins the $1,000,000 jackpot in the Western States Lottery. Now a rich man, he meets a young woman who becomes his fiancée, but with his new wealth, he begins to neglect his responsibilities at the King Kamehameha Club, and gets mixed up with a couple of crooked poker players. Rick is so wrapped up in his whirlwind new life that he risks losing his job, and even more importantly, his friends, not to mention his newly acquired wealth.
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