Magnum, P.I.

Season 6 Episode 20

A Little Bit of Luck, A Little Bit of Grief

Aired Unknown Apr 03, 1986 on CBS

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  • Rick becomes an instant millionaire by winning a mainland lottery. Magnum and T.C. work to save T.C.'s clubhouse for troubled youth from being demolished.

    Though "A Little Bit of Luck, a Little Bit of Grief" is not necessarily painful to watch, it lacks the sparkle of a typical Magnum episode. Introducing two separate storylines which occasionally cross paths, the episode does not have the direction to advance either of the plots very well. Rick's quick rise to wealth, his hasty engagement, and pathetic downfall is phony and unconvincing. Magnum and T.C.'s fight to save the clubhouse, on the other hand, is a worthwhile plot with action, humor, and intrigue: it just gets interrupted too much by Rick's problems, and, after they wind up in jail for a third time, a little old. Not really a great episode, and serves only to erode the likability of Rick's character, despite the fact that he is more or less the "star" of the episode.
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