Magnum, P.I.

Season 5 Episode 16

All For One Part II

Aired Unknown Feb 07, 1985 on CBS

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  • As Magnum, Higgins and Tyler are held prisoner by the sadistic Vietnamese Major, it becomes apparent that Tyler has not been completely honest about their mission. An excellent conclusion to this decent two-parter...

    This review contains spoilers.

    Although part one of this two-part story was slow in places, and left me with a mixed opinion, things really come to life in this concluding part.

    Larry Manetti gives a decent performance of the delirious Rick, as he spurts out things about his past (although you might need the subtitles on to catch all of it, as he says much of it under his breath). Manetti must have loved this, coming in a season in which Rick hasn't had all that much to do thus far.

    As he and Higgins are held captive, Magnum’s monologue is also good, but a bit overlong, repeating Part I's trend of dragging things out a little too much.

    I like T.C.'s friendship with young 'Joe', and the two actors work really well together. However, you just know that Joe is going to buy the farm by the end of the episode!

    Although I enjoy the deeper story, one of my gripes about the fifth season has been that it is over-talky and lacking real action. Well this episode serves to address that, and is one of the most action-packed instalments not only of the season, but of the entire series.

    As I said in my review of Part I, this story could easily been condensed and worked well as a standard single episode â€" presumably the budget needed for such an explosive story dictated that it be worked into a two-parter?

    Not much more to say on this one really; just to say that this comes off as one of the best of the fifth season, and it's a shame more of the 1984-85 season didn't see more of this quality.
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