Magnum, P.I.

Season 1 Episode 13

All Roads Lead to Floyd

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 1981 on CBS
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All Roads Lead to Floyd
A bubbly young woman hires Magnum to find her father who, after being missing for over ten years, had sent her a postcard from Hawaii. But her father is involved in some rather shady business, and Magnum isn't the only one looking for him.

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  • Cindy is a girl from the Midwest with 4th grade social skills and boundry issues. She is looking for her father who is involved in some kind of airline ticket scam that makes no sense.moreless

    This episode sucks. Anything that seems remotely cool ends up being stupid and boring. Magnum's client is kinda hot in a "Goldie Hawn" way, but has a disturbing fetish with her dad, acting like he's her 1st boyfriend. "Hee hee! I laugh all the time because I'm going to see my father! Hee hee!" The girl at the travel agency is really hot but her obvious willingness to sleep with any guy w/ a hairy chest and a moustache is a clear indication of some harsh 70's V.D. The Hawaiian cocktail waitress at the pool bar is totally cool and amazing, but then the camera cuts, the director tells her to act like a psycho and she launches into some breathless, crazy rant about "the gift exchange", it's a pyramid club, an economic system and an alternative energy source where everybody plays! Magnum and I couldn't wait to get away from her. I DID like it when Rick pretended to talk to "Angelo" on the phone but forgot to pretend anyone was on the line talking back. He just recited his end of the conversation with no pauses. After hanging up the phone, he robotically offers to pour Magnum's client a drink, and when she accepts, he says, "Well, see you all later!" and walks out the door. No drink for you! As usual, Magnum dumps his car at the airport passenger pick-up / drop-off area before running to the gate without being shot. Also at the airport, the director wants it to be crystal clear that the bad guy was on the same flight as Magnum's client as they bump into each other over and over and the camera repeatedly trails after him. This bad guy "Bull" is tougher than most because in the end he goes down in 2 Magnum punches instead of the usual 1 Magnum punch. Now THAT'S TOUGH!moreless
  • A woman hires Thomas to find her estranged father, who turns out to be a small-time con-man who doesn't particularly want to be found – and Magnum isn't the only one looking for him. An average but fun episode...moreless

    'All Roads Lead to Floyd' is a perfectly enjoyable episode, but definitely one of the more average instalments of the show's first season. But in the world of MPI, even average is often good, and I'd still consider it better than some episodes from later seasons (I'm thinking five and six in particular).

    The episode features Noah Beery Jr. (here credited as just Noah Beery) as missing con-man Floyd; Beery, of course, played Jim's father Rocky in 'The Rockford Files', and his appearance in this story comes hot on the heels of another Rockford regular, Gretchen Corbett, in 'The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club' just two episodes previously.

    I particularly like the scene near the beginning, with Magnum and T.C. bickering about their tennis match, and where Floyd (unbeknown to Magnum at that point) causes the Ferrari to have a prang with the little old lady who doesn't have car insurance. It is a fine 'Magnum' scene where so many great details are thrown in.

    Anne Bloom, who plays Cindy, reminds me somewhat of Goldie Hawn.

    Bad guy 'Bull' is played by Red West, who was once Elvis Presley's double, and appeared in many 1970s and 80s US shows, including four episodes of 'The A-Team'. He would appear again in MPI as a different character in the fifth season's 'Let Me Hear the Music'). Bull, rather like the episode, is average, and West could have been given more to work with.

    The story isn't exactly the most engaging nor most taxing of the first season, but it is perfectly watchable and likable. Besides, an episode that has amusing shots of the tall Tom Selleck crammed into a tiny Honda can't be all that bad!

    Overall, definitely one of the more average instalments of the season (but not the weakest – 'Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones Too' gets that title), but it is good fun in its own way.moreless
Anne Bloom

Anne Bloom

Cindy Lewellyn

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Red West

Red West

Bull Radney

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Andy Romano

Andy Romano

Clarence Burnside

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Michael Santiago


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • At the tour greeting reception, Bull has his cigar in the center of his mouth as he walks across to the tour guide, but in the shot as he sits down, it suddenly jumps to being on the right side of his mouth.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Magnum: I'm tying to tie up the loose ends, Floyd. You know, like those TV detectives.

    • Magnum: (after Higgins' dogs each deliver a note to his door) First note was from Cindy. She said Higgins was going to the club, and she'd asked if she could tag along. She hoped I didn't mind. And then she thanked me again for helping her and told me I was wonderful. The second note was from Higgins. I really can't repeat what he said. Let me put it this way—he didn't think I was wonderful.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The German episode titles are "Alle Wege führen zu Floyd" (an exact translation) and "Das Zeugenschutzprogramm" ("Witness Protection Program"). The French title is "Floyd". The Italian title is "Tutte le strade portano a Floyd", an exact translation.