Magnum, P.I.

Season 7 Episode 13

Autumn Warrior

Aired Unknown Dec 17, 1986 on CBS

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  • Survival expert Higgins goes away on a weekend camping trip with a small group of teenage offenders, but things turn nasty when the group leader is shot dead, leaving the offenders hunting down Higgins on the remote tropical island. A good story...

    This review contains moderate spoilers.

    Season seven through up a number of quality episodes, and I consider 'Autumn Warrior' to be one of them. It is a great story, centring on Higgins, and I would say that it is one of the most memorable from the latter end of the show's run.

    I really like Higgins as a character, so it is great to have an episode that shows despite aging, he is still more than capable of defending himself. In fact, I would say that outside of the "Higgins' half-brothers" episodes, this is my favourite Higgins-centric storyline from the show.

    With Higgins away, back at the Estate, Magnum uses the opportunity to try and arrange a party – even if no-one else seems that interested. This leads to a few mildly amusing moments, although I did feel that after a while these scenes started to get in the way of the main plot slightly.
    I would have instead to have seen the time used to develop the teenage offenders a little more – self-appointed leader Doug doesn't quite seem as bad as he should be.

    There is also the interesting note of Robin Masters phoning for Higgins while Higgins is away, throwing into doubt the possibility that Higgins may really be Robin (a notion introduced a few episodes previously in 'Paper War'), although maybe it was once again an actor that Higgins had hired to play Robin? In fact, I go with the suggestion of some other fans that Higgins may have deliberately got the fake Robin to phone while he was away to botch any plans for a party that Magnum would likely have!
    Either way, the fact that Robin phones for Higgins, sending Magnum and T.C. off to the island, does seem a bit over-convenient plot-wise, but does not really spoil the episode overall.

    The island scenes are well shot, with some good scenery. Although it is clearly a double used for some of Higgins' more strenuous shots, it is still good to see ol' Jonathan Quayle in action and giving the bad guys (or bad teens!) a thrashing.

    Despite the couple of dodgy points I have made above about this episode, I still really like it. I wouldn't say that it is quite a series classic overall, but I'd definitely rank it as a classic in terms of the season. And it has a classic "Oh... my... GOD!" ending to boot!