Magnum, P.I.

Season 2 Episode 1

Billy Joe Bob

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1981 on CBS

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  • A cultural stereotype at its worst (besides the T.C. character) goes around punching everyone in the face, looking for his crackhead sister.

    **** SPOILERS **** Hey, Magnum finally gets a haircut for this episode! Things start with some amazing 1980's special effect techniques. First, a close up of a car hood and the sound of squealing tires. Second, you see a girl flying through the air. Last, you see bubbles coming up from a canal or something. You don't actually SEE the girl get hit by the car, we all know what's up in a low-budget way! The dead girl's brother, Billy Joe Bob, is the dumbest stereotype of a cowboy ever. He shows up at the King Kamehameha Club with a stupid name, a fake accent, and he punches people in the face for "gettin' in muh way!" Magnum finds out that Billy Joe's sister was a crackhead prostitute so he lends Billy Joe Bob my favorite red Hawaiian shirt so they can troll for hookers and information in a bar. Magnum orders a scotch on the rocks for himself, and gives a shout-out to Billy Bob's lameness by ordering him a Tom Collins (bahaha!). When some hookers finally show up, it appears that Magnum is going to blow it by using a lame fake western accent and calling them "pretty little heifers," but they don't seem to mind at all. (Man, you gotta love hookers!) Then a Chinaman shows up with nunchucks and clocks Billy Joe on the head. Magnum demonstrates his superior fighting skills (with ALL manner of weapons) by using a trashcan to disarm the Chinaman - but then the hookers sneak up on Magnum and conk him on the head w/ the nunchucks so he goes out like a light. When Magnum and Billy Joe wake up the next morning in a parking lot, they have headaches but are back on the feet in no time. (Yay!) Magnum goes to visit the top bad guy, but Thomas' pants are pulled up so high over his lavender golf shirt, the baddies just can't take him seriously. The police see Magnum walking around and decide this is the perfect time to reveal that Billy Joe Bob's sister is actually ALIVE and they just lied to her family to trick the bad guys into - absolutely nothing!!!! This makes complete sense… if you're a police officer… who is retarded!!! If you've watched this far, there's still time turn it off. Seriously, no one should have to endure this much disappointment in one afternoon. This episode sucks.
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