Magnum, P.I.

Season 7 Episode 12

Death of the Flowers

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 1986 on CBS

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  • Carol asks Thomas to investigate her mentor, a judge, after he has began acting very strangely and secretive. But the case implicates Rick's friend Ice Pick, and both Carol and Rick begin to question the integrity of their respective mentors. Awkward ep..

    This review contains spoilers.

    This episode is yet another one that some love, whereas others rank pretty lowly. I'm afraid to say, I fall into the latter camp – I'm not very keen on this one.
    The opening trailer for the episode isn't very inspiring, and sadly it is true of the episode, which is nothing to write home about.

    The story is penned by jobbing writers Maryanne Kasica and Michael Scheff. They had written the odd episode of the likes of 'Hart to Hart' and 'Murder, She Wrote', but this is their only 'Magnum, p.i.' contribution. Maybe this is one of the reasons that the episode does not work in my eyes – they just don't seem to have the 'feel' for the series.

    But I can't be completely down on this episode – it does have some good moments. As always, the rapport between Tom Selleck and Kathleen Lloyd is very good (I particularly like the scene(s) when they are following the judge, complete with game of twenty questions!). And for some reason, I also like the scene of Higgins at the garden centre, picking out flowers (which are a motif of this story).

    I do like what they were going for here; I think it is good that the series tried something different occasionally. It is just unfortunately that the final result feels rather awkward.

    The story starts off with a little potential (emphasis on the little), but sadly by the second half it has become pretty boring for the most part. Saying that, the episode is notable for the last few minutes having barely any dialogue at all – again, fair play to them for trying something a little different.

    So all-in-all, I'm not over enamoured with this one. As I say, I like that they were trying something different, and it is not my least favourite of the season thus far (that goes to the terrible 'Murder, She Wrote' crossover 'Novel Connection'), but this one definitely comes off as one of my lesser favourites of the season.