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Magnum, P.I.

Season 1 Episode 15

Don't Say Goodbye

Aired Unknown Mar 26, 1981 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Don't Say Goodbye
Magnum's services are once again called upon by Agatha Kimball after she has been contacted by a blackmailer claiming to have some important information about her granddaughter, Amy, but a botched money drop has Magnum thinking they're in far worse trouble than he's been led to believe.moreless

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  • Guest star

    My favorite guest stars:

    Mercedes McCambridge

    Ted Danson
  • Great episode.

    This was a good episode of Magnum, I usually prefer the more serious episodes and this was certainly one of them. Magnum is hired by a disabled old lady who he has previously worked for before. The portrayal of the elderly lady was acted particularly well and was very convincing. Ted Danson makes an early appearance before he donned the wig. Overall the acting of the episode was very good and the storyline was particularly twisting and interesting. However, I do think Magnum’s moral judgement was a little off when he decided to kiss Ted Danson’s wife, he knew he had made an error but it was just a little out of character, Magnum always seems to me as a morally correct and friendly decent kind of a guy, but when he did that I was a little shocked! Still, a very good episode and well worth watching.moreless
  • When wealthy, blind grandmother Agatha is threatened by blackmail and a series of "accidents," Magnum discovers a surprise false identity while running down the bad guy.

    This episode with a "feminine side" shows that family ties based on love are thicker than blood. It unravels the relatonship between a grandmother and granddaughter. Magnum and the rest of us know pretty early who the bad guy is. The mystery is granddaughter Amy's real identity. It's fun to sort out her intentions as clues point to her as the blackmailer of wealthy, blind grandmother Agatha. While her decisions were not always the best, she finally proves her genuine, loving relationship with Agatha. Andrea Marcovicci (Amy Crane) is wholesome but sexy. She's a big contrast to another suspicious granddaughter -- remember Gretchen Corbett's character (Christine Richards)in "The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club?" Ted Danson is creepy from start to watery finish as husband Stewart Crane. Mercedes McCambridge (Agatha Kimball)is a little stiff but still sympathetic. The recurring Higgins, TC, and Rick characters are cool and familiar. Higgins as usual suspects Magnum when Robin's phone appears disconnected. In yet another give-and-take scene, he grudgingly apologizes when we find out the Lads chewed the wires. Magnum hands off a not-hottie blind date to Rick. But the girl's gorgeous sister takes her place at the last minute, leaving Magnum a hero. I usually prefer the Navy/spy/adventure episodes, but this relationship one was both different and fun.moreless
  • Magnum and Ted Danson dual in awesomeness with Ted's average looking wife as the prize.

    *** SPOILERS *** Aw yeah! Magnum ducks for cover as some dude gets taken out by sniper fire and then Thomas shows what the Ferrari can do in a parking lot and on the open road. Awesome! Just when you think it can't get any better, an old blind lady wipes out in a wheelchair and later gets rolled into a pool. She's like a geriatric Steve-O. Yay!!!! Ted Danson shows up in white slacks, looking like a skinny beanpole with a HUGE poof of hair on his head (except in the area of his bald spot since this is pre-Danson-hairpiece). Ted's acting is straight out of a daytime soap opera as he confronts Magnum with baseless accusations of Magnum being in love with his wife. Magnum acts indignant, forcing Ted to retract his statements, but later he gets caught making out w/ Ted's wife. Doh! Ted needs to understand it's not Magnum's fault - he ALWAYS grabs the closest woman when he's in a rage and starts making out with them. AND he probably couldn't resist her traditional Amish get-up. Ted Danson gets a free punch in return for the make-out session, but Magnum in an ultimate display of coolness catches Ted's fist during the second punch and says, "I deserved one." and walks off. Ted hangs is head in acknowledgement of Magnum law. Later, when Magnum is cornered on a boat by Ted who is armed with a huge hook, Magnum jumps into the water and shouts "Police! Police!" like a little girl. Ted starts running down the pier to get away but faces severe wind resistance created by his ultra-poofy hair. When he sees a police officer running toward the scene from about a mile away, he jumps into the water and buys the farm in style. With Ted gone, Magnum takes the wife out for dinner and makes out with her out front of the restaurant. Unfortunately Magnum's woody is crushed when he realizes that a blind date he pawned off on Rick is way hotter than Ted's wife so he feels like a big loser. Now his next case is how to ditch this broad. Doh again!moreless
  • An elderly blind woman, whom Magnum once helped reunite with her granddaughter, hires him after receiving blackmail threats, asking him to pay off the blackmailer and dispose of the information. But the woman suffers a series of 'accidents'. Good episode.moreless

    This review contains spoilers.

    After a couple of more average episodes ('All Roads Lead to Floyd' and the take-it-or-leave-it 'Adelaide'), things move up a notch here with this enjoyable story.

    By this point, the template of a Magnum-Higgins debate had become something of a regular (Higgins proving very popular with audiences); in this case, it is Magnum seeming to not pay his phone bill, leaving Higgins to become his "answering machine". Although not given as much screen time as similar b-plots in other episodes would be given, it none-the-less plays out nicely, and has a humorous conclusion.

    We learn in this episode that Magnum has previously dealt with the elderly, blind Agatha (not to be confused with Higgins' recurring friend Agatha, seen from the third season onwards) and her granddaughter Amy, when he reunited the pair. It's nice to be given some background to a previous case (presumably set before the series started), but naturally, we would never hear mention of them before or since this episode!

    This episode is notable for featuring Ted Danson, before he really hit the big time (amongst other things, he would go on to co-star alongside Selleck in 1987's 'Three Men and a Baby'). From the off, it's pretty clear he's the real bad guy, but it's still fun seeing T.M. find out for himself.

    Although "Amy" (Andrea Marcovicci) seems a little plain for Magnum, the pair have a good spark between them, and for the most part I bought their history. The elderly Agatha, played by Mercedes McCambridge, is a little grating at times with her monotone voice and stiff acting, but even so, it's hard to totally dislike her.

    When the blackmailer is shot dead, the following sequence with Magnum racing after the gunman in the Ferrari is great – fast car, nice scenery… what more could you want?

    A good scene is when Magnum visit's 'Fat Jack's restaurant, who promptly tries to set him up with his overweight daughter (or is it sister? It wasn't overly clear). It is a vintage MPI scene with lots of amusing lines and touches to it.

    The story, which at first seems to be a routine blackmail case, unfolds to be a very interesting one, and upon first viewing, it comes as quite a surprise when the truth about the real Amy emerges. And Stewart (Danson)'s demise is one of the more memorable ones of the series.

    On a personal note, this is the first episode of 'Magnum' that I ever watched. Although most of the 1980s shows that I love ('The A-Team', 'The Dukes of Hazzard', 'Knight Rider', 'Airwolf', etc.) I watched since I was a kid, I didn't get into MPI until a little while later. In the early 1990s, I was off school (!) with Chicken Pox, and the ITV regions here in the U.K. were repeating a mixture of first and second season episodes (with no real pattern to them). I saw it billed and thought I'd give it a go. I've never looked back since.

    Overall, this is a very good first season episode, and one that I enjoy re-watching.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Magnum is pursuing the sniper who killed the blackmailer, the escaping killer nearly crashes into a van as he races around the obstructing truck, but the van does not pass Magnum.

    • When Magnum gives up the chase and turns the Ferrari around to head back to the scene of the shooting, the back-up of traffic behind the truck (including a Beetle and another car) has seemingly suddenly disappeared, allowing him to turn straight around.

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  • NOTES (2)

    • The German episode titles are "Sag nicht Lebwohl" (an exact translation) and "Die falsche Enkeltochter" ("The False Granddaughter"). The French title is "Pièges", meaning "Traps". The Italian title is "Non mi dire addio", an exact translation.

    • This episode marks the first time that Ted Danson and Tom Selleck worked together. They would team up again in 1987 for the blockbuster Three Men And A Baby and its 1990 sequel, Three Men And A Little Lady.