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Magnum, P.I.

Season 6 Episode 18

Find Me a Rainbow

Aired Unknown Mar 13, 1986 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Find Me a Rainbow
Lydia McCarthy, a wealthy young woman, hires Magnum to find her family's former chauffeur, claiming that he stole some jewelry from her, but she's really after her son. Much to Higgins' dismay, a group of underprivileged boys on a camp program stays at the Robin's Nest.

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  • A spoiled and wealthy client hires Magnum to track down her ex-lover. In the process, he exposes an underground black-market baby business.

    While the plot of "Find Me a Rainbow" is nothing out of the ordinary for the series, the episode is rife with the dry comedy that fans of Magnum, PI love so much.

    As Magnum works on his case, Higgins is occupied hosting a boys' summer camp at the estate. The boys (not just Magnum, for a change) provide a vehicle for some of the humor by disrupting the obsessively regimented environment at Robin's Nest by trampling flower beds, breaking windows, and causing other forms of mayhem. Perhaps the greatest moment from "Find Me a Rainbow" is the slow-motion scene of Magnum diving for a football while a "Chariots of Fire"-like theme plays in the background.

    An average episode with above-average moments of comedy.moreless
  • Thomas is hired by a wealthy young woman to find her family's ex-chauffer, who she claims stole jewellery belonging to her. But it emerges that the man is actually father of the girl's young son, and has snatched him away. A fair story clumsily told...moreless

    This review contains spoilers.

    When I first saw this episode, some years ago, I wasn't taken with it at all. Coming to re-watch it now, I've actually warmed to it slightly more. I think somewhere in there, there is a decent story, but unfortunately the episode is very awkwardly told, with bad pacing, and as a result it ends up as just a middling episode at best.

    I like Magnum's opening scene, as he is giving his speech about rainbows (a running motif throughout the story), only for the woman he is trying to impress to be wearing headphones and missed the whole spiel.

    Julia Montgomery is a very able actress, and does well with what she's given here, but not for a second did I buy that her character, Lydia, was only 21; this was one of my main gripes with the episode. The story itself... like I say, there's something good in there, but it is told very clumsily. It is very dragged out in places, and it wasn't until halfway through that I started to really engage with what was going on.

    There is also a b-plot involving a boys summer camp spending the week on the Estate, which made for some nice moments (I like the scene with Higgins teaching them to make hats out of reed), but at the same time, I personally felt that a little more could have been done with this side story.

    And I felt that the revelation late on that the very woman running the summer camp was tied up in the baby racket, to be far too over-convenient.

    ...And as for the baby selling racket, well, there was room for an interesting plot here, but I felt that it was introduced too late in the proceedings to be used to its full extent.

    This is also one of those episodes that is a little too talky, and other than the brief brawl between Magnum and Burns at the climax, it is an action-free story, something that I typically am not too keen on.

    The ending – where Lydia is finally reunited with her son – is nice though, even if it is a little implausible; the Police didn't seem to have done a very good job searching the place if they missed him playing out in the gardens!

    So all-in-all... a very mixed episode. Like I say, I think there was a decent story in here somewhere, and there are some good moments, but as a whole, it doesn't completely work.moreless

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    • Magnum: I must've seen a hundred rainbows since I've been in the islands, but each one just seems to take my breath away, despite the best efforts of Mr. Corkall, my high school science teacher. He used to lecture our class on light reflections and refraction, polarization and prisms, but I knew, I knew that that really wasn't what rainbows were all about. So when I got a C- on my mid-term, Mr. Corkall told me that he was really worried that I would go through life not understanding the importance of geometric optics. But to tell you the truth, I was a lot more worried Mr. Corkall might go through life not understanding the importance of a rainbow.
      Girl: I'm sorry. Did you say something?
      Magnum: Yes. I was just talking about the rainbow.
      Girl: It's very pretty.
      Magnum: You know, I must've seen a hundred rainbows since I've been in the island, but, you know, each and every one of them just seems to take my breath away...

  • NOTES (1)

    • The German episode titles are "Schenk mir einen Regenbogen" ("Give Me a Rainbow") and "Babyhandel" ("Baby Trafficking"). The French title is "Trouve-moi un arc-en-ciel", an exact translation. The Italian title is "Un arcobaleno tutto per te", meaning "A Rainbow All for You".