Magnum, P.I.

Season 6 Episode 12

I Never Wanted to Go to France, Anyway...

Aired Unknown Jan 02, 1986 on CBS
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I Never Wanted to Go to France, Anyway...
An old comrade of Higgins' brings his traveling carnival to Hawaii. But when one of the performers is fatally stabbed, Higgins asks Magnum to investigate. Working undercover as a carnival 'roustabout', aided by Rick, Magnum learns that even before the killing, the carnival had been experiencing a string of 'accidents', and must pin-point exactly who is trying to force the show out of business.moreless

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    Geoffrey Lewis

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  • Magnum and Rick go undercover to investigate a murder amongst a troupe of carnival employees.

    A great example of Magnum at its worst. The writers must have really been dredging the bottom of the barrel for this one. The plot of I Never Wanted to Go to France, Anyway is flimsy enough even to strain the rock-solid character development that Magnum PI is famous for and that has been cultivated for now six seasons. The attempted humour of this episode is of the sort that makes you recoil in half-embarassment and say, "What?!" Other than discovering the identity of the carnival murderer, there is no resolution to the real plot, ie, what will happen to Inky Gilbert's carnival and the "carnies" he cares so much about. On a side note, it seems that season six is all about showcasing Magnum (Selleck) in both new locations and new outfits. While previous attempts to model Selleck in novel attire were successful earlier this season, in this episode he wears the same ghastly henley in three different colors, once under a pair of denim overalls. Bottom line: Magnum in a clown suit, working alongside bearded ladies and "freaks" is a terrible juxtaposition.moreless
  • When a performer is murdered at a struggling carnival that is run by an old comrade of Higgins, Higgins asks Magnum to go undercover with Rick as carnival workers to discover who is trying to put the show out of business. A pretty weak episode...moreless

    This review contains moderate spoilers.

    Only on my review for the previous episode ('Rapture') did I comment that the sixth season wasn't as bad as I remembered, and better than the fifth; then a terrible episode such as 'I Never Wanted to Go to France, Anyway...' comes along, showing that the sixth season still has some stinkers.

    I can imagine the writers coming up with this one – "Hey, let's do a story set at a carnival". And they didn't work on it much more than that – the plot really is that thin.

    This is another of those episodes that the show liked to offer up every so often, where the main characters get dressed up. Magnum and Rick are dressed as carnie workers, and a little later, Higgins becomes a decidedly scary looking clown! T.C. only appears at the very beginning of this one, so is only seen in regular clothes.

    ...Talking of which, I wonder if the story would have been any more fun if T.C. had been part of the story more; Rick seems like spare wheel in this story, so maybe if he'd had T.C. to interact with, it would have been more fun. Or maybe not, considering how weak this story is anyway!

    As poor as this episode is, I can think of even worse (the third season's 'Mixed Doubles' springs to mind, amongst others), and the climax, with the fire in the 'Tower of Terror' is pretty good, with the explanation to the episode's strange title, and a nice final shot of Magnum and Higgins. But those points are few and far between – elsewhere, the story is slow moving and rather uninteresting, and hardly captures the fun and thrills of the carnival!

    All-in-all, hardly a great episode. Probably a candidate for weakest of the season.moreless
Geoffrey Lewis

Geoffrey Lewis

Gus Zimmer - "Gus the Geek" / Donald Gilbert

Guest Star

Clive Revill

Clive Revill

Walter "Inky" Gilbert

Guest Star

Anne Schedeen

Anne Schedeen

Audrey Gilbert - "Sparky the Clown"

Guest Star

Kwan Hi Lim

Kwan Hi Lim

Yoshi Tanaka

Recurring Role

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    • Magnum: (narrating) Even when I was nine years old and my Grandpa took me to the carnival at the county fair, I found myself asking too many questions. Questions like, in the basketball shooting concession, "why was the ball so full of air that it would bounce off the too-small rim, and there goes your quarter?" Or, "why did the beautiful blond lady in the 'dollar-a-kiss' booth smell like a distillery from twenty feet away?" Or, "how come the biggest stuffed animals you could possibly win in the shooting gallery always had an inch of dust on them?" And now, a lot of years later, "who would want to make a murder out of a sideshow?"

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    • The German episode titles are "In der Manege" ("In the Circus") and "Der Jahrmarktsmörder" ("The Fair Murderer"). The French title is "Que la fête continue", meaning "Let the Fun Continue". The Italian title is "Terrore al luna-park", meaning "Terror at the Carnival".