Magnum, P.I.

Season 4 Episode 21

I Witness

Aired Unknown May 03, 1984 on CBS

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  • An episode with three different point of views. Like that's never been done before.

    The finale of season four is about a robbery at Rick's club and Rick, TC, and Higgins all have their own points of view about what took place. Great, another one of these types of stories. I've seen an episode of My Secret Identity that is almost exactly like this one. I guess we have Magnum to blame for that one. Basically it's the same story just different way of telling it and I was so afraid that the only guy we didn't really know besides the stars was going to be in with the robbers and I was right of course. Rick's is the typical all about me story just like the other two. way of handling how Higgins was in his story was quite funny. I like how Higgins tries to start one of his long stories throughout . version but most of the time is cut off because we know how . loves to listen to Higgins' stories. lol! Higgins' point of view was funny with all the karate parts (so obvious it's a stunt man of course because Hillerman not that young and vital to do his own stunts). Did anyone else notice that the robbers' masks changed a little with each telling as well? The ending where the robbers wanted the hostages to take ALL their clothes off including their underwear was pretty funny but I wanted to see them do it but that would be a little too X rated for a network show especially one from the 80s. Sure wish Magnum could have been a part of that! lol! Only kidding. Well, sort of. Cute ending where the man who "slept" through the whole episode was actually dead and the gang had to solve another crime I'll be it one we won't see.