Magnum, P.I.

Season 3 Episode 3

Ki'i's Don't Lie

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 1982 on CBS
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Ki'i's Don't Lie
Magnum's security services for an antique auction are tested by A.J and Rick Simon's task to steal back a Ki'i—which seems to carry a death curse—for its previous owner who feels his declining health will improve if it's returned to its origin.

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  • Guest star

    My favorite guest stars:

    Jameson Parker & Gerald McRaney as "Simon & Simon"

    Morgan Fairchild
  • One of my favorite episodes ... entrance of Simon and Simon.

    One of my favorite episodes. Noticed first appearance of Gillian Dobb in the series as Mabel who later comes back as a regular as Agatha Chumley. Love it when a series brings back characters. Also enjoyed the entrance of the Simon and Simon characters which is remenicent of when Magnum was brought into the Rockford Files series.

    Overall a slow start, that quickly picked up with good action and good clean fun. Loved it when Higgens realizes he had been duped when he finds out the missing Ki'is.

    My only complaint was the rehash of the cursed Hawaiian relic (Ki'is) ala "The Brady Bunch".moreless
  • Magnum and Simon and Simon

    I'm usually sceptical about crossover stories it's sometimes a matter of wheteher both character from different series are really in the same universe together but most of all whether their interaction together is belevable or not while remaining in character. This is one of those crossover episodes that are done right. The whole plot with the cursed idol was of course the usual maguffin in stories like this. What were really paying attention to are the characters, Magnum and his team are as usual themselves and doing what they usually do, their mission is to protect the cursed idol going up for charity auction. But of course Simon and Simon's mission is to get the idol back to the previous owner so he can take it back to the sacred cave before he dies as well as bust a con he sold it to. What's interesting about this episode is most of this episode doesn't entirely feel like a Magnum episode because the Simon characters are the ones that are steeling the show but that's a good thing. Like in their previous show it's just a joy seeing both these brothers work, I always like the Simon brother in the cowboy hat (sorry forgot his name)he was just always the most agreesive, colorfully creative, but slightly naive. I loved two of his approaches, from him taking the "Metal Gear Solid" approach where he dressed up as a cat burglar to sneek into the Robin estate to steal the idol but that of course ended in failure. And of course dressing up as a bug exterminator while going to the auction. While of course the level headed Simon runs interference.

    Though this episode isn't perfect, I though a little of the first half was a bit slow mainly Magnum's interaction with Mogan Fairchild's charcter I thought was kinda boring, in that dinner scene there was just no interesting interplay going on nor serve any purpose. But don't fret because this first act is brief once you see Simon and Simon enter that's when things get going.

    So, all in all a good crossover episode, Magnum's team and Simon and Simon truely do make a good combo.moreless
  • Californian P.I.s A.J. and Rick Simon arrive in Hawaii to try and track down a "cursed" artefact, which is due to be sold at a high society auction on the Masters Estate where Magnum has been collared into providing security. Not a classic, but good fun..moreless

    This review contains spoilers.

    This episode is a crossover with another 1980s private investigator series, 'Simon & Simon' (1981-1989). Apparently, after that show's first season, ratings were low, and in a last bid to attract viewers, the show was moved directly after 'Magnum, p.i.' on Thursday nights, with this crossover story designed to put MPI fans onto that series. It seemed to work, as ratings quickly picked up, and the show ran for a number of years.

    I quite like the story. It is fun for not being too highly charged, instead showing a lot of Magnum's daily life on the Estate. More of these sort of stories would be used from this season onwards.

    One of my favourite moments comes as we first see the "cursed" Ki'i, causing Magnum, elsewhere, to suddenly fall off his surf-ski!

    I did find Magnum's dinner with Catherine (Morgan Fairchild) to be a bit dull; I think it was supposed to ooze chemistry between the two, but it just didn't work, and the episode would have done just as well without it.

    It's strange that Simon & Simon seemed to be played very much as the villains of the story. Maybe it's just where I wasn't familiar with them (it's one of the few '80s detective shows I wasn't into, though I might pick up the DVDs), but even so, they came across to be as the bad guys for much of the time.

    To note is, after it was destroyed in the feature-length / two-part 'Did You See The Sunrise?' previously, the Ferrari is suddenly back. I suppose it could be argued that Robin Masters is so rich, that he simply replaced it with another.

    Also to look out for, briefly filling in for Higgins at the auction, is Gillian Dobb as a character called Mabel. Dobb, who had played two very minor parts in season two ('Mad Buck Gibson' (uncredited) and as a hotel receptionist in 'The Elmo Ziller Story') would go on to play Agatha Chumley, a much recurring friend of Higgins, starting in just a couple of episodes time. It could even be argued that it is the same character as seen here, but the writers / producers hadn't settled on a name yet.

    There are two versions of this story. In the original version, Catherine escapes, a Higgins takes a flight to chase after her with the Simon brothers, as continued in that series' 'Emeralds Aren't A Girls Best Friend'. In the re-run version, designed for stand alone viewings, Higgins manages to stop Catherine's plane before it takes off. Two scenes play differently in the re-run version.

    I remember this story as being much more fun than when I came to re-watch it to review, but it's still a good one. It has a number of nice character moments, and is simply good fun.moreless

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    • Higgins: Sometimes you amaze me, Magnum, truly. Your intuitive grasp of human nature is
      Magnum: Perceptive?
      Higgins: Pre-adolescent.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The original ending which paved the way for the crossover with Simon & Simon was that Magnum and Higgins arrived at the airport too late to catch Catherine so Higgins followed her to L.A. and Rick and A.J. would follow him. And the other one wherein things ended in this episode had Magnum and Higgins arriving just in time to stop the plane and get Catherine.

    • The German episode titles are "Götter stiehlt man nicht" ("One Doesn't Steal Gods") and "Die Rache des Giftgottes" ("Revenge of the Poison God"). The French title is "Le dieu poison", and the Italian title is "Il dio del veleno", both meaning "The Poison God".

    • The "crossover ending" version of this episode, along with the follow-up Simon and Simon episode, was released on a separate "special episodes" DVD as part of the Season 1 DVD Box Set.

    • This episode concludes with the Simon & Simon episode, "Emeralds Are Not a Girl's Best Friend". As a result, "Ki'i's Don't Lie" exists in two versions. The original version is very rare, as it's not usually seen in syndication.