Magnum, P.I.

Season 7 Episode 18


Aired Unknown Feb 25, 1987 on CBS

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  • Frank Sinatra at his best. A top ten in the Magnum PI. Series.

    This episode was well written, directed, and the character actors were incredible. Tom Selleck was the usual hot-shot hound, but when the retired nypd detective, (Frankie Sinatra) rolls in, it just gives so much class to the series. This dedicated ole'timer still hot on the trail looking for a rapist evading justice. Little do they know,(Magnum and the Police) that this hunt is very personal. The rape victim was the granddaughter of Detective Mike Doheny.(Frank Sinatra) Killed on the night of his retirement party. Fighting through endless red tape and legality, he finds his leads and trails, never concerned with tact or diplomacy. In the end the old hound still tough as nails and strong enough to serve justice an a good butt whipping, finds his enemy and lays his conscience to rest. I've never felt so emotionally involved in a series like this before. Every action he takes you wish you were right there with him. You gain such an unquenchable thirst for justice and you're right there beside him in the end applauding the final blow. An excellent must see episode.
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