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Magnum, P.I.

Season 6 Episode 14

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Aired Unknown Jan 23, 1986 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Magnum investigates why Higgins has left the estate in disgrace, refusing to believe he's embezzled from Robin Masters, and is more than a little taken aback by his replacement, a rather dizzy actress.

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    My favorite gest star:

    Darleen Carr
  • Higgins is dishonorably discharged from his duties at Robin's Nest, and aligns himself with a military rebellion that plans to overthrow a local Banana Republic. Magnum risks all to find him and discover Higgins' true intentions.moreless

    A series can only afford to play with viewers' trust in a major character every once in a long while, so when playtime comes, it had better be worth it. In "Mad Dogs and Englishmen", to say that Higgins is acting erratically would be an understatement. While we are never quite convinced that Higgins is really serious about becoming a military dictator, we are still left wondering about him as the plot unfolds: did he really steal from Robin Masters' estate? Why is he affiliating with the rebels? Is he coming back to Robin's Nest?

    Although the plot is a little whimsical, "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" breaks the mold of a typical Magnum episode and pulls it off in a believable manner.moreless
  • Magnum is shocked when Higgins suddenly leaves his position on the Estate, supposedly having been fired over missing valuables belonging to Robin. With a ditzy actress taking Higgins' position, Magnum is determined to find out what's going on. A great ep.moreless

    This review contains spoilers.

    'Mad Dogs and Englishmen' is an extremely good sixth season instalment of the series (and yet another strong example to convince me that I have been too down on the sixth season for all these years).

    Although we all know that Higgins wouldn't steal from Robin Masters, and that his abrupt departure must be down to something more, it is still interesting to see the story unfold. The episode is very well-rounded, and I found it engaging from start to finish.

    One thing I did feel about this episode, was that it could have been made into a very good two-parter or feature-length outing. The story is definitely strong enough, and it would have allowed for more exploration into the military rebellion – with all the revelations of the episode, there was definitely more room to flesh the rebellion out more.

    The leader of the rebellion is played by Michael Halsey, a regular TV guest star of the age, who often plays such slippery parts (check him out in the first season episode 'Echoes From the Past' of Bellisario's 'Airwolf', for example). His performance in 'Mad Dogs...' is textbook Halsey, and it's maybe a shame he didn't have more to sink his teeth into (again supporting my feeling that this would have made a good two-parter).

    Unless I am badly mistaken, this is the final time that we hear Robin Masters' voice in the series. Orson Welles, who voiced Robin for most 'appearances', had passed away a few months before this episode was first broadcast, and after another performer, Red Crandall voiced the character in the feature-length 'Deja Vu' at the start of the season, here Robin is voiced by an uncredited actor.

    Anyway, the story moves at a good pace, and builds to an explosive action. One of my main (of many) gripes about the previous season, was its almost complete lack of action. Thankfully, this season, while not being needlessly overblown, they started to include action in the plots again – and this surely stands as the most explosive story climax of the season. It feels a bit 'A-Team'-ish at times (and that's not a bad thing, speaking as a huge 'A-Team' fan), but for this one, it works.

    (The episode's opening trailer also heavily promotes the action element, so maybe they were starting to respond for the return of more action-based sequences).

    All-in-all, this is a very decent episode, and not far from a perfect 10 in my book. One of the very best of the season.moreless
Darleen Carr

Darleen Carr

Ginny Malcolm / Virginia

Guest Star

Michael Halsey

Michael Halsey

Justin Hayward

Guest Star

Rex Ryon

Rex Ryon

Dan Davis

Guest Star

Gillian Dobb

Gillian Dobb

Agatha Chumley

Recurring Role

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    • Magnum: (narrating) Sometimes I think maybe I've spent too long in paradise. I sort of take it for granted, like pizza. I mean, while I find a lot of security in the knowledge that paradise and pizza are always there; it's too easy to get complacent. Pepperoni or sausage? Perfect sunrise or a perfect rainbow? Why not just have all of the above, today? Now, I can deprive myself of pizza for a week and appreciate it again, but paradise... it's always at my door. And while it can be very pleasant, it can also be very predictable.

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    • The German episode title is "Eine fast aussichtslose Situation", meaning "A Nearly Hopeless Situation". The French title is "Coup de force", meaning "Power Grab". The Italian title is "L'invasione", meaning "The Invasion".