Magnum, P.I.

Season 2 Episode 5

Memories Are Forever

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 1981 on CBS

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  • Magnum gets a shred of a clue that his wife Michelle is alive and on the island. He becomes obsessed with finding her.

    Seriously – this is Magnum at its best. Selleck simply IS Magnum and is never acting. I convinced they are the same person and he's living this role. I can't accept Magnum "acting" in any other movie or T.V. show. This episode is flawless because it's only about Magnum. Oh, and as a bonus, Rick gets his a$$ beat. Things start out with a glimpse into the sleazy side of Magnum's profession. He's working on a divorce case, gathering information on a cheating spouse. As he watches the cheating couple, he reflects on love and happiness, considers the motivations of his client, and decides to not interfere with their lives. At that moment, Thomas gets a lead that his long-lost wife might be on the island. He experiences some remarkably real and intense emotions as he is compelled to go looking for her. He meets up with T.C. and Rick, but then they run into some goons and there is a fight. T.C. throws one punch and then runs down the street, leaving Thomas and Rick to fend for themselves. Rick enters into the fight with some intimidation tactics, saying, "Let's see how hot you are without a piece, fuzzball!" The fuzzball comment probably terrifies the bad guy. Then Rick, who is committed to only throwing his chest at attackers (never, never punches), charges the bad guy, wildly flailing his arms and bumping his chest against the bad guy twice. Unscathed, the bad guy beats Rick down into the pavement. Later, you get to hear Buck Greene's bada$$ voice in a confessional and then Part 1 is over. Drinking game suggestion: drink each time Thomas, Rick, & T.C. boldly refer to someone as a "turkey".