Magnum, P.I.

Season 2 Episode 5

Memories Are Forever

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 1981 on CBS



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    • Magnum: (narrating) Dreams are supposed to represent your subconscious wishes and conflicts. It's sort of a private movie you write, produce, and direct. Only you can't hide your eyes in your dreams, even when they are scaring you to death.

  • Notes

    • The German episode titles are "Michelles Rückkehr" ("Michelle's Return") and "Schatten der Vergangenheit" ("Shadow of the Past"). The French title is "Souvenirs ineffaçables", meaning "Indelible Memories". The Italian title is "I ricordi non muoiono mai (1ª parte)", meaning "Memories Never Die".

    • We get two close-up shots of Magnum's driving license during this episode.
      It reads (with a photo in the top right corner):
      546 10 8740 (social security number)
      Magnum Thom Sull
      11435 18th Ave
      Honolulu HI 46816 0 2 3
      3RN 6-04. BI M N 1/05/46
      It's not clear whether the date (1/05/46), is his birthday or not. If it is, there is contradicting dates given in several later episodes.

    • The two-part version of this episode breaks as Colonel Ki follows Michelle from the Church – the picture freezes and the caption 'To Be Continued' is shown before the 'Executive Producer Donald P. Bellisario' credit. Both credits are presented center-screen instead of the standard bottom left.
      The closing credits of part one are over a shot of Magnum and Michelle hiding under the restaurant table in Vietnam during the bombing. (Different music to the regular theme tune is used on the end of this story).

    • This story was originally broadcast as a feature-length adventure, but, as with most feature-length episodes in US TV, also exists in two-part version, the format in which it is more commonly repeated.

    • In this episode, it appears that Rick has started smoking again (we see him smoking twice in Part I). A couple of episodes previously, in 'The Woman On The Beach', was saw him smoking while under stress, commenting that he'd given up but he'd just started again.

    • The closing credits mis-spell one of the character's names, as "Col. Ky's Driver" – Ki, as confirmed on the opening Guest Stars credits, is spelt with an "I", not a "Y.

    • Strangely, some versions of the two-part version of this story have the opening credits from the sixth season (second version, used from 'The Kona Winds') in place of the original second season opening.

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