Magnum, P.I.

Season 1 Episode 7

Never Again... Never Again

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 1981 on CBS
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Never Again... Never Again
When Saul and Lena, an aging couple who run a local shop, abruptly make plans to leave town, suspicious Magnum and Rick, who are friends with the couple, investigate—only to arrive at the pair's home to see Saul whisked away in an ambulance after suffering a heart attack. Yet when they check at the hospital, he's not there, and it becomes apparent that Saul has been kidnapped. Magnum houses Lena at Robin's Nest while looking for her missing husband, where she explains that they are Holocaust survivors who are being hunted by neo-Nazis.moreless

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  • An elderly Jewish couple that Magnum and Rick are friends with are seemingly being hunted by modern-day Nazis. Magnum protects the woman as he searches for her captured husband, but there is an unexpected twist. A very well written story...moreless

    This review contains spoilers.

    'No Need to Know' and 'Skin Deep' were excellent episodes, and the quality doesn't let up – 'Never Again... Never Again' is a brilliant episode, and with possibly the best twist ending of the entire series.

    The story plays out perfectly, and you really feel sympathy for this poor Jewish couple. That is, until the end when all is revealed and we find that they are actually the Nazis! Watching this episode for the first time, I really didn't see that one coming (though I did pick up that the photo of the pair that Magnum finds was somehow a little over-obvious).

    To look out for is Glenn Cannon as the seeming villain, Dr. Kessler. Cannon would go out to become the recurring Dr. Ibold in many future episodes.

    There are also some great Higgins moments (who, even by this early stage, was already becoming a favourite with fans), both at Robin's Nest as he plays host to Lena, and in his hospital bed when T.C. is unwittingly moving the controls to his hospital bed ("What the bloody hell!"). Not to mention asking Magnum to feed "the lads" their steaks – "Very well, you can have one too".

    I was a little confused by the ending, when Thomas confronts Lena on the boat. I always thought that she committed suicide and that my TV recording was edited, but the DVDs play exactly the same way.

    All-in-all, this is a top-notch episode, and extremely well written. Even once you know who the true villains are; it is one that you can watch over and over again – a true testament to the quality.moreless
Hanna Hertelendy

Hanna Hertelendy

Lena Greenberg

Guest Star

Robert Ellenstein

Robert Ellenstein

Sol Greenberg

Guest Star

Glenn Cannon

Glenn Cannon

Dr. Bernard Kessler

Guest Star

Robert Silva

Robert Silva

Police Officer

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Magnum and Rick drive to Saul and Lena's house for the drive time (where Saul is within seconds bundled off in the phoney ambulance), Rick gets out of the Ferrari and leaves the passenger door wide open. Minutes later, when Magnum gets into the car to drive off alone, the passenger door is now shut.

    • On the shot of Magnum (stunt double) jumping from the jetty to the boat, he lands much lower - seemingly about to fall into the sea – than in the next shot, where we see Magnum (Selleck) climbing up the back of the boat.

    • Rick's line "Ai-ye fish delivery – you're wish for fish come true" after the second time he rings the doorbell (when we see Magnum inside) sounds to be exactly the same recording of the line as the first time, used a bit beforehand.

    • The single ring of the door-bell of at Dr. Kessler's house doesn't match with the numerous times Rick presses it.

    • The scene at night-time where the assailants enter Robin's Nest, drugging Higgins and taking Lena, has signs of being filmed at twilight, not pitch black, but made to look as if it was much later at night.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Higgins: Magnum, feed the lads, would you? There are steaks in the freezer. (Magnum makes a face) Very well, you can have one, too.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The German episode titles are "Verfolgt" ("Hunted") and "Abrechnung mit der Vergangenheit" ("Reckoning with the Past"). The French title is "Plus jamais ça", meaning "Never Again". The Italian title is "L'ultima fuga", meaning "The Last Escape".