Magnum, P.I.

Season 6 Episode 3

Old Acquaintance

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1985 on CBS

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  • Magnum meets up with an old high-school friend, an animal rights activist who promptly hires him to find a highly-trained dolphin that has been stolen from a local zoo. But the case has a far more sinister twist than first predicted. Silly but likable...

    This review contains spoilers.

    It has a somewhat daft plot, involving a stolen dolphin loaded with explosives, but I for one find 'Old Acquaintance' to be a pretty enjoyable episode. It is certainly miles better than many of the offerings from the previous season, and has more of that vintage 'Magnum, p.i.' feel to it.

    Some fans have comment that Magnum's old high-school friend, Goldie Morris, is very annoying. Well, yes she is â€" but in that deliberate, well-written MPI way; the kind of character that you like to be annoyed by. Lee Purcell plays the part well, and at least Goldie has some character to her.

    Another good character is Rodney Radcliff (Lee De Broux, who plays several bit parts throughout the series), who was behind the paint job on T.C.'s helicopter and van. Again as other fans have commented, he's a pretty interesting character, and it is a shame that we never see him again in the course of the show's run.

    There is also some good action â€" yet ANOTHER thing that was absent from so many fifth season stories. I like the shot as T.C.'s chopper flips a gunman down from the top of a rise; the climax of the episode, as Magnum and co. race to stop the dolphin blowing up the foreign delegate's boat, is exciting too.

    This isn't a perfect MPI episode â€" for one thing, it takes a long time to get to the point in places, but even so, bar the previous feature-length / two-part 'Deja Vu', I haven’t enjoyed an MPI episode so much in ages. And I care about that dolphin a lot more than I did for many fifth season characters â€" are you getting the feeling that I didn't think much of the fifth season?!