Magnum, P.I.

Season 2 Episode 17

One More Summer

Aired Unknown Feb 11, 1982 on CBS
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One More Summer
After the attempted murder of a former Naval Academy buddy, care-free quarterback Dorsey Bramlett, Magnum agrees to join the professional football team that Bramlett is training with in order to be close at hand and protect his pal should another attempt be made on his life.

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  • When someone tries to kill a Naval Academy friend, now a pro footballer, Magnum is persuaded to join the team undercover to keep an eye on him – and must endure the tough poundings of training. Not very interesting, especially if you're not a sports fan..moreless

    While I can probably think of worse episodes in the 'Magnum, p.i.' barrel, especially from later in the run, 'One More Summer' is not exactly one of my favourite episodes.

    Part of this is due to the fact that (American) Football is a U.S. game (I'm a Brit, though I don't talk like Higgins!), and even beyond that I'm not a sports fan, so the episode was slightly lacking in appeal from the start for me.

    And even when taking that into account, the episode is rather basic and, I have to say, a bit dull in places.

    One oddity of this episode is Pat Morita. He who played Arnold in some seasons of 'Happy Days', and would go on to play Mr. Miyagi in 'The Karate Kid' movies. He is billed at the beginning with the guest credits, yet we only see him in the opening scene, with just a couple of lines. I wonder if more was filmed with him but dropped for timing reasons. Either way, it's a real shame, as I would have liked to have seen a whole episode written around this likable actor.

    David Wilson is fairly well cast as carefree Dorsey, although the character does become a bit tiresome after a while and never really goes anywhere.

    The episode gets off to a slow start, and was one of those that I felt really could have used a b-plot. There are some funny moments (I like Magnum giving the big speech to the player who turns out not to speak English), but, especially coming after such strong episodes as 'Try To Remember' and 'Italian Ice', it is clear that the episode isn't exactly one of the best of the season.

    It can sometimes be funny watching Magnum being put through his paces – I think back to one of my favourite first season episodes, 'Beauty Knows No Pain' – but in 'One More Summer' they just didn't seem to have their finger completely on the pulse.

    There is a good scene as Higgins is left with "the lads" all alone on the Estate after Magnum has left, but more could have been done with this. Maybe it could have been worked into the b-plot that I feel the story could have done with.

    The best thing about the episode is the great ending, with Dorsey heading off to play, knowing that his shoulder isn't up to it and he'll likely be badly injured. It quite reminds me of the end of 'Mad Buck Gibson' earlier in the season, with both characters going to meet their fate.

    All-in-all, maybe watchable once, but not one of the better episodes of the season.moreless
David Wilson (VI)

David Wilson (VI)

Dorsey Bramlett

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Pat Morita

Pat Morita

Jack Metro

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Paul Tinder

Paul Tinder

Delbert Nolton

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Robert Silva

Robert Silva

Police Officer

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    • Higgins: (missing Magnum, who has moved out of the guest house) Isn't it glorious, lads? I find the silence and serenity sublime: no screeching of tires past my window in the early morning hours; no strange sounds emanating from the guest house; no more sordid and tawdry guests; no more abuse of private property; no more Magnum.

    • Higgins: (seeing Magnum wearing an old football helmet) Even for you, I find this evening's attire most bizarre. A rough divorce case pending?
      Magnum: Higgins—
      Higgins: Or is it some exotic fantasy you engage in after the sun goes down. "Win one for the dipper," something or other.
      Magnum: Gipper!
      Higgins: What?
      Magnum: It is Gipper, not dipper!

    • Magnum: (narration) Even in the Hawaiian sunshine, football, to me, smelt like fall in New England. Some place there should be a prep band playing, pretty girls in short skirts, and I was 21 with an arm that could throw passes all afternoon.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The German episode titles are "Der Tod spielt mit" ("Playing with Death") and "Ein Mann für alle Feinde" ("A Man for all Foes"). The French title is "Une rude saison", meaning "A Tough Season". The Italian title is "Ultima partita", meaning "Final Game".


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