Magnum, P.I.

Season 7 Episode 19

Out of Sync

Aired Unknown Mar 11, 1987 on CBS
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Out of Sync
Cynthia Farrell comes to Hawaii to see Magnum, and to see if the two can recapture the magic of their relationship in L.A., but when Magnum is hired by an adult film star, he spends more time looking after his case than he does Cynthia.

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  • Thomas has a hard time juggling his latest case – hired by an adult film star to investigate what she claims is a director making 'snuff' movies – and spending time with his fiancée Cynthia, who is visiting Hawaii from L.A. Some good moments...moreless

    This review contains spoilers.

    Re-watching the series on DVD to review, I was really looking forward to this episode, and with good reason: when Five ran the series here in the U.K. in 2002-3, while they edited some episodes for the daytime slot, they completely skipped two episodes – the second season opener 'Billy Joe Bob' and this one.

    'Billy Joe Bob' was probably dropped due to the attempted hanging at the climax of that story, while I imagine 'Out of Sync' was not shown due to the (suggested) violent nature of some of the pornographic movies glimpsed during the episode.

    But either way, I was really excited, because to me, it was like a brand new episode of MPI. I've seen most other episodes over a number of times, but never this one.

    And to my pleasure, it turned out to be a very reasonable story.

    The plot sees Magnum's fiancée Cynthia Farrell (Dana Delany) visiting him in Hawaii, after they met in the feature-length / two-part season opener 'L.A.'. Although 'L.A.' ranks as my least favourite two-hour story of the series, I did enjoy it more this time around, and it was good to see Delany make a return appearance here. Delany and Tom Selleck have a very good chemistry on-screen, and it makes for some good scenes.

    But it's not all plain sailing – at the same time, Magnum has been hired to investigate a director making 'snuff' movies. The director is played by David Hemmings, who had previously played a different character in the fifth season episode 'Compulsion', and who directed several episodes of the show (he also worked on 'Airwolf' and 'The A-Team' amongst many other shows). Hemmings is typically good value for money, although here, maybe we don't see quite enough of him to give him anything to really get his teeth into.

    There is also none of Magnum's usual narration in this episode, with him instead addressing the viewer to camera at the start of each act. With him all bruised, and his suit tattered, this works well, as we gradually find out throughout the episode how he came to be in this beaten up state.

    As I have said with many episodes from the latter end of MPI's run, this story plays as more of a drama (or in this case, comedy drama) than the adventures of earlier season. Sometimes I dislike that, but in this case, it doesn't work too badly. The story has some really good moments, and the sequence of Magnum escaping his captors and trying to race back to Robin's Nest (still tied to chair!) before Cynthia leaves, is one of the best extended sequences of the season in my opinion.

    The only thing that really lets this story down is the abrupt conclusion to the 'snuff movie' thread – it turns out that Andrea, the actress who hired Magnum, often pulls such stunts and is just playing games with director Danny (Hemmings). I found this sudden turn of events much too sudden, like they ran out of screen time and wrapped it up best they could, and it leaves several plot holes.

    But other than that, this is a very good episode. I like the final scene, with Magnum's rushed goodbye to Cynthia at the airport, and his final slow walking away. This is the last we see of Cynthia in the series, and I personally think it would have been better to bring her back in the show's finale, 'Resolutions', instead of Linda from 'Forty' (a couple of episodes previous to this one).

    But all-in-all, a good story with some very nice moments – even when I've got past the novelty of this being a 'new' episode to me!moreless
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Lisa Blount

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David Hemmings


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    • Magnum: (narrating) Did you ever commit to something you knew you weren't really committed to? Well, take my last game at Navy. We were playing Michigan, and we all knew there would be pro scouts there. Not that that mattered much to the Navy guys, because we were already "drafted" in a matter of speaking, and I guess I really knew that they wouldn't be scouting me, even if I was available. But that's the point. See, I was having one of those really good days—over 200 yards passing, two touchdowns, maybe one of my best games ever—and I started thinking, why shouldn't they be interested in me? You know, for the future. That's what happened to Staubach. Well, that was stupid, because I wasn't Staubach. I mean, there comes a time when you know how good you really are and I wasn't Staubach. So, time's running out, fourth down, we're trailing by 3 points, and my wide receivers are wide open in the end zone, and I missed him ... by 20 yards. Now, I hadn't missed anybody all day, so I don't know how I missed him by that much, but I think I know why. What if I'd had the best day a quarterback could ever have and nobody wanted to talk to me? That says something about commitment.

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    • The German episode titles are "Der letzte Vorhang" ("Final Curtain") and "Reich, berühmt und einsam" ("Rich, Famous, and Alone"). The French title is "Deux coups pour rien", meaning "Two Swings for Nothing". The Italian title is "Fuori sincrono", an exact translation.