Magnum, P.I.

Season 6 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Nov 07, 1985 on CBS
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A supposed wealthy teenage ranch owner hires Magnum to stop a dangerous group of cattle rustlers on Hawaii's big island, but Magnum finds that his employer isn't quite all he seems and that the neighboring ranch owner implicated of being behind the cattle theft is a business partner of Robin Masters'.moreless

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  • Magnumis hired by a rancher who needs help against a group of cattle rustlers. (The review contains spoilers)

    At the beginning you think it'll be really a weird episode: first of all Magnum acts in a different scenario (yes, it's always Hawaii but it looks more like Texas, o something like that), and we see a "different" Thomas, riding a horse instead of his red, fast Ferrari.

    First it seemed that Magnum would have had to work alone, I mean, without his usual friends, but with some rushed excuses, also Rick, T.C., Higgins and Robin, too, are involved in the plot.

    Ok, that's good.

    There were the premises for a good episode -unusual, but good.

    But it was not the case.

    The plot is unnecessarily complicated when not foolish. Some brainwaves seemed crazy to me: to name just one, the young boy, Kenny (almost a kid) apparently running a ranch.

    And then, surprise!, you find out the whole thing was staged, and he IS just a kid, and he is not running a ranch (or, to be more exact, he tried to, but couldn't make it and the ranch is busted up), the workers are not workers -they'd been hired on purpose, just for the day, to impress Magnum.

    Logical question: what's the reason for all this chaos? Answer,: to persuade Magnum to help Kenny against the rustlers. That's insane.

    And, going on, things don't get better.

    All the characters are strained, unlikely.

    And too many secondary characters are introduced, so that the plot gets increasingly entangled.

    The result? At the end I could not be sure of who was who, or who had shot who.

    Great, isn't it?moreless
  • Magnum is hired for a case on the big island of Hawaii, to stop dangerous cattle rustlers who are targeting a struggling ranch estate – but the ranch's neighbour, an old friend of Robin Masters, is implicated in the thefts. Some exciting moments...moreless

    This review contains spoilers.

    I often say that one of 'Magnum, p.i.'s strengths is that it has stories to suit all tastes. And that is very much the case here – whilst some don't care for this episode, I quite like it, although it is definitely not perfect.

    The story definitely takes it's time to get going, although I like the surprising (or maybe not that surprising) twist at the end of the first act, that young Kenny (Michael Sharrett) in fact does not own the estate, which is actually broke, and everything is a con to try and get Magnum to work for them.

    One of the episodes plus points is the scenery, which include some great shots of the big island. I'm intrigued by rumours that the Anderson Estate, used for external shots of Robin's Nest, was not available for a few episodes during the sixth season, and stories completely away from the Estate, such as this one, were drawn up to be produced while access to the Anderson Estate was re-negotiated.

    I personally find the plot of this episode to be quite a reasonable one, with some good action – something that is lacking from many fifth and sixth season episodes. However, maybe I just wasn't paying full attention, but I do find it very confusing in the middle as to just who Will (Henry Darrow) is working for; I found this element of the story very unclear, and it marks the episode down a few notches in my opinion.

    I also feel there was more room for comedy in this one, maybe involving T.C. and Rick or something; this is one of those stories that didn't need to be serious throughout, and could have used some more light-hearted moments to break it up a little.

    The climax, with the shootout with Magnum and Will surrounded in the old hut, and T.C.'s chopper herding the cattle towards the bad guys, is very good though, and the highlight of the episode.

    So all-in-all, I don't mind this episode, and actually find it one of the slightly better of the shaky sixth season. However, some of the points that I've mentioned above (especially the confusing plot involving Will) prevent it from getting a higher rating from me.moreless
  • Magnum cowboys up Hawaii-style to discover the identities of a group of cattle rustlers on the big island.

    In Paniolo, Magnum leaves Oahu for the big island to do some investigative work on a cattle ranch. Trouble is, Magnum must do a fair amount of sleuthing to figure out why he was even hired. It's always disappointing when Magnum gets conned into doing a job, and Paniolo is no exception. Magnum is bamboozled into working for a broke ranch family, then only to have his investigation hindered by the chief paniolo, or ranch hand, who supposedly truly has the best interests of the ranch in mind. The confusing and unrealistic plot of this episode are redeemed by new and beautiful scenery on the big island of Hawaii, the "western" horseriding footage, and average performances by the regular cast.moreless
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Kenneth Uteda

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Mary Kate McGeehan

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Henry Darrow

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the scene at the luau party after Magnum has found out the truth about Kenny, on Kenny's line to / about Magnum, "Who said he's leaving? Mr. Magnum, I'll have you a week's advance in twelve hours. Stay 'till morning, please?", he is holding his arm forward with his hat in his hand, yet as the shot cuts to a close-up on him, both of his arms are down by his side.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Magnum: (narrating) When counting the assets of paradise, you have to start with the geographical diversity. Take the Big Island of Hawaii, for instance. Twenty miles in either direction and you've been to the dark hills of the Dakotas, the ranches of Texas, or even the Moon from the beginning of time. Impressive. I like the idea of working on the Big Island. What I didn't like was the vague job description, but the one detail I was told had me on the next plane. Whatever the investigation, I'd have a chance to do something I'd never get to do on a case back home. You can't ride a horse on Hotel Street.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The German episode titles are "Wildwest auf Hawaii" ("Wild West in Hawaii") and "Wildwest unter Palmen" ("Wild West under Palm Trees"). The French title is "Les Paniolos". The Italian title is "Ladri di bestiame", meaning "Cattle Thieves".

    • The title of this episode, "Paniolo", translates in Hawaiian to "chief ranch hand".