Magnum, P.I.

Season 7 Episode 8

Paper War

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1986 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Higgins challenged Magnum as to who the man that claims to be Robin Masters is, Magnum suspects that Higgins hired, "...some little guy with a voice like Orson Welles," an in-joke to the series as the voice of Robin Masters was provided by Orson Welles.

    • As Magnum looks out of the top of the lift, there is a noticeable change in film quality on the shot of the rat.

  • Quotes

    • (While trapped in a lift together, Magnum accuses Higgins of being Robin Masters.)
      Magnum: No no no, you're laughing, because you're trapped. You have NEVER laughed like this. Now admit it. You've spent all these years pretending to be Robin's employee because you didn't want anybody to know that you write cheap pulp novels.
      Higgins: And who, may I ask, is the man we know and address as Robin Masters?
      Magnum: I don't know, some little guy with a voice like Orson Wells and a body like Truman Capote, that you hired to pose as Robin. And it was very interesting casting. You weren't satisfied with de nom de plume, you developed this whole persona, to create the kind of playboy you envisioned writing cheap pulp, so 'you' could devote yourself to serious writing.

    • (Magnum shoots the lock off a hatch on the lift roof.)
      Higgins: Why didn't you do that before now?
      Magnum: Because I didn't want to waste a bullet. If it IS Nahli playing the games, we may need it. (He climbs up and looks through the hatch.)
      Higgins: Magnum, are you certain it was a Mr. Bill Nahli you were to meet here?
      Magnum: (sees a rat on top of the lift) A rat!
      Higgins: I didn't ask for your opinion of his character. Just tell me if you're sure that's who you were to meet; Nahli, N-A-H-L-I?
      Magnum: Yes, and I just saw an R-A-T that could eat Rhode Island.

    • (Magnum wonders if Higgins is being honest about his past.)
      Magnum: there anybody you haven't known, or anything you haven't done?
      Higgins: You're calling me a liar again.
      Magnum: I'm calling you an exaggerator. Your memoirs read like a bad novel. Not that it's bad writing. No, it's kind of exciting ... very imaginative, very professional; not like that cheap pulp that Robin writes.
      Higgins: How dare you!
      Magnum: I was just quoting you. You're the one that's always saying that Robin's writing is cheap.
      Higgins: I never said cheap! It's just not serious writing. That's the only real difference between the memoirs and the novels.
      Magnum: "The" memoirs? "The" novels?
      Higgins: I was using the article the to compare the works rather than the writers.
      Magnum: Sure. Just how much writing have you done, Higgins?

  • Notes

    • The German episode titles are "Der Magnum-Higgins-Krieg" ("The Magnum-Higgins War") and "Die Streithähne" ("The Squabblers"). The French title is "Ascenseur pour nulle part", meaning "Elevator to Nowhere". The Italian title is "Amici e nemici", meaning "Friends and Enemies".

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