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  • A show that will never be made again...

    Not only do I love this show for what it is, but I love it for it isn't. I think that a show like this would never be written today and that they couldn't get away with the idiosyncracies that make this show so great. I love how dynamic the relationship is between Magnum and Higgins. Another standout is the production design. It's a little geeky, but I even found the ring he wears on Amazon. I bought the Prime one because it seems to be the best quality.
  • An all time great American 80s series

    Loved Magnum PI series and watch it to this day where ever I can find reruns! I hated thinking the end was Limbo in season so happy there was a season 8 and wish there had been more. I do wish they had allowed him to have his whole family back and a happier ending for him. He deserved that after everyone he had helped. Loved the characters, friendships and plots. For that day and time it was really great! Wouldn't mind having a reunion
  • One of my favorite 80's shows!!

    I'm in love Thomas Magnum... Tom Sellick, need a wife? <3 <3 <3
  • Back on TV, COZI TV, check it out.

    My favorite show is again back on tv again, Thursday night at 8pm. The chemistry of the cast, the location, theme song, etc.
  • This is one of my all time favorites.. I am glad I can see it again on Retro TV network every day now. I think of it every day since the theme song is my primary ring tone on my cell!!!!

    A wonderful show that plays so well even today. It is one of my all time favorites and as noted above, I use the theme song as my cell phone ringer. The stories hold up well even today as the only thing really missing are cell phones. The rest of it could still be today. The estate... the club... the scenery... The only thing is the Vietnam stories later in the series that play so much... The great thing about Magnum was the way he broke the 4th Wall with the TV audience.. Always great guest stars anda solid regular cast that stayed through all 8 years.... It is nice to see some of the actors in later DPB shows like Quantum Leap, Jag, and NCIS... A favorite...
  • Magnum is a series made in the 80's and it shows. But the acting is super. The scenes are great and beautifull. The locations are very special and sometimes stunning. This is a series that stands the test of time.

    Magnum is a series made in the 80's and it shows. But the acting is super. The scenes are great and beautifull. The locations are very special and sometimes stunning. This is a series that stands the test of time. I loved it when it aired and now the DVD's are great.
    The only thing missing on the dutch DVD's are the crossovers with other series. On all accounts a top series. There is action, romance, sorrow, drama and humor.
    Watching it over again it makes you apreciate the lenght the producers went through to bring it to the screen. Really this show deserves to be admired and loved.
  • Boy, do I love 80's shows. They had everything-action, women in bikinis, bad guys, cool cars, they had the lot.

    In my opinion, this series was Tom Selleck's finest hour. Magnum P.I. lived in a mansion in Hawaii where he had to put up with Higgins who was looking after the house for Mr. Masters. Both had respect for each other obviously but they were always getting on each other's nerves and Magnum also had to put up with two dogs-Zeus and Apollo if my memory serves me correctly-who didn't like him at all. Of course, like most 80's heroes Magnum had a cool car which he used to parade around Hawaii solving all types of cases involving crooks both small-time and big time. Magnum used to investigate the cases and then engage in a good old fight at the end. All in all, a good show. And who can forget Magnum's shirts?
  • Magnum, P.I. was a show about a private investigator that lived in Oahu, Hawaii.

    Magnum, P.I. premiered on December 11, 1980 on CBS. The main cast was Tom Selleck, John Hillerman, Roger E. Mosley, and Larry Manetti. This show was about a former Naval Intelligence officer named Thomas Magnum that becomes a private investigator in Oahu, Hawaii. He lives on the property of millionaire Robin Masters. He is often bossed around by the butler, Jonathan Higgins. I think this was a awesome show. Beyond the end, it still is considered a great show, in my opinion. I give this show a 9.2. I think Tom Selleck portrayed Thomas Magnum very well. It orginally was shown on CBS every Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm or often 9pm back in the '80s. This show Magnum, P.I. had great action, talent, and enjoyable to watch. This show ended on May 1, 1988. Though it lasted almost 8 years, it had won 2 and was nominated for 7 Golden Globes. It was nominated for 6 and won 3 Emmys, won an Eddie and Edgar, one TV Land Award, and nominated 6 Young Artist Awards. Thanks for the great years of episodes Magnum, P.I.!
  • Great Show

    This was a really great show. Tom Selleck and the rest of the cast were great. I love Hawai. I love the cars the house everything. Magnum and Higgins were very good character. Roger Mosley And Larry Maneti were alos Great.

    I still watch this show today it never gets old. There were some very good shows, and I thought the show ended pretty well. Would not of guess the Magnum would of went back into the Army. I know I have herd that they want to make this into a Moive for the theaters I hope not I like it the way it is. The moives kill TV shows.
  • Very few men manage to get away with a moustache. Tom Selleck managed to rock the ‘mo’ – along with Hawaiian shirts, sneakers without socks, incredibly tight pants and other crimes against fashion – as the world’s sexiest private investigator.

    Seriously - it is really hard to get away with just a moustache. Without the support structure of the rest of the facial hair, the moustache can either make you look like a dodgy P.E. teacher (Magnum, P.E.?), an out-of-work porn star or just like a hairy caterpillar that is ready to crawl up into the safety of your nose at any given moment. Tom Selleck, especially in the role of Magnum, owned the 'mo.

    Tom Selleck makes an excellent leading man, and it remains a mystery why he never went on to greater success. Although he had some degree of box office success with the Three Men & A Baby film (and its sequel), and his moustached face became one of the most recognisable on the small screen, major success has seemed to elude him throughout his career (including having to turn down the offer to star as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark due to Magnum commitments!). Here, Selleck is a confident leading man who instantly sells the character to the audience. His good looks and athleticism made him a sex symbol in the 1980s (dig that hairy chest - oh, how times have changed) and his natural charm comes across on the screen. He is a likeable character, and I guess that is why the series lasted for so long. Credit also goes to John Hillerman who, as Higgins, has the difficult task of trying to keep Magnum in line. This is a difficult task not only in terms of the narrative, but as an actor as well. Hillerman manages to oppose the hero each week with his strict manner, something that would normally turn the audience off a character. Yet Hillerman manages to play Higgins in a way that shows he respects Magnum, if he doesn't necessarily agree with him - or even like him - all of the time. As a result, he also manages to endear himself with the audience. Mosley and Manetti, who round out the cast as Magnum's closest friends and allies, provide perfect comic relief or dramatic tension when needed (especially as the series progressed beyond the first year).

    The success of Magnum can't be exclusively attributed to the excellent cast (although they are a large part of it). The show manages to combine action, drama and comedy in a way that more recent shows - which prefer to be compartmentalized as one or the other - fail to do. The show was not afraid of "breaking down the fourth wall" as it were, and quite often gives a knowing nod to the audience, with the characters literally winking or shrugging at camera. Over the years, a series of guest stars (some of whom, like Sharon Stone in the Fifth Season for example, went on to much bigger things) enhanced the overall feel of the show. Although it may not look like it almost 25 years later, the high production values really gave that extra bit of believability to the show, and is probably one of the reasons it holds up reasonably well today. While I normally worry that a childhood favourite might not live up to my memory when I watch it years later, there was no such worry here. Magnum P.I is still fun after all these years.

    While many unfairly dismiss 1980s television – and indeed, the decade itself – as formulaic and overblown, some of the most innovative shows came from that decade. Miami Vice influenced every cop show that has come since. Magnum, P.I. was also unique in its own way, for its quirky and self-aware tone, which was never afraid to ‘break down the fourth wall’. As the series progressed, the tone became a little ‘darker’, and would ultimately culminate in what is arguably the darkest Magnum moment, in Season 7 (“Death and Taxes”, a storyline involving a serial killer).

    The show is never just a 'mystery of the week', with a variety of storylines keeping the audience on their toes, and some episodes are twistier than a M. Night Shyamalan film. Quite often Magnum will think he is solving one mystery, and it turns out he has entirely different story on his hands ("The Sixth Position", for example). The series also manages to integrate action and drama in a way that most shows didn't bother with. While there were plenty of action programs on television, as well as plenty of detective stories, this one combined the two with liberal amounts of comedy. Due to this approach, and because the show never treated the audience like idiots, it went on to become one of the most popular series of the 1980s. It is rare to find a series today that manages to cross over so many genres, with the current trend in investigative dramas being to build them exactly like the last one (as is evidenced by the many Law & Order and CSI spin-offs).

    NB: This review is taken, in part, from various reviews I have written on the website.
  • This show was great and was usually intersting from start to finish.

    I was a sort of young when this show was on but I watched it because my brother loved it. I got to love it too, and will still watch it when it's in re-runs. There was almost non-stop action, and of course mixed in with a bit of humor, and of course his bad ass ferarri. He had his boys TC & Rick to help, along with the chopper, and of course Higgens was a good character as well. This show was a good one in TV history. I liked this show alot,it almost always was entertaining to watch.
  • Still Watching!!

    After 25 plus years, I still find myself watching the reruns! Between the comedy, laughs, tears and excitment, this show will go down as one of the all time greats. I Love it and will buy all the DVD's when they come out. The camaraderie with Thomas, Higgins, Zeus, Apollo, Rick and TC makes this show a classic.
  • I love 80's shows. They had everything, action, women in bikinis, bad guys, cool cars, they had the lot.

    In my opinion, this series was Tom Selleck's finest hour. Magnum P.I. lived in a mansion in Hawaii where he had to put up with Higgins who was looking after the house for Mr. Masters. Both had respect for each other obviously but they were always getting on each other's nerves and Magnum also had to put up with two dogs-Zeus and Apollo if my memory serves me correctly-who didn't like him at all.

    Of course, like most 80's heroes Magnum had a cool car which he used to parade around Hawaii solving all types of cases involving crooks both small-time and big time. Magnum used to investigate the cases and then engage in a good old fight at the end.

    All in all, a good show. And who can forget Magnum's shirts.
  • this show is just plain awesome

    this show is just plain awesome
    i love magnum pi its is heart pounding and some times just takes ur breath away. all episodes are good and there is always humor thrown in there. u cant not like this show. it was a little before my time but it is now my new fav tv show
  • who didn't watch this?

    this is a classic example of great tv from the 80's. it had the cool theme song, the strong leading actor, his supporting crew of nut cases, and the cool car. the stories seemed to repeat themselves over the years, but it was still a good show. i can't believe that the network would not let tom selleck go on to be indiana jones though.
  • It holds up today!

    I recently boughts season one and two on DVD and was delighted to find that the series IS as good as I remember. Sometimes this is not the case...I was a big Moonlighting fan back in the day...just bought their first season and lost interest pretty quickly. Not with Magnum! Some of the episodes I remembered but for some it was like I was watching a brand new show. Little things...the warbrode...the hair...whatever, they were kicking it in the 80's. This show is still great. Job well done Bellisario, Tom Selleck, Larry Manetti, Roger E. Mosely (T.C. stands for Theodore Calvin) and especially John Hillerman...this guy is from Texas. Go Longhorns.
  • Another classic tv show from my childhood!

    The stories told in the Magnum P.I. series maybe were more suited for an older audience than a kid in primary school! But the adventures of the private investigator peeved my fantasies for many years. I dreamed to live in the beautiful settings of the Hawaii islands (nonetheless the awesome Masters' mansion), driving my Ferrari and solving cases with the help of cool friends. The action is always intense, but it is well balanced by romance, cliff-hanger and mistery. Tom Selleck is perfect for this role, but i always "loved" John Hillerman character: Johnathan Higgins. The conflict between these two characters (Magnum and Higgins), so different for habits and culture, is the comedic core of the show...and you couldn't help it!
    In summary i'll say "Magnum P.I." is one of those shows you'll never get tired watching, no matter how many times you already watched one word: a classic!
  • One of the first shows to cast Viet Nam vets in a positive light.

    When I was watching this show growing up, I was too young to realize how close the pilot episode was to the end of the Viet Nam War. While I certainly can not say what it was like for veterans that came back from that war, as far as I can remember this show was one of the first to show Viet Nam veterans in a positive light (in most cases). In most cases the episodes did not center around the Viet Nam war, so in that sense it was not beating you over the head with those sentiments, but it was always lurking in the background. There were excellent episodes of both types (Thomas Magnum the SEAL, and Thomas Magnum the private investigator). I still watch about 4 episodes a week on average (on DVD) and can't get enough.
  • Tom Selleck was really great as Thomas Magnum. This was Sellack at his best. A very good detective series.

    Tom Selleck was really great as Thomas Magnum. This was Sellack at his best. This was a pretty good television series. As is normal with good television shows, this one did not last long enough. This is a show that I would suggest watching if you get the chance. Check the bargain bins at Wal-Mart, the online movies sites ( and such) and all of the cable channels that run old shows. Nick at Nite and TV Land are great for theses kind of shows. They will even do a week long spot for shows that only had 6 or so episodes. Then you have your super stations. They run a bunch of old shows too. All in all a pretty good show that did not get a good enough chance. Sometimes it is a simple as the show it is up against. Look at Law & Order. It is one of the longest running shows on TV. They moved it to go up against Lost. After about 2 weeks of getting pounded in the ratings it was moved back to it's original time slot. Shows like this should be given more of an opportunity.
  • I just like Magnum PI, It is a great bit of entertainment.

    Thei is a really wonderful series, I especially like they way the actors play together, Magnum and his side kick. They all seem to fit together and work well together, This is one of the only shows I watched while living in Germany. It was aired in the original (ENGLISH) version and I loved that. Magnum PI in Hawaii made me feel like I was on vacation and in some kind of adventure, I took part in the play of events, that was my connection to the show. The combination of the Old English Gentleman and the American playboy type was a great idea. This one I really always looked forward to watching.
  • Better than other movies.

    Magnum PI was one of my favorite shows on t.v. It helped me relax when I couldn't fall asleep. Not only that, but it had alot of everything, adventure, fitness, scenery, wealth, passion, and everything the imagination can come up with. I have always liked veteran movies, but when I saw certain episodes with PI it all felt real. It's a very nice show.
  • A little young to see it the first time, but second time around a winner.

    I was born the same year that Magnum P.I. came on television. Now in this day and age, with reruns being shown daily, I got to see what Magnum was all about, and after the first episode I was hooked. One thing I tell people is that after seeing Magnum, I am more educated on some information. Also what makes the show awesome and always entertaining is that Magnum deals with interesting subjects such as the Irish situation, how they can incoporate so many different uses for John Hillerman's talents, and one episode that changes things, the episode when we get to meet Michelle, and that just opens so many different possibilities until the end of the shows finale. Great through and through, glad I get to enjoy it again!
  • A good show, great in it's day.

    Thomas Magnum was cool. All the women thought he was a stud. He had the tall lean body and talked like a wimpy homo, ah yes, the ultimate woman catcher! The whole ora of this show wanted to make you watch. Growing up in a superb of the filthy streets of Cleveland, it was darn nice to turn on beautiful Hawaii every week! The palm trees, the ocean, the bikinis, etc. Everything I didn't have at home. Oh ya, I didn't have a Ferrari either! Magnum, a private eye, the cool residence, the hot car, all the babes, the tan, Hawaii, the ocean, the plam trees, higgy baby, Rick, TC, oh man, I gotta get to another review before I cry! Seriously, this show had some great episodes. The Sinatra one was way diffrent and very serious. Sinatra did a great job in that one hunting down his grand daughters killer. Going from that episode to the camp of some of the silly episodes, really showed the broad spectrum that it incompessed. Selleck did do a great job. He worked his butt off on this show. He put in long days as the central actor, and even more time doing all the monaloging. Man, he really did it all. Not too many actors bust their hump like he did. There's a reason this show went on forever, Tom put his life blood into it. By the way, the final episode was really great.
  • Magnum, Ep 6-118 Rick stated that he ran away to the circus at age 14. Ep 7-19, Rick was 12 when his parents died. GOOF? I believe that 1 epi defined his age at the death of his parents as 12...Later -in the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Circus\\\\\\\\\

    Was Rick 12 y.o or 14 y.o.???
    In Epi 6-118 he states that he ran away with the circus at age 14.
    In Epi 7-139, Death of Flowers, he was 12 ...when he ran away with the circus
    Goof? Nit -Pic?
    Continuity? I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve seen these re-runs recently and there seems to be a problem.
  • "Magnum, P.I."

    This is a true classic from when i was growing up, i like every thing about it, mostly the the farrie and the helocopter. Thouse machiens are the awsomest rides ever. If i was rich i would buy my own replica's of both and git me a beautiful house like the one he has on his series!.
  • Great Crime Show

    Set amid the luxurious locales of Hawaii, Magnum P.I. was a first rate crime show. Tom Selleck plays one of the greatest private investigators in television history, Thomas Magnum. Mr. Selleck perfectly played Magnum with a sense of duty and light comic touches. The mysteries were always intriguing and the guest stars including the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra, were first rate.
  • Magnum, a private investigator who drives around in a red Ferrari. Staying at the Robin Masters estate with Higgins and his dobermans. Clients contact Magnum for help in their sticky situations. Rick and T.C. who are great friends of Magnum help him th

    Magnum P.I. was a great show for it's time and still is to this day. Tom Selleck with his sexy red Ferrari, helping clients with whatever problems they may have.

    Higgins who I think was Robin Masters all along, lets Magnum stay at the Robin Masters Estate and borrow his Ferrari for a price or something in exchange. The relationship between Higgins and Magnum is hilarious as most of the time they never seem to get along.

    T.C. and Rick are good friends of Magnum and fit well in the cast. Magnum always using TC for his chopper and Rick for his connections, what else could you ask for?

    Overall, the series was great and always enjoyed watching them, women always flirting with him - a single good looking private investigator with a Ferrari and a mansion to live in! perfect 80's material. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did.
  • The Best Show ever made !!!!!!

    Aucun doutes là-dessus aucune série n'a égalé ou bien surpassé la série magnum.
    Malgré les années, cette série est resté indémodable et mythique !!! Pensez juste à tous les objets et personnages qui sont devenus mythiques dans cette série : la Ferrari, Higgins, Magnum et ses moustaches, etc...
    Jamais aucune série policière n'est parvenue à égaler cette série.
  • The Americanized version of James Bond for the telvision screen. Yet this time instead of a tux, BMW, and gadgets, the hero sports hawaiian shirts, a Ferrari, and a mustache. Less dignified than Bond, but just as cool!

    The Americanized version of James Bond for the telvision screen. Yet this time instead of a tux, BMW and gadgets, the hero sports hawaiian shirts, a Ferrari and a mustache. Less dignified than Bond, but just as cool! This show had everything that Bond had, including fantastic action, car chases, evil villains, big guns, and even some high tech gadgets and such. It had Tom Selleck, who just like the many Bond actors, has been a longtime sex icon for American television (even nowadays on "Friends"). With these ingrediants, it was able to catch every demographic of American viewers. You could reel in the action lovers and pull in the female fans as well. Thus said, Magnum P.I. was one of the most popular shows of the 80's, cracking the top 20 list for 5 straight seasons. Another factor that made this show so popular and is a reason it was so good was that it could evoke such a wide range of emotions. It had everything from broad slapstick comedy and farce, to deep, thoughtful drama, to edge-of-the-seat action. Perhaps the most moving aspects were when it dealt with war veterans and how they cope. You see, this show could make you think, yet soon as it did it would also blow you away with suspense and gunfire to make you ask yourself "what just happened?"...and when you ask yourself that, you know they have you hooked. With all this actin and emotion in mind, it must be brought up that this show also carried a general feeling of fun to it as well. With light humor in its side pocket, this show always knew when to ease the mood. Finally, this show much like the great Bond films, had the ability to make every man want to be Magnum. From his daring escapades, to his frolicking with women or even just relaxing on the beach drinking a pina colada, Magnum was perhaps longed for lifestyle in 80's America. All said and done, this was a fantastic, influential show of the 80's era that was a cut above the rest for its time. I still move to the edge of my seat whenever I hear its theme song.

    My final review: One of the greatest American culture action shows of the 80's. The answer to England's Bond, this show is definately a choice pick from the classic action department.
  • The best ever show on tv!

    You never get tired of watching this show. Tom Selleck is sexy, funny and just perfect for the role.

    I'm happily collecting the DVD series now as they are released. (Not quickly enough I might add)

    You soon become attached to all the cast and you can tell they all like one another as they gel so well.

    Rumours are there is a film in the pipeline, if it doesn't have the original cast in it then shame on them. George Clooney as Magnum? Come on, don't insult us!
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