Magnum, P.I. - Season 1

CBS (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • Beauty Knows No Pain
    Magnum is hired by Barbara Terranova, a near-bankrupt woman who can only afford his services for one day, to find her missing fiancé, Roger—but she's not the only one searching for him. Meanwhile, T.C. gets Magnum to compete in a triathlon to give Island Hoppers some publicity.
  • J. "Digger" Doyle
    J. "Digger" Doyle
    Episode 17
    Magnum tries to impress a beautiful fan of Robin's that he befriends by showing her the Masters Estate, only to learn that she is actually a top security expert hired by Robin to test the estate's security after receiving a threat on his life.
  • The Black Orchid
    The Black Orchid
    Episode 16
    Magnum has been hired by a woman to act out some of her rich, bored sister's fantasy dramas, concocted from 1930s Dashiell Hammett films, but soon finds himself involved in a real mystery.
  • Don't Say Goodbye
    Don't Say Goodbye
    Episode 15
    Magnum's services are once again called upon by Agatha Kimball after she has been contacted by a blackmailer claiming to have some important information about her granddaughter, Amy, but a botched money drop has Magnum thinking they're in far worse trouble than he's been led to believe.
  • Adelaide
    Episode 14
    A perky woman hires Magnum to protect Norman, who is facing kidnap unless she pays a ransom. The case has some unexpected turns when Magnum finds that her uncle is an old Vietnam comrade who is against him being hired and that Norman is actually a prized racehorse.
  • All Roads Lead to Floyd
    A bubbly young woman hires Magnum to find her father who, after being missing for over ten years, had sent her a postcard from Hawaii. But her father is involved in some rather shady business, and Magnum isn't the only one looking for him.
  • Thicker than Blood
    Thicker than Blood
    Episode 12
    T.C. makes a late-night flight to land on a tanker, but on the journey back he is cornered and arrested by the Coast Guard for transporting drugs. Magnum and Rick are certain of their friend's innocence, but are shocked when he intends to accept the charges and refuses their help.
  • The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club
    Rick is organizing a surf-ski competition to be held at the King Kamehameha Club (much to the disapproval of co-committee member Higgins) when a Kahuna appears and places a "curse" on the club and all who use it. Magnum and others are skeptical, but it seems there may be something in it when one of the competitors suddenly collapses and dies, fire breaks out in the kitchen, and Rick falls ill. Magnum investigates to try and find if there is a more logical explanation behind the events, but his inquiries aren't helped by a hounding news reporter, who sees the series of strange incidents as a chance for a big news story.moreless
  • Lest We Forget
    Lest We Forget
    Episode 10
    Magnum is hired by a Supreme Court nominee to find the woman he married on the eve of the raid on Pearl Harbor. He was a young Navy Ensign, she was a prostitute, and after their marriage they subsequently became separated in the bombings, with the Judge presuming her dead—until recently, after he started receiving blackmail threats relating to an incident 40 years ago.moreless
  • Missing in Action
    Missing in Action
    Episode 9
    A new singer at the King Kamehameha Club who claims to have E.S.P. hires Magnum to find her childhood friend-come-fiancé Eric, a Marine who has been listed as M.I.A. since 1972, whom now she has started getting psychic visions of.
  • The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii
    Higgins volunteers Magnum's services to guard a wealthy socialite's quarantined dog after the attempted dognapping of the canine. Sir Algernon Farnsworth soon finds himself to be the most wanted dog in Hawaii when his former owner, aging gangster Victor DiGiorgio, needs to get him back.
  • Never Again... Never Again
    When Saul and Lena, an aging couple who run a local shop, abruptly make plans to leave town, suspicious Magnum and Rick, who are friends with the couple, investigate—only to arrive at the pair's home to see Saul whisked away in an ambulance after suffering a heart attack. Yet when they check at the hospital, he's not there, and it becomes apparent that Saul has been kidnapped. Magnum houses Lena at Robin's Nest while looking for her missing husband, where she explains that they are Holocaust survivors who are being hunted by neo-Nazis.moreless
  • Skin Deep
    Skin Deep
    Episode 6
    When a beautiful model-actress is killed by a shotgun blast in a scenario closely resembling a scene from the script of an upcoming film, it is seemingly suicide. Magnum is hired by her former producer and lover to investigate any other men that she may have been seeing before her death—a case that Magnum is reluctant to take, but, feeling guilty for not taking it before the girl was killed, agrees to.moreless
  • No Need to Know
    No Need to Know
    Episode 5
    Magnum returns from a case to find that Higgins' old Army commander is staying on the Masters estate, under tight security, until some I.R.A. members he helped capture are tried. Two secret intelligence agents hire Magnum to protect the brigadier and foil assassins out to kill him before the terrorists' trial, but the "need to know" basis the agents insist on operating by only serves to complicate matters for Magnum.moreless
  • Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones, Too
    It's the Christmas season, and against his better judgment, Magnum agrees to being hired by five young schoolgirls to find their teacher, who has seemingly gone missing after falling in love. While he's working on the case, Magnum manages to convince Higgins to let the young girls stay on the Masters estate, but he's unaware that he's being deceived in a scam over a valuable painting recently purchased by Robin Masters.moreless
  • China Doll
    China Doll
    Episode 3
    Magnum is hired by a beautiful Chinese antiques dealer that he's making a play for to protect a precious ancient vase, The Soul of Sung, until its buyer arrives in Hawaii to collect it. But unbeknown to him, the priceless ornament is wanted by a Tong gang from the girl's home country, and a deadly martial arts assassin who can kill in the blink of an eye is hot on the trail.moreless
  • Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii, Part 2
    While investigating his friend's death, Magnum confronts a drug dealer, an Arab gold dealer and a powerful criminal.
  • Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii, Part 1
    Magnum searches for the truth behind a friend's death.