Magnum, P.I. - Season 2

CBS (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • Three Minus Two
    Three Minus Two
    Episode 22
    A beautiful leading fashion designer hires Magnum to protect her when one of her two partners in their designer clothing company is murdered, and she suspects that the other partner may have been behind it. But the assignment proves tricky as several people had a strong enough motive for the murder, and someone is planning a revenge killing.moreless
  • The Elmo Ziller Story
    Higgins' Texan half-brother Elmo Ziller comes to town with his rodeo and must deal with both someone trying to kill him and Magnum's belief he's actually just Higgins playing a prank on him.
  • The Last Page
    The Last Page
    Episode 20
    A Vietnam veteran, whom Magnum distantly knows from a mission they both served on during the war, hires him to supposedly find his missing girlfriend. Unbeknownst to Magnum, the man actually has an ulterior motive and is using him to track down an old adversary with whom he has an old score to settle.moreless
  • Double Jeopardy
    Double Jeopardy
    Episode 19
    Magnum returns from a case to find that the Masters Estate is being used by a film team to shoot a new movie based on one of Robin's books, and his being roped into being a stuntman soon turns into a new case when a prop gun fires real bullets, leaving the star hanging on for his life.moreless
  • Texas Lightning
    Texas Lightning
    Episode 18
    On Magnum's birthday, he's hired by a woman to be her bodyguard at a high stakes poker game aboard a luxurious yacht, unaware her poker skills are really a cover for espionage.
  • One More Summer
    One More Summer
    Episode 17
    After the attempted murder of a former Naval Academy buddy, care-free quarterback Dorsey Bramlett, Magnum agrees to join the professional football team that Bramlett is training with in order to be close at hand and protect his pal should another attempt be made on his life.
  • Italian Ice
    Italian Ice
    Episode 16
    After Magnum daringly rescues a beautiful young woman—the daughter of a friend of Robin's—from a mobster's villa in Sicily, the girl comes to stay on the Masters Estate, but it soon appears her kidnappers have followed in pursuit to Hawaii to reclaim her.
  • Try to Remember
    Try to Remember
    Episode 15
    Magnum—left amnesiac from a car accident—becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a woman he was hired to search for when her body is discovered, along with one of his hats.
  • Computer Date
    Computer Date
    Episode 14
    While investigating a case of corporate computer espionage, Magnum is hired by one of the company's presidents to check out his wife, whom he suspects is having an affair. Meanwhile, Higgins is expecting a visit from his ex-fiancée and enlists Magnum's help in getting in shape before her arrival.
  • The Jororo Kill
    The Jororo Kill
    Episode 13
    A news correspondent, that Magnum, T.C., and Rick met in Vietnam, arrives in Honolulu, asking Magnum's help in tracking down a master-of-disguise international assassin who is targeting a visiting Prime Minister of the small island republic of Jororo. But as they try to locate the killer before the assassination attempt is made, Magnum begins to question the exact motives behind the reporter's extreme determination to get the story.moreless
  • Ghost Writer
    Ghost Writer
    Episode 12
    Magnum is hired by an attractive "ghost writer" who is writing a biography of eccentric millionaire Harold Farber—whom she has never met in person, communicating only via phone—when all her notes on Farber are stolen, in an attempt to stop the book ever being written. Meanwhile, T.C. has landed himself a highly lucrative, but shady, piloting job delivering chemicals to a high-rise, but the building he is making the deliveries to turns out to be at the center of the mystery.moreless
  • The Sixth Position
    The Sixth Position
    Episode 11
    As a favor to Robin Masters, Magnum finds himself acting as bodyguard to a famous ballerina after she's had several attempts made on her life, and T.C.'s previously undeclared love of ballet comes in useful, with him more than willing to help Magnum out on a case for once. Meanwhile, Rick accepts a job on Magnum's behalf to investigate a woman's husband, but Magnum becomes suspicious that the timing of the job is rather too coincidental and comes to suspect that he's been hired for another reason.moreless
  • The Taking of Dick McWilliams
    Magnum is hired by an old friend's Japanese wife when her now wealthy husband is kidnapped and held for $500,000 ransom. She wants Magnum to deliver the ransom without her strict father, who has never approved of the marriage, finding out. But the further he gets involved, Magnum more and more comes to suspect that not all about the kidnapping is as it seems.moreless
  • Mad Buck Gibson
    Mad Buck Gibson
    Episode 9
    Joan Gibson, the ex-wife of infamous adventure author and thrill-seeker "Mad" Buck Gibson, hires Magnum to protect her ex-husband (and her back alimony) who, despite his age, continues to live his life to the fullest as a hellraiser. Magnum realizes that Buck's wild ways are not just a zest for life, but a self-destructive reaction to a dark secret.moreless
  • Wave Goodbye
    Wave Goodbye
    Episode 8
    When an ex-surfing champion, who was a friend of Magnum, Rick, and T.C.'s, is found dead on the beach, Magnum becomes concerned that the police are not treating the case importantly enough and investigates the suspicious death for himself.
  • Tropical Madness
    Tropical Madness
    Episode 7
    Magnum is surprised when a beautiful English woman spurns his advances—much to the amusement of T.C. and Rick—instead preferring Higgins. Magnum is certain that the woman is feigning interest in Higgins only to somehow use him and plans to uncover the truth, but Higgins sees his doubts as sheer jealousy, and the ever volatile relationship between the two is pushed towards breaking point.moreless
  • Memories Are Forever (Part II)
    Magnum's desperate search for Michelle faces being halted after he's called up for active Navy duty and ordered to testify in Washington, which he suspects that is just a political smokescreen to try and get him off Michelle's trail.
  • Memories Are Forever (Part 2)
    Still believing his late wife may be alive, Magnum is derailed from his quest for the truth by a Navy inquiry that he suspects is a cover-up to throw him off the trail.
  • Memories Are Forever
    Magnum catches a brief glimpse of a woman on a passing boat that he is certain is Michelle, the girl he married during the Vietnam War and whom he previously believed to have been killed shortly afterwards in a bombing raid. Though all he has of the brisk sighting are some blurry photos, T.C. and Rick help as he scours the area looking for her. But there are several parties that intend to see that Magnum is unable to make contact with Michelle, and the search sees them stumbling into dangerous political territory.moreless
  • Memories Are Forever (Part 1)
    Magnum catches a glimpse of a woman he believes to be his late wife. He investigates the woman's identity, and the path to the truth leads him into deadly political intrigue.
  • From Moscow to Maui
    A year after escaping from Moscow in a MiG-30 jet, a Soviet defector hires Magnum to help his girlfriend defect from an Olympic track team visiting Hawaii. She is under close watch of undercover K.G.B. agents, and Magnum, T.C., and Rick, with assistance from Higgins, must carry out their plan with military precision to free her.moreless
  • The Woman on the Beach
    Rick forms a bond with a young woman named Sara who recounts being terrorized in a case of unrequited love. But she not only disappears during a walk on a beach, she also fits the exact description of a woman who committed suicide 35 years prior and whose ghost is said to walk the same beach.moreless
  • Dead Man's Channel
    Dead Man's Channel
    Episode 2
    After her archaeologist father's boat is found deserted at sea in the Nihoa Channel, a young marine biology student hires Magnum to find out what happened to him. The local natives warn Magnum to stay away from the "cursed" channel, but he's determined to find out what happened to the missing man.moreless
  • Billy Joe Bob
    Billy Joe Bob
    Episode 1
    Billy Joe Bob comes to Hawaii to hire Magnum to find his sister. Magnum has his hands full trying to keep Billy Joe Bob from beating up every local who gets in their way and trying to find Carol Ann, who has gotten in over her head with the wrong crowd.moreless