Magnum, P.I. - Season 3

CBS (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • Faith and Begorrah
    Faith and Begorrah
    Episode 23
    While on a case on behalf of a boxer, Magnum runs into Higgins' Irish half-brother, Friar Paddy McGuiness, who's in Hawaii looking to reclaim a relic stolen from his church.
  • The Big Blow
    The Big Blow
    Episode 22
    A hurricane battering the islands isn't enough to stop Robin Masters' spring equinox party, a lavish event attended by a close circle of friends, but the arrival of an about-to-give birth young woman and two ex-cons intent on grand larceny does. Further complicating matters is Robin's assertion that one of his guests is plotting to kill him that evening.moreless
  • ...By Its Cover
    ...By Its Cover
    Episode 21
    A friend of Magnum's from his Navy days is being blackmailed by a corrupt narcotics officer into delivering marijuana, and when Magnum stumbles onto this, he seeks to clear his friend's name.
  • Two Birds of a Feather
    Magnum investigates the crash of a small plane in the estate's tidal pool and discovers it wasn't an accident and that the pilot he vaguely recognizes helped save him in the Vietnam War.
  • Legacy from a Friend
    When his lifeguard friend Marcus is found dead on the beach the day after he's seen sporting an expensive new car he can't afford, Magnum suspects foul play. A young woman with an ambition to rise in the ranks of the police department joins him in the investigation, and they uncover secrets at the center of Marcus' life which led to his death.moreless
  • Forty Years from Sand Island

    As part of the research for an upcoming Robin Masters novel, Higgins contacts a witness in the 1942 murder of a WWII Japanese internment camp inmate by a civilian guard and soon after is badly injured in an accident when the Ferrari's brakes fail. When the mechanic confirms that someone has tampered with the car, Magnum sets out to find who wants to stop Higgins' research and uncovers blackmail and shady politics at the center of the case.

  • I Do?
    I Do?
    Episode 17
    To smoke out the thief in a large family-owned business, Magnum feigns marriage to the CEO's niece, who drives a mean limousine and can't quite make up her mind how she feels about men, marriage, and Magnum.
  • Birdman of Budapest
    Birdman of Budapest
    Episode 16
    Magnum helps a woman looking to interview a reclusive bird expert, unaware she's actually an assassin out to kill the man for his involvement in the 1956 Hungarian revolt. Meanwhile, he has troubles collecting his fee from a man whose beautiful employee is tough enough to shoot out the Ferrari's windshield to keep Thomas at a distance from her boss.moreless
  • Basket Case
    Basket Case
    Episode 15
    T.C. and Magnum train their respective junior basketball teams for an upcoming game. T.C.'s team seems to have the advantage until Magnum meets a plucky teenager with a great game and persuades her to join his team. Magnum and Higgins take a shine to the girl, but discover that her foster parents are criminals who are using her as a pawn in running their con games.moreless
  • The Arrow That Is Not Aimed
    Higgins sends Magnum to collect a valuable Kenzan porcelain plate, newly purchased by Robin Masters, from the airport, but the artifact, which was entrusted to the care of a samurai warrior named Tozan while in transport from Japan, has been stolen by a ninja. Magnum teams with the samurai, but they must work fast, as the samurai code of honor dictates Tozan must commit seppuku if the precious plate isn't retrieved.moreless
  • Of Sound Mind
    Of Sound Mind
    Episode 13
    Magnum is stunned when Wilson MacLeish, an eccentric millionaire whom he worked for, is killed in a plane explosion and leaves him nearly his entire fortune—which includes a videotape suggesting he expected to be murdered by a relative looking to get his money.
  • Heal Thyself
    Heal Thyself
    Episode 12
    When a doctor who was a nurse during Magnum's days in Vietnam is accused of poisoning patients, he tries to clear her name, but is puzzled by her and her husband's rebuffing his offer of assistance and irritated by an aggressive reporter.
  • Almost Home
    Almost Home
    Episode 11
    When a plucky cocktail waitress is denied permission to scatter her late father's ashes at the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor due to a court martial ruling that he was AWOL, she turns to Magnum to prove her father was indeed present during the infamous Japanese raid.
  • Mixed Doubles
    Mixed Doubles
    Episode 10
    Practicing to take part in an upcoming pro-am tennis tournament, Magnum is assigned by Robin Masters to protect a spoiled young champ who is receiving death threats. Thomas finds his patience tested by the girl's bratty behavior, but is pleased that the tournament sees him reunited with an old flame—who is the girl's main competitor, and thus the prime suspect.moreless
  • Mr. White Death
    Mr. White Death
    Episode 9
    A wrestler asks Magnum to find his long lost son—which he does—but the son claims his father's been dead for 17 years.
  • Foiled Again
    Foiled Again
    Episode 8
    When a fencing match between Higgins and an old rival turns unexpectedly deadly, Magnum sets out to prove Higgins innocent of murder.
  • Flashback
    Episode 7
    Magnum dreams he's in 1936—populated with versions of his friends—where he's working for a young woman whose father, a union leader, has been accused of the murder of a construction magnate.
  • Black on White
    Black on White
    Episode 6
    Magnum manufactures a fake quarantine in effort to keep an eye on and protect Higgins from Kenyans taking revenge for a 1950s massacre by killing members of Higgins' old army regiment.
  • Past Tense
    Past Tense
    Episode 5
    T.C.'s double-booking leads to him and Higgins being forced to break out a prisoner, but a crash landing forces Magnum and Rick to find them all.
  • The Eighth Part of the Village
    After narrowly avoiding being shot during a case, a fortune cookie convinces Thomas that it's time to repay his friends and associates, leading him to collect a crate of books from the docks for Higgins, only to find that it contains the daughter of a war comrade of Higgins who's searching for her American fiancé and seeking to escape her cruel father.moreless
  • Ki'i's Don't Lie
    Ki'i's Don't Lie
    Episode 3
    Magnum's security services for an antique auction are tested by A.J and Rick Simon's task to steal back a Ki'i—which seems to carry a death curse—for its previous owner who feels his declining health will improve if it's returned to its origin.
  • Did You See the Sunrise? (Part II)
    Magnum must stop the brainwashed T.C. from completing his assassination mission against a Japanese prince.
  • Did You See the Sunrise?
    Nuzo, an old war comrade of T.C. and Magnum's, arrives in Hawaii and warns T.C. that Colonel Ivan, a sadistic Russian agent who once held them captive and tortured them in a Vietnam P.O.W. camp, is after them. Meanwhile, Lt. MacReynolds resigns from the Navy and Magnum lets him stay with him for a few days.moreless